Romneys give $150,000 to his campaign

WASHINGTON — Mitt and Ann Romney have given $150,000 to the Romney for President campaign, marking the first time they have contributed their own funds to the 2012 race, a campaign official said Friday.

By contrast, Mitt Romney gave $45 million to the failed 2008 presidential race. He had said during the 2008 race that he was loaning the money but eventually acknowledged that he would never get it back.

The $150,000 contribution will not show up for at least another month in campaign reports, but a campaign aide confirmed the contribution. It was first reported by CNN.


While a candidate cannot accept more than $2,500 from individuals for the primary and then the general election, he can give an unlimited amount of his own funds. Romney’s personal wealth has been estimated to be as much as $250 million.

The aide declined to speak on the record, following a campaign policy for some statements. Asked why the contribution was made now, the aide sent a statement via e-mail that said: “If Mitt Romney’s asking donors to contribute the maximum, then the least he and Ann can do is make the same contribution.”

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