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In N.H., Christie talks largely about himself

Chris Christie is treating his campaign like a season of “The Bachelorette”: trying to win over voters with charm and personal rapport.

From Clinton, a multi-generational message in N.H.

Hillary Clinton kicked off her holiday weekend by speaking about her mother and granddaughter at Dartmouth College.

GOP women’s group, party battle over name

The Massachusetts Federation of Republican Women needs permission from the state party to use the name “Republican.”

Super PACs backing Clinton report raising $24 million

Seven-figure checks from billionaires Haim Saban and George Soros helped a quartet of independent groups supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2016 bid bring in more than $24 million in the first half of the year, officials said Friday.

In Wis., Obama tweaks GOP candidates

President Obama drew sharp contrasts with ‘‘mean’’ Republicans in the state where the GOP governor prepared to announce his 2016 candidacy.

Webb joins field for Democratic nomination

Jim Webb, a decorated Vietnam veteran who became a fierce critic of the Iraq war, announced his candidacy Thursday.

N.H. is home to presidential paraphernalia quirky and rare

Among the strangest — and most cherished — items: a collection of signatures from would-be presidents, scrawled right on the walls of a local politician.

Primary memories

Chronicling the grim demise of Bill Bradley’s 2000 campaign

By the time Bill Bradley reached Berlin in New Hampshire’s North Country on the eve of the primary, his campaign was wheezing.

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Former Virginia senator Jim Webb announces run for president

Webb opened a long-shot bid against Hillary Clinton and a field of Democratic rivals for the party’s nomination.

Salesman Brown pursues a weight-loss constituency

Scott Brown’s role as a distributor for AdvoCare — and his curious online endorsement — was met with guffaws by Facebook followers.

Released e-mails help humanize Hillary Clinton

Thousands of e-mails provide a bracing dose of authenticity to one of the country’s most scripted and careful politicians.

N.H. thinks Donald Trump is for real

Whether Trump is serious about running for president or just serious about publicity, his sudden support is hard to ignore.

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New fiscal year begins with no state budget deal

The Senate and House each passed its own spending proposal months ago, but the chambers have yet to reconcile their differences.

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Among Clinton emails, a McGovern mystery

US Representative James McGovern apparently wanted Hillary Rodham Clinton to know about Colombian rock star Juanes.

Photos, social media now allowed on White House tours

The White House said the more than 40-year-old ban was lifted because of changes in camera technology.

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In City Council race, an underdog fight

A challenger to incumbent Councilor Tito Jackson has accused a second challenger of violating the residency requirement.

Week after gay marriage decision, Clinton heads to Provincetown

Hillary Clinton’s Thursday trip to the gay-friendly town for a fund-raiser was planned months ago.

Obama heralds US embassy in Cuba as ‘new chapter’

President Obama announced that the US and Cuba will reopen their embassies in Havana and Washington.

State Senator Mark Montigny presses MBTA on pensions

Montigny urged fellow lawmakers to “address the lack of transparency and potential mismanagement” of the MBTA pension fund.

Bernie Sanders will use proximity to N.H. to his favor

Sanders, the Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate, finds himself on the doorstep of the nation’s first primary.

Jeb Bush releases tax data on Web

The Republican presidential candidate has earned nearly $29 million since leaving the Florida governor’s mansion.

Popularity down, Chris Christie joins GOP presidential race

Gov. Chris Christie declared his candidacy for president here on Tuesday in a 20-minute speech full of New Jersey-style swagger.

Flavored tobacco could see massive tax hike in Mass.

The rate would rise to 210 percent, from 40 percent, under the state Senate’s budget proposal.

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With $275,000 fee for Hillary Clinton, college picks Chelsea instead

The University of Missouri at Kansas City paid $65,000 for Chelsea Clinton’s brief appearance Feb. 24, 2014.

Christie kicks off campaign for president

Chris Christie said both political parties “have failed our country” in an announcement speech calling for more compromise in politics.

Boston 2024 wants huge tax break for Widett Circle deal

The hundreds of millions of dollars in property tax breaks would probably be the largest deal of its kind in the city’s history.

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In Middle East, Lynch assesses US fight against ISIS

Representative Stephen Lynch is traveling through the Middle East with Representative Jim McGovern and other members of Congress.

Tammy Kraus is a crisis fixer at the State House

Kraus, superintendent of the landmark, makes sure a building that dates to the 18th century keeps functioning.

Hillary Clinton’s notes to adviser under fire

The e-mail records show that Clinton repeatedly encouraged an adviser to send her memos about Libya.

Heavy hitters raising cash for Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley

Diddy and John Cullinane are hosting an evening event for the former Maryland governor at the Dedham Country and Polo Club.

NBC ending business relationship with Donald Trump

“At NBC, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values,’’ NBC said in a statement.

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Thomas Kennedy, state senator from Brockton, dies at 63

The Brockton Democrat, who overcame a crippling injury as a young man, died Sunday after battling health issues.

Chris Christie an underdog as he launches 2016 bid

It is a reality New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and his supporters are ready to embrace, not that they have a choice.

Kerry, energy secretary teaming up in Iran talks

A friendly bond has formed between John Kerry and Ernest Moniz, a former MIT professor, who are working on the Iran arms deal.

Biden worships, speaks at S.C. church

The vice president’s surprise appearance came on the second Sunday that Emanuel AME held regular services after the June 17 shooting.

Bernie Sanders’ surge is partly fueled by veterans

Sanders might not be a friend to the military in Congress, but former service members love him.

Late TV Listings

Sunday news show guests

Excerpts from the decision on same-sex marriage

Excerpts from the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage.

In Unity, N.H., Obama-Clinton bond was born

A significant portion of President Obama’s 2008 New Hampshire team is now supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Roberts court surprises observers on left and right

The Supreme Court’s liberal record has left conservatives spitting fire about a GOP pick who betrayed their cause.

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Marriage a ‘fundamental right’ for all, Supreme Court rules

The decision sweeps aside 14 state prohibitions on gay marriage and means couples will be entitled to marry in all 50 states.

Presidential candidates split on gay marriage ruling

Some Republican candidates argue that states – not the federal government– have the right to establish their laws pertaining to marriage.


Roots of ruling extend back to raucous Beacon Hill row

Same-sex marriage took less than a generation to race from a concept that triggered battles on Beacon Hill to the law of the land.

In N.H., a tricky landscape for campaign finance

The state has some of the most complicated and sporadically enforced campaign finance laws in any jurisdiction, according to a new report.

Primary memories

A tireless Clinton ran until the end

The language and lessons of the 1992 primary stand out most among the N.H. primaries that John King covered for the AP and CNN.

Rosenberg urges support for transgender rights bill

The senate president urged lawmakers to take action on a bill banning discrimination against transgender people in malls, restaurants, parks, and other public accommodations.

Lobbying on MBTA overhaul intensifies

Dueling radio ads are the latest salvos in a growing campaign of phone bank operations, petitions, and geographically targeted social media advertisements that will help shape the future of the T.

N.J. Governor Chris Christie reportedly to enter GOP 2016 race on Tuesday

Christie will make the announcement at his old high school, according to several people familiar with his plans.

$2.5b in red, VA cites increased use

The shortfall comes amid high demand by veterans for health care, including new life-saving treatments for hepatitis C, officials said.

House approves expansion of trade assistance program

The House sends to President Obama the second half of a trade package that House Democrats dramatically rejected two weeks ago.

New polls show Donald Trump gaining ground in N.H. primary

On Thursday evening, a new poll from WMUR-TV and CNN shows Trump trailing former Florida Governor Jeb Bush by 5 points among Republican voters in the Granite State.

Confederate symbols easy to find in the nation’s capital

There are few sites where the flags are in more abundance than at the US Capitol.

Rubio strives to break out from GOP presidential pack

But on issues that arose from Granite State voters Thursday, — from that morning’s US Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act, to gay marriage, tax cuts, national security and free trade — Rubio did not stray far from the Republican line.

Bobby Jindal takes long-shot White House bid to New Hampshire

During his first official visit to New Hampshire as a presidential candidate, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal focused on health care.

Health care ruling gives GOP a reprieve

They still have Obamacare to demonize, and they avoided politically dangerous market disruptions in 34 states.

Baker turns to failed GOP candidates for state posts

The governor has named three failed Republican political candidates as regional directors in the state Office of Business Development.

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Supreme Court rejects challenge to Obama health care law

With the ruling, the president says the Affordable Care Act is “here to stay.”

Meet the women behind Charlie Baker’s budget

Women make up about 60 percent of leadership positions in a department often considered the spine of state government.

Chris Christie to announce run for president Tuesday

AP source: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to run for president in 2016, will announce Tuesday.

2016 candidates react to Supreme Court ruling

The candidates hoping to succeed President Obama reacted on predictably partisan lines following the Affordable Care Act ruling.

Despite a dimmed star, Bobby Jindal joins GOP presidential field

Gov. Bobby Jindal, who became Louisiana’s first nonwhite governor since Reconstruction, announced that he is running for president in 2016.

Iran’s ayatollah puts demands on nuclear talks

Iran’s supreme leader is staking out what he considers the ‘‘major red lines,’’ any one of which could sink a deal.

Walter Scheib, 61; innovative former White House chef

He brought American cuisine prepared in a lighter style to the White House as its executive chef during the administrations of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

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Mass. Democratic Party invites presidential hopefuls to speak

Four presidential candidates have been offered speaking roles at the Sept. 19 convention in Springfield.

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Something new brewing at City Hall

Boston Brewin Coffee, a fixture in City Hall since January, is heading out. And a new java king -- Triangle Coffee Shop -- is moving in.

Governor Baker signs $5.5 billion interim budget

The interim budget will keep state government running for the month of July.

Ground Game

Why is the GOP presidential field so large in 2016?

The 2016 GOP field is the largest ever since the modern presidential primary system began in 1952.