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Britain vote a defining moment in year of rebellion

2016 is set to be remembered as one of unusual tumult, with the political establishment reduced to rubble in the US and abroad.

Clinton’s State Department calendar missing scores of entries

A review of Hillary Clinton’s official calendar identified at least 75 meetings with outside interests that were not recorded or were listed without the names of those she met.


Forget populism. This is Brexit’s real impact on 2016

The actual impact of Brexit on the presidential race will be unclear for some time, but here’s one thing we know for sure: It’s still about the economy, stupid.

As market fears grow, worries over Mass. budget

Top officials acknowledged the threat of the Brexit tumult, but said it’s probably too soon to know the full effect on Massachusetts’ fiscal condition.

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Obama creates first national monument to LGBT rights

President Obama selected the Stonewall Inn in Manhattan for the country’s first monument to the gay rights movement.

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Legislation targets MassFiscal

Democratic lawmakers on Beacon Hill have been seething about legal loopholes they say allow the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

Despite campaign woes, Donald Trump flies to Scotland to tend to business interests

His campaign is desperately short of cash. He has struggled to hire staff. Influential Republicans are demanding that he demonstrate he can run a serious general election campaign.

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New England states are roadblock for Libertarians

While it’s extremely unlikely the Libertarians could win the presidential race, they could influence the final results.

Katherine Clark thrust into national spotlight

The Massachusetts Democrat’s walkout from a moment of silence was the beginning of a rapidly swelling movement.

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Walsh salary review stalled after chairwoman resigns

The resignation has left a vacuum on the independent panel Mayor Walsh revived to herald fiscal accountability.

Slowdown on transgender bill might actually good news for advocates

Advocates aim to thwart any move by the state’s social conservative forces to get the issue before the voters on November’s ballot.

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In the Berkshires, a lovely (government-rate) retreat

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination’s trip to a high-end resort has set off alarms.

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Bush cousin mocks Trump, blames GOP

Jonathan Bush entered the political arena with a speech that both mocked Donald Trump and blamed the GOP for his rise.

Senate blocks access to online data without warrant

The proposed bill would have allowed the FBI direct access to e-mail and text message logs, and other potentially sensitive online data.

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‘I did not ask her to step down,’ Walsh says of BLS headmaster

Mayor Martin Walsh flatly rejected any suggestion that he or Superintendent Tommy Chang asked the headmaster of Boston Latin School to resign.

Turmoil in the House as Dems stage sit-in

Lawmakers brought pillows and blankets to the House as the protest for a vote on gun legislation stretched past midnight.

Elizabeth Warren to campaign with Hillary Clinton in Ohio

The senator from Mass., a possible VP pick for the presumptive Democratic nominee, is hitting the campaign trail in a crucial battleground state.

In reversal, Senator Marco Rubio to seek reelection

The Florida Republican announced the decision Wednesday.

Baker, health chief detail plans for opioid fight

Governor Charlie Baker said prescriber education and restrictions are a key to changing the trend of opioid misuse.

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Warren being vetted as possible Clinton VP pick

Since Hillary Clinton sewed up the nomination, Elizabeth Warren has become a highly visible backer.

Donald Trump tries to hit reset by firing campaign manager

With a month to go until his nominating party, Trump dumped Corey Lewandowski in a major shake-up.

Senior LGBT community honors Orlando shooting victims

At a luncheon a host of community supporters characterized the victims in Orlando as heroes.

Massachusetts may skip its sales-tax holiday this year

Officials are looking for ways to close what could be a $750 million budget gap in the fiscal year that begins in July.

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Alabama candidate to fund-raise in Boston

A US Representative from Alabama is stopping in the Hub to raise cash this week.

Costs at heart of emergency shelter eligibility debate

A state Senate proposal has divided advocates for homeless families.

As VP, Warren would face potential loss of power

“When you’re vice president, it’s not your agenda . . . it’s the president’s agenda,” said former vice president Dan Quayle.

Climate change biggest threat to national parks, Obama warns

Rising temperatures are causing Yosemite’s meadows to dry out and raising the prospect of a glacier preserve without its glaciers someday.

Trump battleground plan relies on skeptical GOP leaders

Officials concede Trump has little desire to construct the kind of massive operation that has come to define campaigns.

Sanders’ endgame focused on keeping his ‘revolution’ alive

Can the Vermont senator’s movement survive the move from stadiums to wood-paneled congressional hearing rooms?

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Warren visit to Clinton HQ fuels VP talk

Elizabeth Warren dropped by Hillary Clinton headquarters Friday and spoke to hundreds of Clinton campaign staffers.

Obama, senators push gun control measures

The renewed debate over gun control follows a nearly 15-hour filibuster in the wake of the Orlando massacre.

House nixes bid to bar illegal immigrants from military

The Republican-led House on Thursday narrowly defeated an attempt to bar young immigrants living in the country illegally to enlist in the armed forces, as opponents tied the measure to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Baker to bureaucrats: Plan for smallest budget proposal

The governor is facing revenue shortfalls in the current state budget and the fiscal year that starts July 1.

ground game

Will North Carolina become the new Florida?

A new swing state, North Carolina has undergone a dramatic demographic transformation.

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With clock ticking, Mass. legislators’ to-do list is long

State lawmakers appear headed for a volatile finale to their two-year session, with an unbalanced budget and many bills pending.

Marco Rubio suggests he’s reconsidering leaving Senate

Republican leaders want Rubio to run for re-election because they believe he offers the best chance for the party to keep the seat.

Democrats huddle with White House officials on opioid funding

How do Democrats get Congress to spend more on the national opioid epidemic? Lawmakers offered the White House some ideas.

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Yard sale, or a store on your lawn?

City Councilor Timothy McCarthy said some yard sales are emporiums that occur on a regular basis.

Parents of woman killed in crash push duck boat bill

Allison Warmuth’s parents spoke somberly on a bill that would, among other rules, prevent operators of sightseeing vehicles from serving as both driver and tour guide.

Biden praises plan to revamp ‘Third World’ LaGuardia Airport

The vice president attended a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday for a $4 billion redevelopment project at the New York airport.

Trump’s staying the same — and that worries the GOP

Donald Trump’s campaign says it is sticking with what’s worked, but the approach is showing signs of strain.

US Senate approves defense bill, despite veto threat

The $602 billion budget bars the closure of Guantanamo Bay and denies the Pentagon’s bid to close more military bases.