Scott Brown to hold Chris Christie fund-raiser Friday

Former Senator Scott Brown and a group of top Massachusetts Republicans are planning to hold a high-dollar fund-raiser for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Friday night.

The fund-raiser, which asks for maximum $3,800 contributions, is being held at the Boston home of Christopher and Jean Egan. The fund-raiser is for Christie’s 2013 reelection campaign for governor, but it could also provide some early indications of support should he decide to run for president in 2016.

Among those sponsoring the fund-raiser are Charlie Baker, the former Republican gubernatorial nominee; former US Attorney Michael Sullivan; and David Tamasi, a senior vice president at Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications.


Ron Kaufman, who has been a top adviser to Mitt Romney, is also sponsoring the event, according to a copy of the invitation obtained by the Globe. Some in Romney’s camp were upset that Christie offered such effuse praise for President Obama’s handling of the Hurricane Sandy response, which came in the days before the election.

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It also puts Boston, typically a cash cow for national Democrats, as a spot for a prominent Republican to raise money.

“The governor has strong appeal with Republicans across the country,” said a source familiar with the event. “Boston is a particularly ripe city for him to mine campaign dollars.”

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