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Clinton faces headwinds from liberals as Warren rises

Liberal groups’ support for Senator Elizabeth Warren puts pressure on Hillary Clinton to move further to the left.

Obama’s Cuba decision reflects political shift in Florida

For decades, anything less than a hard line stance against Fidel Castro was a sure way to lose a race for office.

113th Congress near the bottom in laws enacted

The 296 bills signed into law was the second lowest total for any two-year Congress in records dating to the 1940s.

Panel to advise against penalty for CIA’s computer search

The CIA had searched a computer network used by Senate staffers who were looking into the CIA’s use of torture.

Sony was wrong to pull ‘The Interview,’ Obama says

The president, citing Boston’s determination after the Marathon bombings, criticized Sony’s reaction after a cyberattack.

Nation’s shift on Cuba reveals generation gap

Anti-Castro ideologues are dying off, replaced by a generation more open to normalized relations with Cuba.

Walsh raised $1.5m in first year, setting high bar for rivals

Mayor Walsh is poised to break the annual fund-raising record for an incumbent Boston mayor.

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Mitch McConnell wants to stop coal rules

Incoming Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell pledged on Wednesday to do all he can to stop President Obama’s coal plant regulations.

US-Cuba change prompts celebration in Havana

Havana residents gathered around television sets in homes, schools, and businesses to hear the historic national broadcast.

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Obama to restore relations with Cuba

The decision to end half a century of estrangement between the US and Cuba followed 18 months of secret talks, and the freeing of captives on both sides.

Mass. shortfall is closer to $750m, tax group warns

Advocacy groups on both sides of the political spectrum said the estimate was potentially in range.

Senate OK’s 4 Obama aides; 12 judicial picks likely to follow

Among the president’s nominees was Frank A. Rose of Plymouth as assistant secretary of state for verification and compliance.

2016 landscape shifts as Jeb Bush eyes run for president

The move by the former Florida governor could dramatically reshape the Republican primary.

Obama signs $1.1 trillion spending bill into law

The legislation was a bipartisan compromise that avoided a government shutdown and put off clashes over immigration to next year.

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Charlie Baker says he’s a ‘certainly a fan’ of Jeb Bush

Baker stopped well short of declaring support for a prospective Bush candidacy, saying he is focused on getting his own administration off the ground.

Obama to sign bill putting new sanctions on Russia

The White House had previously been noncommittal about the legislation, which also provides aid to Ukraine.

Jeb Bush plans to ‘actively explore’ run for president

The former Florida governor took his most definitive step yet toward running for president.

GOP blames Cruz for opportunity to confirm nominees

Democrats are in position to confirm not only the judges, but 11 other appointees before the Senate wraps up work for the year.

Spending bill had no fans in Mass. delegation

No member of the state’s all-Democratic delegation voted for the bill, despite the presence of several measures they had fought for.

Obama declares ‘turning point’ for US military

President Obama saluted troops returning from Afghanistan and declared the United States is moving past the time for large deployments aimed at nation building.

Mass. doctor Vivek Murthy OK’d as surgeon general

Murthy’s nomination was held up because of his support for gun control and his activity in President Obama’s campaign.

Charlie Baker campaign manager to join administration

Jim Conroy, who managed Charlie Baker’s gubernatorial bid, will join the Republican’s administration as a senior adviser.

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Warren’s office says she stands by pledge to serve out term

A new round of presidential speculation was set off last week by Senator Warren’s rebellion against a spending bill.

Spending deal may not signal more compromise in 2015 Congress

Republicans will feel pressure to produce, but 2016 politics and President Obama’s incentives to veto legislation will add uncertainties.

Spouses hold out hope for new work visa rules

President Obama’s executive action is expected to cement a rule that will allow some spouses of high skilled workers the opportunity to get jobs.

Senate passes spending bill after chaotic, rare session

The legislation, which will fund most of the government through the next fiscal year, passed in a bipartisan 56 to 40 vote.

Kevin Cullen

Unshackling the truth: CIA and torture

Glenn Carle was one of the CIA interrogators tasked with getting suspected Al Qaeda members to talk. He was aggressive, but he didn’t torture.

Montana dress code has female legislators sporting new look: clenched jaws

A new State House dress code notes that female lawmakers “should be sensitive to skirt lengths and necklines.”

In losing Wall Street battle, Warren may gain party clout

By Friday morning, more than 300 former Obama aides had signed a letter urging the Mass. senator to run for president.

Senate OKs defense policy bill

The bill endorses the president’s stepped-up military campaign in the war against Islamic State militants.

Governor-elect Charlie Baker names labor secretary

Ronald Walker II is the first person of color to join the cabinet.

Senate deadline for $1.1 trillion spending bill pushed back

If partisan acrimony does not subside, the government could face a shutdown Sunday morning.

Hillary Clinton edges closer to a 2016 run for president

Clinton is considering the nitty-gritty details of how and when to organize her campaign, experts say.

State GOP chastises Weld for endorsing a Democrat

Former Governor William Weld’s endorsement in a state representative’s race earned him a rebuke from party officials.

Young voters don’t care about Hillary Clinton’s age

Hillary Rodham Clinton, if she decides to run for president, would be among the oldest contenders for the office.

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More than 170 named to Baker transition committees

Charlie Baker’s committees focus on schools, jobs and economy, community, health, and better government.

Congress puts potatoes on menu for low-income moms

For the first time, low-income women would be able to pay for them with government-subsidized vouchers issued by the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program.

Amid rancor, House approves spending bill

The vote on the legislation, which now heads to the Senate, came ahead of a midnight deadline for a government shutdown.

LogMeIn to receive tax break for Boston expansion

The 11-year-old company, which develops remote access tools for computers, relocated to South Boston from Woburn last year.

Congress relaxes whole grain standards for schools

A massive year-end spending bill released Tuesday would ease standards that require more whole grains in school foods.

US to spend $1b on early childhood education

President Obama followed up on a promise to expand early education opportunities for tens of thousands of children.

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As clock ticks, Warren balks at spending bill

The Mass. senator led a liberal revolt against an effort that she says weakens financial regulations.

MoveOn starts $1 million bid to get Warren to run launched an elaborate campaign intended to convince Senator Elizabeth Warren to enter the presidential race.

Lawmakers agree on $1.1 trillion spending bill

Congressional leaders reached a deal Tuesday that would fund most of the federal government through the current fiscal year.

Kerry asks Congress not to limit fight on ISIS

Secretary of State John Kerry defended the president’s actions towards the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria on Tuesday.

Patrick plans exit, handoff to Baker

Governor Deval Patrick next month plans to take the “lone walk” out of the State House, a tradition that dates back more than a century.

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Text of Warren’s speech on US Treasury nominee

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s speech at the “Managing the Economy” conference laid out her reasons for opposing Antonio Weiss as Treasury chief.

EBT card confusion troubling, Baker says

The state’s photo ID requirement with EBT cards has prevented some low-income families from buying groceries.

20 key findings of Senate’s CIA torture report

A look at the findings and conclusions of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s study of the CIA’s detention and interrogation program.

Warren finds support, ramps up attacks on Treasury pick

Senator Elizabeth Warren issued her fiercest salvo yet over President Obama’s choice for a key Treasury Department post.

Q&A: What is the CIA torture report?

The Senate Intelligence Committee released its review on the torture of prisoners held by the CIA during the Bush administration.

MIT professor apologizes for remark on voters

Jonathan Gruber was criticized for stating that the law was passed by relying on “the stupidity of the American voter.” prepares $1m push for Warren presidential run

The liberal group’s move comes despite numerous statements by the senator that she will not run for president in 2016.

Obama cracks jokes on ‘The Colbert Report’

When the president was not seriously defending his record, he had no problem riffing with Stephen Colbert.

GOP seeks to ease regulations in $1.1 trillion spending bill

Key lawmakers weighed legislation to permit a reduction of benefits for up to a million retirees at economically distressed multiemployer pension plans.

White House and GOP clash over torture report

The Obama administration and its Republican critics clashed on Monday over the wisdom of making the report public.

United Independents gain official status in Mass.

The United Independent Party has gained official status alongside Democrats and Republicans in Massachusetts.

New clout for climate change naysayer

James Inhofe, in line to become head of the Senate’s environmental committee, has pledged to try to block President Obama’s climate agenda.

Prince William meets Obama, gives speech on wildlife

Britain’s Prince William made a brief stop at the White House on Monday for an Oval Office meeting with President Obama.

White House focuses on computer science in schools

The White House said Monday that the seven largest school districts in the US are joining more than 50 others to start offering introductory computer science to all their students.

GOP seeks to ease regulations as part of spending bill

Last-minute bargaining was taking place over a bill to keep the government operating past a Thursday deadline.

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Baker picks former Weld lawyer as chief legal counsel

Lon Povich served as a top lawyer for the former Mass. governor and is currently general counsel for BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Bush and CIA ex-officials rebut torture report

The report is said to assert that the CIA misled George W. Bush about the nature, extent, and results of brutal techniques like waterboarding.

La.’s new GOP senator committed to opposing Obama

Cassidy specifically cited the president’s health care overhaul and the administration’s regulatory approach to oil, gas, and coal.

Obama, congressional Democrats show cracks in unity

With the midterm elections over, some members of the president’s own party are airing their frustrations with little restraint.

Acid reflux causing Obama’s sore throat

President Obama underwent medical tests Saturday at a military hospital because of a persistent sore throat.

As Mark Wahlberg seeks a pardon, some aren’t ready to forgive

To those who remember the havoc Wahlberg wreaked, his request to erase his teenage offenses from the record is infuriating.