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GOP strategizes, aiming to learn from Obama campaign

With 2016 on the horizon, the GOP wants to get even, and is starting with some grass-roots education.

Homeland Security shutdown put off for now

The last-ditch vote, which took place Friday as midnight approached, capped a tense day of negotiations.

Conservatives boo Jeb Bush at Md. gathering

The catcalls were a stark reminder of the challenges the former Florida governor faces as he attempts to seize front-runner status.

Bill to fund Homeland Security fails as deadline looms

The House rejected a stopgap spending bill that would have averted a partial agency shutdown hours before it was to begin.

Live video: Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

Watch the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.

Ground Game

Barnes & Noble in N.H. is a regular campaign stop

Why the shop has increasingly become a stop for presidential candidates is a function of its location and circumstance.

House bill could keep Homeland Security agency running

House Republicans offered a last-minute stopgap bill to fund the agency for another three weeks.

Obama foundation hints at library’s likely Chicago site

The foundation developing Barack Obama’s future library has commissioned polling in Chicago to determine whether residents support building it.

Obama plan seeks to ban bullets that can pierce armor

The move has enraged gun rights advocates and caused a run on the ammunition at gun shops across the country.

Senate panel backs attorney general nominee

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday approved Loretta Lynch to be the next attorney general.

Primary Memories

In ’84 campaign, on the trail with Paul Newman

The actor had just two requests: that he be allowed to speak about the nuclear freeze, and that a case of cold Budweiser be always at hand.

Candidates face off in 11th Worcester state representative race

When Matthew Beaton was chosen by Governor Baker for a job in his Cabinet, it set the stage for a special election in Worcester County.

Capital Source

Another Beacon Hill pay raise deal goes nowhere

On Beacon Hill, everything almost inevitably comes back to pay hikes. And, just as often, some hard feelings.

Senate panel approves Obama attorney general pick

The Senate Judiciary Committee has approved Loretta Lynch’s nomination, sending it to the full Senate.

MBTA study chief in Jamaica

Governor Baker was unaware Paul Barrett was planning a Jamaica visit when Barrett was tapped to study the T’s core functions, an adviser said.

Homeland Security bill moves in Senate while House in limbo

Many House Republicans say they aren’t ready to approve spending without demanding concessions from the president on immigration.

Senate nears deal to keep Homeland Security funded

Lawmakers cleared the way for passage of legislation to fund the agency without provisions opposed by President Obama.

Bold Types

A suitable tribute for Michael Widmer

A planned “tribute” next week to mark Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation president Michael Widmer’s career and recent retirement sounds lavish.

Wary conservatives await Jeb Bush’s pitch

Bush will tout his record while not shying away from moderate positions when he speaks to GOP activists Friday.

Baker panel to focus on job training plans

An executive order will create a “workforce skills cabinet” comprised of the administration’s labor, education, and housing and economic development secretaries.

In N.H., Biden avoids talking of presidential run

Vice President Biden, in New Hampshire Wednesday, did not mention a White House bid in 2016.

MBTA, Keolis shake up leadership

The change follows nearly a month of public outrage after one of the snowiest winters on record crippled the system.

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Dr. John Willke, 89; controversial opponent of abortion

Dr. Willke helped shape the modern anti-abortion movement.

McConnell says he’d allow Senate vote on Homeland Security funding

The Senate moved closer Tuesday to a deal to avert a partial shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security.

Candidates make case to represent East Boston

Six candidates for state representative in East Boston offered their qualifications and made their pitch to voters at a forum on Tuesday.

Emanuel is forced into runoff election

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel failed to capture a majority of the vote in Tuesday’s municipal election.

Elizabeth Warren presses Janet Yellen on conduct of Fed’s top lawyer

Warren questioned the Fed chief during a hearing in Washington.

Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline bill

Republicans may try to override President Obama’s veto, but have yet to show they can muster the needed two-thirds majority.

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In N.H., former Md. governor Ehrlich considers presidential run

Former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich heard from students at New England College Tuesday.

CIA plans to elevate espionage efforts on Web

CIA Director John Brennan is planning a major expansion of the agency’s cyber espionage capabilities as part of a broad restructuring.

Homeland Security debate threatens storm relief for N.E.

Millions of federal dollars to help the region are threatened by the latest partisan budget morass in Congress.

Group to sue campaign finance office over union contributions

An Arizona-based conservative group plans to sue the Bay State’s campaign finance agency on behalf of two local businesses.

Elizabeth Warren joins calls to tighten investment broker rules

The Department of Labor will propose a rule requiring brokers to put clients’ best interests before their own profits.

Obama urges governors to help him on key issues

President Obama beseeched the nation’s governors to partner with him to help the middle class in the face of congressional gridlock.

Pressed by N.H. voters, Rubio stands firm on immigration

Florida Senator Marco Rubio delivered an impassioned speech in his first event in New Hampshire explicitly exploring a presidential run.

In D.C., Baker speaks about opioid addiction crisis

In a speech at a prescription drug abuse forum, Governor Baker talked about the rising number of overdose deaths in Mass.

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More legal trouble for lobbyist convicted in DiMasi case

Richard McDonough, in prison for his role in the Salvatore DiMasi corruption case, is accused of defrauding the state pension system.

Obama calls for tighter rules on retirement account brokers

The change would put brokers under the stricter requirements for registered financial advisers when they handle clients’ accounts.

Official says politics may shut FEMA

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said the budget stall could cause up to 80 percent of FEMA workers being furloughed.

In D.C., Governor Baker lobbies for US storm aid

If approved by the president, Mass. could receive millions to help reimburse cities, towns, and the state for cleanup costs.

Democrats grapple with question of how to convey principles

The party must do a better job of explaining its core values to voters, according to a task force formed after the 2014 election.

Divide emerges over gay marriage among GOP candidates

Recent polling indicates that traditional Republican Party views on gay marriage are increasingly out of step with a seismic societal shift.

Senator Markey questions climate studies

Senator Edward Markey is calling on coal and oil companies to reveal whether they are funding scientific climate change studies.

City wipes out 9,000 snow complaints in error

Boston arbitrarily closed thousands of cases filed with its 24-hour constituent service system this month without resolving them.

As Iraq veteran, Moulton torn on OK for troops

The House freshman is struggling with the president’s request to formally authorize the air campaign against the Islamic State.

In N.H., John Bolton stresses foreign policy

Bolton said he wants to make foreign policy a bigger topic in the 2016 campaign, particularly among the GOP.

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On new taxes for T, Baker sticks with ‘no’

In a radio interview Thursday, the governor issued a forceful critique of those who say the first step in fixing the T is to raise taxes.

To win N.H. GOP primary, first you win over activists

The Globe is tracking the choices of 115 crucial Republican activists as they consider the emerging GOP presidential field.

For new governors, holdover appointees present tricky challenges

Taking control of state agencies and powerful boards dominated by their predecessor’s picks can be difficult.

Elizabeth Warren’s man in New Hampshire

Warren insists she’s not running for president. In New Hampshire, it’s Kurt Ehrenberg’s job to persuade her to change her mind.

Allies’ actions undercut US tactics to curb extremism

President Obama called on all nations to “put an end to the cycle of hate” by expanding human rights, religious tolerance, and peaceful dialogue.

Supporters in Western Mass. want Warren to wait for presidential run

“She’s not ready,” one Elizabeth Warren fan said. “She has no foreign policy experience.”

Good week, bad week

Maura Healey got her first big win as attorney general, and Keolis executives got a tongue-lashing from the governor over commuter rail performance.

Elizabeth Warren has Olympic questions

Mark US Senator Elizabeth Warren down as uncommitted about whether Boston should host the Olympics in 2024.

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O’Malley to address N.H. Democrats

Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley will return to New Hampshire to explore a Democratic presidential bid early next month.

Biden to visit New Hampshire

The vice president’s New Hampshire trip will round out visits in the past two weeks to other early presidential primary states.

In gloomy time, poll finds drop in Games support

Boston’s Olympic bid has been hurt by rising anger at the recent problems that have plagued the MBTA, a poll suggests.

Baker stresses energy costs as key to competitiveness

Governor Baker focused on the region’s high energy costs during a speech before the New England Council.

White House pushing higher wages for middle-class

President Obama’s top economists say modest wage gains are far from making up for decades of paycheck stagnation.

California Rep. Hahn won’t run in 2016, will seek local post

The congresswoman cited frustration with Washington’s partisan gridlock and saying she would seek local office in Los Angeles.

Obama to designate 3 national monuments

The Pullman neighborhood in Chicago where African-American railroad workers won a historic labor agreement, and two other sites will be designated.

Jeb Bush’s campaign unveils foreign policy advisers

The former governor promised to chart his own course on foreign policy — even as he announced a campaign braintrust.

Faulted for Avoiding ‘Islamic’ Labels

WASHINGTON — President Obama chooses his words with particular care when he addresses the volatile connections between religion and terrorism. He and his aides have avoided labeling acts of brutal violence by Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, and their allies as “Muslim” terrorism or describing their ideology as “Islamic” or “jihadist.”

Baker elevates access office, with aim of increased diversity

The Office of Access and Opportunity was created to coordinate and monitor diversity and inclusion activities.

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Poll says T woes not Baker’s fault, but fixes are up to him

More than eight out of 10 Boston area voters think addressing problems with the MBTA should be a priority for Governor Baker.

Islamic leader says US officials unfairly target Muslims

Yusufi Vali, a top Muslim leader in Boston, had been assisting in a federal effort to identify potential homegrown terrorists.

Fast fix to MBTA woes is unlikely

Legislators are frustrated by the MBTA’s failures, but so far there’s no consensus on a solution.

Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren hold private talks

The two met at the Clintons’ Northwest Washington home, without aides and at Clinton’s invitation.

Get MBTA going before long-term talks, Baker says

Governor Baker said his priority is getting the MBTA running again before talks about how to better fund the system.