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    Mitt Romney’s dog Seamus inspires new tale

    WASHINGTON -- The tale has inspired ample political commentary, and more than a few columns for the New York Times’ Gail Collins. Now, the story of Mitt Romney’s former dog Seamus could start becoming a profit-maker.

    A new book, “Dog on the Roof! On the Road with Mitt and the Mutt,” is being released next month by the reputable publisher Simon and Schuster.

    The book depicts the Romney family -- using early photos of Mitt, his wife, Ann, and their five boys -- crammed into a station wagon with a dog atop it. The family is shown driving to cities around the country as the authors use sing-song verse to lampoon Romney’s positions on immigration, gay rights, his ties to Wall Street -- and the fact that he once drove to Canada with his dog in a container on top of the car.

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