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US Senate - N.H.

// Shaheen defeats Brown in N.H.

Republican Scott Brown conceded to incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen in the race for New Hampshire’s US Senate seat.


// In Providence, Cianci tried to steal back time

People steal everything here in Rhode Island. Ballots. Reputations. History. You name it.

Coverage of Mass. races


Sixth Congressional district

// Seth Moulton beats Richard Tisei in run for 6th District seat

Moulton, 36, an Iraq war veteran and first-time candidate who lives in Salem, had defeated incumbent John Tierney in the Democratic primary.

Analysis Gains in Democratic areas key for Charlie Baker

Operatives with both campaigns said the town-by-town results show Baker met his central strategic challenge.

Yvonne Abraham Martha Coakley is redeemed, even in defeat

“I feel like we both won,” Coakley said, and the close outcome was a kind of affirmation, even if not the one she dreamed of. How Baker won: Big margins in suburbs, limited damage in cities

Charlie Baker won because of votes away from urban areas and because his targeting of city voters paid dividends.

Kevin Culen In Providence, Cianci tried to steal back time

People steal everything here in Rhode Island. Ballots. Reputations. History. You name it.

Shirley Leung Election Night’s other winners and losers

We finally know that Charlie Baker won, Martha Coakley lost, and that roulette wheels will roll in Massachusetts after all.

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Charlie Baker focuses on team, transition

Governor Patrick and the governor-elect vowed to work together to smoothly hand off the reins of power.

// For Baker, many possibilities in filling posts

Associates of the governor-elect said he will likely build a markedly bipartisan administration.

// For Martha Coakley, a bittersweet goodbye

Coakley said she doesn’t know what’s in store for her, but she has no regrets.

Coverage of Mass. races


An anti-bottle-bill sign was posted outside a polling station in South Boston on Tuesday.

Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff

Ballot Question 2

Bid to expand Mass. bottle law soundly rejected

An expansion to the state’s bottle deposit law was overwhelmingly rejected, while a referendum on earned sick time was soundly approved.

Ballot question 3

// Mass. measure to repeal casino bill fails

Voters rejected an effort to repeal the state’s three-year-old expanded gambling law.

First Person

// Cambodian-American Rady Mom’s House win makes history

The Lowell Democrat will be the first Cambodian-American state legislator in the nation.

Coverage of N.E. races


Jorge Elorza, a Harvard Law School graduate, thanked voters after the results were announced.

Stew Milne/Associated Press

Two-time felon Cianci fails in Providence comeback bid

Jorge Elorza beat the independent Cianci and Republican Dan Harrop.

// Hassan wins second term as N.H. governor

Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan defeated Republican businessman Walt Havenstein.

Coverage of key US races


President Obama will likely be relying on his pen far more, both to veto legislation he does not like and to write executive orders that he does.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Midterm election results may force Obama to shift course

The new dynamics set up a potentially vicious battle between Republicans in Congress and the White House.

Evan Horowitz

// Republicans won virtually every close US Senate race

The GOP was expected to make some gains around the country, but election night turned into a blowout.

Republicans devise strategy on Obamacare

A newly-installed GOP majority has no intention of stopping its battle against Obamacare. But recognizing that any attempts to repeal the president’s healthcare law will end in a veto, Republicans are devising a strategy that relies on ripping out key parts.

Results of key races



EDITORIAL Charlie Baker must deliver on his reformist vision

The Republican built his campaign around a promise to make government perform better, and he should govern in that spirit.

JOAN VENNOCHI Martha Coakley gets political redemption

Coming that close was a miracle in itself, given all she overcame.

SCOT LEHIGH Assessing Martha Coakley’s failed campaign

Ultimately, she learned the wrong lessons from her 2010 Senate loss to Scott Brown.

MICHAEL A. COHEN Why does America clean house every two years?

Seismic economic and military events encourage the kind of lashing out at the political status quo that we’ve seen recently.

EDITORIAL What the GOP victory means for Obama’s foreign policy

Nuclear talks with Iran and the war in Syria may bring conflict between President Obama and Senate leaders.

TOM KEANE Get rid of Mass. bottle deposits

Voters shot down the expanded bottle bill because they believed recycling is a better approach.

DANTE RAMOS Sick leave brings out blue-state tendency

Question 4 won an easy victory because it addressed a nagging issue for much of the working public.

SCOT LEHIGH N.H. chooses substance over style in reelecting Jeanne Shaheen

In the end, her diligence served her well.


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// The Dashboard: Polling on politics and issues

See the latest poll numbers in Mass. political races, and get a look at the week’s biggest influencers on Twitter.