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What Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump need to do to win the first debate

For either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to come away the clear winner, something pretty extraordinary needs to happen.

There’s never been a debate quite like this one

All that’s at stake is the future of the free world.

Meet the new Senate battleground states

Seats such in red-leaning states as Indiana, Missouri, and North Carolina are up for grabs.

Obama vetoes bill that would let 9/11 families sue Saudis

The decision set up the possibility that Congress might override his veto for the first time in his presidency.

Stalemated Congress flirts with shutdown

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan still don’t have a deal. Government funding runs out Sept. 30.

Weeks before Election Day, the votes are rolling in

What was once a singular “Election Day’’ is shifting into an election season spanning months.

Former Trump executive had a penchant for theft

Over 30 years, Abraham Wallach collected at least 15 arrests in five states for crimes including forgery and grand larceny.

Donald Trump’s rhetoric energizes Muslim voters

Donald Trump’s harsh language has fueled his popularity, but it’s also motivating Muslim voters to get more active.

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Internal poll puts Walsh favorability at 74 percent

Seventy-seven percent of respondents rated Mayor Walsh’s job performance excellent or good; 19 percent said not so good or poor.

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When ‘train’ becomes a dirty word

What’s the difference between Massachusetts and New Hampshire? It can be boiled down to a single insult in this year’s election cycle.

Deplorable? Trump more so than Clinton, poll finds

A new poll found that Hillary Clinton’s stumble didn’t have quite the impact that Donald Trump and his supporters wanted.

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McDonough, ex-State House lobbyist, out of prison

Richard (Dickie) W. McDonough, a former high-flying State House lobbyist, is out of jail — and spotted around Boston recently.

Baker calls threat allegations ‘unbelievably disturbing’

A state worker said she was threatened with retaliation after her fiancé, a Democrat, launched a campaign against a sitting GOP state senator.

Elizabeth Warren has harsh words for Wells Fargo chief executive over phony accounts

Senator Elizabeth Warren confronted the chief executive of Wells Fargo Tuesday, accusing him of “gutless leadership” and calling for his resignation during a hostile Senate hearing focused on the bank’s years-long practice of creating phony accounts in customers’ names.

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‘Libertarian for life’ donates to GOP candidate

Bill Weld gave $450 to Republican Chris Sununu’s campaign for governor in N.H.

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Suffolk sheriff joins race to chair state Democratic Party

Steve Tompkins pitched committee members on the prospect of appealing to a more diverse group of voters.

IRS chief tells House panel he does not deserve impeachment

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen expressed regret to Congress on Wednesday for his agency’s past mistreatment of tea party groups, but said he has cooperated with congressional investigators and does not deserve to be impeached.

Trump seeks to repair image among black voters

Donald Trump went to a black church to try to connect with African-American voters — but later endorsed a policy controversial with minorities.

Walsh sending volunteers to rally N.H. voters

The mayor told volunteers that too much is at stake in the general election to let Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump win the presidency.

Missouri Senate no slam dunk as GOP spends to save Blunt

Republicans were counting on a win in GOP-friendly Missouri, but they’re suddenly plunging millions into the state to save incumbent Sen. Roy Blunt from a young challenger.

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For TV viewers, Clinton-Trump debate could be a squirm-fest

Will Monday night’s event be the weirdest display of interpersonal dynamics in the history of presidential debates?

ground game

The presidential debate will make history. Here’s how.

No one has ever seen a presidential debate like this before. Here are four ways it will make history.

Clinton camp worries that Trump will get easier debate questions

Another challenge of preparing for the debates is uncertainty about how aggressive or laid-back Trump might be.

Clinton outlines vision of more jobs for people with disabilities

Hillary Clinton talked about jobs for what she called “a group of Americans who are, too often, invisible, overlooked and undervalued.”

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As East Cambridge develops, its politics shift further left

Change is afoot in large swaths of Cambridge, as buildings rise in Kendall Square and homeowners see property values skyrocket.

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Rick Steves’ latest adventure isn’t in Europe

It’s selling Massachusetts voters on legalized pot.

CEO of EpiPen maker defends pricing before Congress

Outraged Republican and Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday grilled the head of pharmaceutical company Mylan.

Months after being fired, ex-campaign manager still on Trump payroll

Corey Lewandowski was paid $20,000 from Donald Trump’s campaign in August for “strategy consulting.”

Trump’s praise for Putin baffles Russian-Americans

Donald Trump has spoken highly of Vladimir Putin, and many Russian-Americans are left scratching their heads.

Slow progress on bill to battle Zika and prevent shutdown

Top congressional leaders said Tuesday that negotiators are making slow but steady progress on a must-do spending bill to prevent a government shutdown next week and fund the battle against the Zika virus. Some tricky issues remain, but optimism was building that an agreement might be unveiled in the next day or two.

In the debate over eggs, should chickens be free?

A ballot measure would mandate the sale of cage-free eggs and more humanely produced pork and veal in Massachusetts.

RFK’s daughter claims George H.W. Bush will vote Democrat

A daughter of Robert F. Kennedy said Bush told her about his choice during a private meeting.

Charlie Baker, still wicked popular

Seven in 10 voters approve of the job he’s doing as governor, a new poll found.

After bombings, Trump and Clinton target each other

Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of giving “aid and comfort” to terrorists, while Trump branded her as a “weak and ineffective person.”

Why did the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act languish?

Associated Industries of Massachusetts, a powerful business lobbying group, is gaining clout and flexing its muscles on Beacon Hill.

Christie knew about bridge lane closings as they happened, prosecutors say

The closings were intended to punish a local mayor for declining to support Christie, jurors were told.

Congress struggles to finish Zika aid, prevent shutdown

Numerous sticking points remain and top Senate leaders again postponed a planned procedural vote.

Clinton seeks more support from young voters

The Democrat also said the presidential race is very close and pushed for everyone to vote.

White voters keep Trump hopes alive in Florida

Hispanic voters could deal a decisive blow to Trump’s chances in Florida, but a new poll finds white voters favor him by a wide margin.

Can Trump-inspired candidates replicate his success?

Candidates across the country have tried to capitalize on Donald Trump’s unusual and personality-fueled appeal.

The Argument: Should Governor Charlie Baker support a candidate in the presidential race?

Read two views and vote in our online poll.

Political Happy Hour: Sept. 19, 2016

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Live debate | 3 p.m.

Two sides of cage-free egg campaign will face off

Representatives from the Humane Society and the New England Brown Egg Council will argue the question’s merits in a Globe-sponsored debate.

Heavy hitters go to bat for slumping Clinton

Hillary Clinton has allowed a sizable lead to evaporate as polls tighten both in national surveys and in must-win swing states.

Kelly Ayotte’s foe isn’t just Maggie Hassan. It’s also history

If the US senator loses reelection, she’ll be able pinpoint when it happened: when she won her first term.

Fight over ‘birther’ issue goes on, even after Trump says Obama was born in US

Donald Trump says he’s put “birtherism” behind him, but Democrats are keeping the issue alive.

Baker orders new rules to reduce greenhouse emissions

The order comes after a court ruling that the state has not done enough to meet its obligations.

Donald Trump flip-flops on ‘birther’ views

Donald Trump admitted on Friday that President Obama was born in the US, and falsely accused Hillary Clinton of spawning the controversy.