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Senate sends Mattis, Kelly to national security posts

However, the rest may have to wait days or weeks before they can officially join the new administration.

White nationalist Richard Spencer got punched in the face

The alt-right leader was attacked on the street while giving an interview.

Presidential transition

Taking his exit, Obama says presidency proved hope wins out

Former president Barack Obama exited the presidency on Friday with a message of gratitude to Americans and a plea to his supporters not to be bowed by the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

Political Happy Hour: January 20, 2017

Political Happy Hour: President Donald John Trump | Key Mass. senator proposes big changes to pot law | ‘You never know when a tree’s going to fall on you’

In lieu of inauguration, Katherine Clark meets with Planned Parenthood

“Women and families across the country fear that the lifesaving care they rely on may be stripped away by this Congress and this administration,” said the congresswoman.

Mass. legislation would sharply curb marijuana law

The amount of marijuana people 21 years and older could possess at home would be lowered from 10 ounces to two ounces and the number of plants from 12 to six.

Former vice president Biden departs D.C. on Amtrak

True to form, Joe Biden boarded a train to head back home to Delaware.

Former president Obama waves goodbye before leaving D.C.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump exchanged farewells with their predecessors.

Trump takes over @POTUS Twitter handle — with a hiccup

The official presidential Twitter handle switched over from Barack Obama to Donald Trump with an apparent photo from Obama’s 2009 inauguration.

ground game

What Trump said and why

Here’s the run-down on the inaugural address.

Dave Epstein

It could rain on Trump’s parade

Showers will probably continue into the early afternoon.

After being sworn in, Trump faces an ambitious Day 1 to-do list

Donald Trump has backed off some of his promised speed, downplaying the importance of a rapid-fire approach to complex issues.

Trump supporters, opponents clash outside ‘DeploraBall’

Anti-Trump protesters jeered and screamed at supporters of the president-elect who were attending the ‘‘DeploraBall’’ on Thursday night.

Trump nominees accept climate change but appear unworried

Their position acknowledges three points: Yes, the climate is changing. Humans probably have some role. But it’s likely not the most urgent problem.

Alec Baldwin impersonates Donald Trump at anti-Trump rally in NYC

Live, from New York, it’s. . . Thursday night?

We were in the lobby of the Trump hotel, and guess who walked in

The luxury hotel has become the new gathering place for the GOP in D.C.

Rick Perry vows to boost Energy Department, which he had pledged to eliminate

The former Texas governor promised to rely on federal scientists, including those who work on climate change.

Democrats face power deficit as Trump era begins

They lack a clear power base, they’ve got no distinct national leader, and party brokers are searching for a formula to counter the new government.

The Lincoln Memorial in Trump’s America

To one reporter, it indicated the moment that was about to arrive: Donald Trump is coming. And he’s planning to put his own imprint on D.C.

Trump concert draws excited fans to lower-wattage lineup

No Beyoncé. No Jon Bon Jovi. No U2. But no matter for many of the hundreds gathering at the Lincoln Memorial for the preinaugural concert.

Michelle Obama bids the White House farewell

In a series of posts on Twitter this week, the first lady penned a goodbye to the place she has called home for the past eight years.

Political Happy Hour: January 19, 2017

Political Happy Hour: President Trump | Lyft at Logan | Legal Sea Foods victory

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A legislative perk — on top of potential pay raises

The huge pay hikes proposed for Beacon Hill legislative leaders are controversial in themselves, but equally surprising is that some of those leaders won’t be paying full federal taxes on their new salaries — thanks to a little-noticed federal tax break.

Capital Source

Pay raise hearing draws sparse crowd

Few people showed up for a hearing on the proposal, and legislators didn’t engage much with the lone voice of opposition.

Ground game

These are the craziest moments in inauguration history

Trump may add his own eloquence to American history. After all, crazier things have happened during prior inaugural festivities.

Donald Trump lays wreath at Arlington Cemetery

Trump silently placed a wreath in front of the Tomb of the Unknowns — a monument dedicated to service members whose remains were never identified.

What’s on the Trump menu? Lobster, steak and chocolate

Donald Trump’s first meal as president of the United States isn’t too far from the typical power lunch for a billionaire businessman.

Trump said to draft Jets owner Woody Johnson as UK envoy

President-elect Donald Trump has tapped New York Jets owner Woody Johnson to serve as US ambassador to the UK.

Russia has gone crazy for Trump

Call it Trumpomania. Or Trumpophrenia. Or any of a number of other Trumpisms that have popped up in Russia.

How to follow the inauguration on TV, Internet

Here’s an Inauguration Day viewing guide.

Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz’s tribute to 1913 women’s march

Chang-Diaz named her firstborn Milholland after Inez Milholland, who led the 1913 Women’s Suffrage Parade on a white horse.

Obama commutes 330 drug sentences on last day as president

In a last major act as president, Barack Obama cut short the sentences of 330 federal inmates convicted of drug crimes on Thursday.

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91 countries, 1.4 million miles, 596 travel days

Former Massachusetts political reporter Glen Johnson was with Secretary of State John Kerry for all but a handful of those miles, visiting all 91 countries and touching every continent

Trump’s team says chowder is back on the inaugural menu

Legal Sea Foods got word from Donald Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee Thursday that the chowder would be included in the festivities after all.

So what will Donald Trump say in his inaugural speech?

Trump will give what for him is a rare formal speech to a shaky nation — to a populace on edge over his tweets, his murky policy ideas, and his weak command of facts.

Trump Treasury pick defends how he disclosed assets in testy hearing

‘‘Never before has the Senate considered such an ethically challenged slate of nominees,” Chuck Schumer said Thursday.

Perry says he regrets calling for elimination of Energy Department

Rick Perry says that after being briefed on ‘‘so many of the vital functions’’ of the department, he regrets his earlier recommendation.

Will Mass. lawmakers succeed in raising their own pay?

Legislative leaders, who bristle over salaries they consider paltry, might just be able to pull off a pay increase.

From outreach to outrage, fashion comes to terms with Trump

Welcome to fashion in the age of Donald Trump, a moment when a traditionally apolitical industry is increasingly finding its voice.

Donald Trump has a late dinner at his new D.C. hotel

President-elect Donald Trump made a surprise visit to his Washington hotel two days before his inauguration.

DeVos’ knowledge of education basics is open to criticism

Betsy DeVos seemed either unaware or unsupportive of the long-standing policies and functions of the department she is in line to lead.

Trump’s Cabinet nominees meet growing ethical questions

Three of Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks came under growing fire Wednesday on ethical issues, potentially jeopardizing their nominations.

Trump chooses Sonny Perdue for agriculture secretary

Perdue made Georgia history in 2002 when he became the first Republican elected governor since the aftermath of the Civil War.

Pruitt, testifying to lead EPA, criticizes environmental rules

Pruitt criticized federal rules protecting air and water and addressing climate change, and forcefully advocated a states’ rights approach to environmental regulation.

Gov. Baker heading to D.C. for Trump inauguration

Governor Charlie Baker is heading to Washington to attend a ball and other ceremonies marking President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Inaugural crowds are sure to be huge — but how huge?

Donald Trump says his inauguration will have ‘‘an unbelievable, perhaps record-setting turnout.’’ Just how true is that?

5 City Councilors, Walsh aides on Denver trip to learn about recreational marijuana

The group is expected to spend three days meeting government and industry officials and touring facilities that manufacture, cultivate and sell recreational cannabis.

Wynn Las Vegas dumps Tom Ford after remark about Melania Trump

The hotel has stopped selling the designer’s products following a hubbub over whether he would dress President-elect Donald Trump’s wife.


Locals air grievances with mayor on Twitter

Using the hashtag #MartyLostMeWhen, more than 500 tweets detailed issues with Marty Walsh before and after his State of the City address.

Tom Price vows health coverage won’t be stripped

“Nobody is interested in pulling the rug out from under anybody,” declared Donald Trump’s choice for health secretary.