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Political Happy Hour with Joshua Miller

Friday, January 30, 2015
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Here’s your afternoon mug of politics, from Joshua Miller of the Boston Globe.

BIG NEWS — JUDGE REJECTS PARTNERS’ DEAL TO BUY THREE HOSPITALS, via Priyanka Dayal McCluskey on “A Superior Court judge on Thursday denied a controversial deal that would have allowed Partners HealthCare to acquire three community hospitals and expand its reach north and south of Boston. The denial is a devastating blow to Partners, and to former attorney general Martha Coakley, who brokered the deal with Partners after five years of investigation and several months of negotiations. ...”

DRIVING THE DAY ON BEACON HILL — TERM LIMTS. WHAT TERM LIMITS?, via Steve LeBlanc of the Associated Press: “House Speaker Robert DeLeo defended his decision to press fellow lawmakers to eliminate term limits for speakers, saying [Thursday] his opinion has evolved from 2009 when he supported the limits. ... The current rule says no member can be speaker for more than eight consecutive years. DeLeo was elected speaker in 2009 and under the rule would have to step down in 2017. ‘My opinion has evolved,’ DeLeo told reporters. ... The House began debate on eliminating the rule Thursday. ...” Link via

MARTY WALZ RESIGNS FROM PLANNED PARENTHOOD POST, via Matt Murphy of the State House News Service: “Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts Executive Director Marty Walz, a former House lawmaker from Beacon Hill, has resigned effectively immediately, according to a memo obtained by the News Service. ... Walz did not immediately return a call seeking comment. ...” Behind paywall:

FORMER BOSTON POLICE COMMISH CALLS FOR STRONGER DOMESTIC SPYING, via Bryan Bender in Washington on “The former head of the Boston Police, citing the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and this year’s Paris terror attacks, is among a group of former intelligence and counter-terrorism officials calling for stronger domestic spying programs to detect ‘homegrown’ extremists. Former Police Commissioner Ed Davis, who oversaw Boston’s response to the Marathon attacks, helped draft recommendations for policy makers that includes establishing the new post of national domestic intelligence director in Washington. The group also is calling on the federal government to empower state and local police to conduct more sleuthing and surveillance of possible terror suspects. ...”

THE NEWS FROM CAMBRIDGE — ERIC CANTOR TO HARVARD IOP, via press release: “Harvard’s Institute of Politics (IOP), at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, today announced two additions to its 2015 IOP Spring Fellows class. ... Eric Cantor, former U.S. House of Representatives Member ... will join the Institute as a Visiting Fellow in early April. ... Bassem Youssef, political satirist, former host of the television program ‘Al-Bernameg’ (The Program) in Egypt ... will join the Institute as a Resident Fellow. ... Youssef joins five previously announced Resident Fellows for the spring semester, who include Martha Coakley ...”

THE NEWS FROM HANOVER — NO HARD LIQUOR, via Nick Anderson on “Dartmouth College will prohibit all students, regardless of age, from drinking or possessing hard alcohol on campus and will create a new network of residential communities for student social life in a effort to rid the school of what its president calls ‘extreme behaviors.’ ...”

CHOO CHOO — I got a kick out of this train chugging into the liveshot of Jon Keller of WBZ yesterday:

PIANO MAN TO FENWAY, via Jed Gottlieb on “Billy Joel will return to Boston to play Fenway Park on Thursday, July 16 — becoming the first artist to perform at the ballpark two consecutive years. ...”

YOUR MBTA-DELAY LONG READ — so I’ve been re-reading through some old long-form pieces on Hillary Clinton and wanted to share this one from the November 2006 issue of The Atlantic, via Joshua Green: “... The only question that seemed to throw her concerned her actual Senate record. After we’d gone through her positions and policies in some detail, I suggested that for all she’d been busy doing in the Senate, I couldn’t find an instance where she had taken a politically unpopular stance or championed a big idea, like health-care reform, that might not yield immediate benefits but was the right thing to do. ... ‘Everything I do carries political risk because nobody gets the scrutiny that I get,’ she said finally. ‘It’s not like I have any margin for error whatsoever. I don’t. Everybody else does, and I don’t. And that’s fine. That’s just who I am, and that’s what I live with.’ ... ”

DESSERT — AN EVENING WITH SETH GREENBERG AND SCOTT BROWN, via Mark Shanahan of the Globe: “... [Seth] Greenberg started in the nightlife business as a student at Boston University, but spends most of his time these days in Miami, Manhattan, or the Hamptons. Lately, he’s been returning to Boston to assay Bastille Kitchen ... and to check on progress at Serafina, the Italian restaurant he’s opening in March ... Greenberg likes to enjoy himself, and he and his wife, a striking Israeli model named Sasha, are meeting Scott Brown and his wife, Gail Huff, for dinner at Mistral. Greenberg has been friends with ‘Scotty’ since college, when he promoted a ‘Boston Gigolo’ party and Brown, then a student at Tufts, was the winner. ...”

Ah, uh, yes.

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