Joseph P. Kennedy III calls Elizabeth Warren a ‘fantastic teacher’

SPRINGFIELD - Joseph P. Kennedy III testified today for one of his favorite Harvard Law School professors: Elizabeth Warren.

The US House candidate opened remarks to a labor breakfast preceding the Democratic State Convention by saying if Warren is as tough on her opponent, Senator Scott Brown, as she was on her students, she will be fine in her campaign.

Afterward, Kennedy told the Globe that Warren taught his first law school class - contracts - and he was so impressed with her teaching style and open-door policy with students that he later took her bankruptcy class.


“She’s a fantastic teacher and I spent a lot of time in her office hours. She made herself SO available to students,” Kennedy said. “She was obviously a star when I was there, but she always made herself available, always reached beyond what the law actually was to show you the impact of it, and always brought it back to how it was affecting real people and what the impact of it was.”

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He added: “It showed that her heart was always in the right place.”

Given that, Kennedy was asked, what does he think of suggestions that Warren used an undocumented claim of Native American heritage to advance in her career?

“I’ve known her a long time,” he said. “I think she’s going to be a great senator. She’s a great candidate. I’m happy to support her.”

For her part, Warren returned the compliment when her campaign tweeted out a picture of the professor shaking hands at the convention with her former student.

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