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John Doherty (left), along with his daughter Aleah, 6, had their picture taken with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

John Doherty (left), along with his daughter Aleah, 6, had their picture taken with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

In N.H., Massachusetts Democrats stage a proxy battle

The Bay State party’s elected heavyweights are looking to enhance their reputations by helping their chosen candidate. By Jim O’Sullivan

Primary memories

// New Hampshire ingenuity and Yankee thrift saved the day for Gary Hart in ‘84

US Senator Jeanne Shaheen recalls the do-it-yourself effort that helped get out campaign literature when the national headquarters ran out of money.

The view from Iowa

// Five lessons from the Iowa caucuses

Ted Cruz’s Iowa win offers some lessons on the value of retail campaigning and the power of the evangelical vote.

Good Week, Bad Week

// Iowa GOP gives Cruz a caucus to remember; A smaller field emerges

Donald Trump was leading the polls in Iowa, but on caucus night, it was Ted Cruz who came away with the first-place win.

How much can the Iowa results tell us about what might happen in the N.H. primary?

For many years, the kickoff states have operated quite independently from each other.

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// Marty Walsh heading north — with 1,000 volunteers

Mayor Martin Walsh, who endorsed Clinton in the fall, has already made three trips to the Granite State to campaign for the former secretary of state.

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Teachers union board slows approval of anti-charter spending

Instead, the Massachusetts Teachers Association panel provided interim funding to get the grassroots portion of the campaign started.

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// A fight Rosenberg didn’t need

After an education kerfuffle in his home district, Mass. Senate President Stan Rosenberg realized he had been unwittingly caught up in a conflict he didn’t need.

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// Boston City Councilor Frank Baker proposes 4-year-terms

Baker reintroduced a measure that would double the time councilors stay in their jobs.

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// John Nucci goes from the streets to the boardroom

Nucci is the first non-gubernatorial appointee to the MassPort board since the authority’s creation a half century ago.



Punch lines: Going for the coin toss, Zika hysteria

Cartoonists’ takes on the week’s political issues.


Yes, they’re challenged, but pollsters may still be dialed in

Despite the post-Iowa anxiety about polls being wrong, opinion researchers now have a better grip on what they’re dealing with.

New Hampshire is poised to decide whether a renegade like Donald Trump is a serious threat to win the nomination or whether GOP voters will wise up and support someone more electable.

Opinion | Nathaniel Rakich

Liberal independents in N.H. should vote Trump

Infiltrate enemy lines. Vote in the Republican primary. Hand victory to Donald Trump. Welcome to Operation Chaos 2.0.


// Why does a NumbersUSA ad include a clip from 1995?

The clip of the late Barbara Jordan is at least 20 years old and lacks context.

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Ground Game

Ground Game

// What is a N.H. independent voter to do?

Four days from the primary, there is no obvious path for them to take and no obvious candidate for them to back.

Republican endorsement tracker


// Tracking the N.H. endorsements of the GOP candidates

Chris Christie, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, and Ted Cruz have picked up the most support from top party activists in the Granite State so far.

Democratic endorsement tracker


//[1].jpg Tracking the N.H. endorsements of the Democratic candidates

Dozens of New Hampshire Democrats have rallied to support former US secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton’s second presidential bid.

Candidate interviews


// Candidate conversations

The Globe’s James Pindell sits down with presidential candidates and hopefuls to discuss the race.

The 2014 election


Full Boston Globe coverage, results, and analysis of the 2014 midterm elections.

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