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Experts say Trump’s ‘Fox & Friends’ interview was ill-advised

“He’s unmoored, is the only way to describe it,” said Nancy Gertner, a retired federal judge who now teaches at Harvard Law School.


Six ‘wowza’ moments from Trump’s ‘Fox & Friends’ interview

As show cohost Steve Doocy said after President Trump got off the phone, “I think he was awake and had a lot to say!”

Lawmakers reject Seaport joint policing, but idea may not be dead

One state legislator said he’s comfortable leaving it to Governor Charlie Baker’s administration and the Boston police to reach an agreement.

George Bush is out of ICU, alert; doctors pleased

The nation’s 41st president has been hospitalized since Sunday, a day after the funeral for Barbara Bush, his wife of 73 years.

Republicans unsettled by narrow win in Arizona

The GOP held onto an Arizona US House seat they would have never considered endangered in any other year.

Trump signals openness to a ‘new deal’ to constrain Iran

Hosting President Macron of France, President Trump said he could agree to an Iran deal renegotiated by US and European officials if it was strong enough.

Evangelicals dismiss Trump scandals, look to help GOP

Christian conservatives say the president more than honored his end of the bargain that brought reluctant members of their ranks.


Former ambassador Rufus Gifford adds celebrity sizzle to congressional race

There are no fewer than 13 Democratic candidates running to succeed US Representative Niki Tsongas in the Third Congressional District.

Ground Game

Believe it or not, a New England state is the only one to never send a woman to Congress

If asked to guess, it’s a safe bet that few Americans would have put this state anywhere on their list of possibilities.

Bryon Hefner, Rosenberg’s husband, pleads not guilty to multiple charges

The political scandal that ended the Senate presidency of Stanley Rosenberg moved out of the State House and into the court house Tuesday.

Senators could delay hearing for VA nominee Ronny Jackson

Ronny Jackson has faced questions from lawmakers and veterans groups about whether he has the experience to manage the massive department.

Democrats challenge Charlie Baker’s record on environment

At a Suffolk University forum organized by environmental groups, gubernatorial candidates largely offered similar views on a range of energy and environmental issues.

After late vote switch, Senate panel approves Pompeo for secretary of state

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky bowed to pressure from President Trump and dropped his opposition.

John Oliver wants to educate Trump — so he bought ads on Sean Hannity’s show

The Catheter Cowboy’s previous ads sought to inform the president of facts such as ‘‘Frederick Douglass is dead,’’ and ‘‘other people exist.’’

Cambridge Analytica contractor defends role in data gathering

Alexander Kogan said he was upfront about how the data would be used and that Facebook never objected.

Shania Twain apologizes after saying she would have voted for Donald Trump

The Canadian singer told The Guardian she would have voted for Trump because “even though he was offensive, he seemed honest.”

Mitt Romney is forced into GOP primary in Utah Senate race

The former Massachusetts governor, who was hoping to avoid a primary fight, instead will square off against a state lawmaker on June 26.

Longtime Democratic state Rep. James Miceli of Wilmington dies

Miceli, 83, the second longest serving lawmaker on Beacon Hill, collapsed during opening ceremonies for Wilmington Little League Saturday, officials said.

Trump considering full pardon for late boxer Jack Johnson

President Trump says he’s considering a posthumous pardon more than 100 years after Jack Johnson was convicted by an all-white jury of “immorality.”

Trump plan would cut health protections for transgender people

The administration plans to roll back a rule issued by President Obama that prevents discrimination.

Why Trump has struggled to assemble a legal team

Twelve partners from a total of seven firms have said no to President Trump’s entreaties to help him navigate the special counsel’s probe.

Ground Game

In N.H., a burning political question: Where are all the big-deal Democratic presidential candidates?

The top-tier Democratic potential candidates are nowhere to be found in Iowa or New Hampshire, with seven months until primary season kicks off in earnest.

Trump complains Comey is making money off book while Flynn’s life is ‘totally destroyed’

President Donald Trump defended his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, while bemoaning that fired FBI director James Comey was profiting off his “third rate book.”

In Comey memos, Trump talks of jailed journalists, ‘hookers’

The documents contain new details about interactions with Trump that former FBI director James Comey found unnerving.

Babies of senators now welcome in Senate chamber

A historic rules change passed Wednesday — which was inspired by senator and new mother Tammy Duckworth — allows the newborns of members into the chamber.

Lewandowski (falsely) claims Comey was partly responsible for Boston Marathon bombing

President Trump’s former campaign manager blamed former FBI director James Comey — who was a private citizen at the time — for failing to stop the 2013 attack.

Kennebunkport recalls Barbara Bush as a generous, friendly neighbor

Visitors stopped at an overlook near Walker’s Point, the Bush family compound, to lay flowers or simply gaze at the family’s surf-splashed estate.

Get Smart

When Barbara Bush wowed Wellesley College

Barbara Bush was not the Wellesley Class of 1990’s first choice for commencement speaker, but in her address, she knocked it out of the park.

Trump campaign rebukes Indiana candidate signs

The Rokita signs, which have gone up since that event, proclaim in large white letters “Endorsed by Trump/Pence.”

James Comey says he’s ‘like a breakup [Trump] can’t get over’

“I’m out there living my best life,” the former FBI director told Stephen Colbert Tuesday. “He wakes up in the morning and tweets at me.”

Barbara Bush’s funeral will be held Saturday

The service at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston will be invitation-only.

Mainers in mourning after Barbara Bush’s death

The former first lady was remembered for her promotion of literacy, her welcoming ways, and her sense of humor.

Potential impeachment of Missouri’s governor clouded by legal ambiguities

Lawmakers have to wrestle with an unprecedented question: Does it matter that the alleged actions occurred before Eric Greitens was in office?

Koch network calls out Republicans for the first time in national ad buy

The ad, which is set to start airing on TV Thursday, ends with a subtle swipe at leading Republicans for failing to reach a deal on immigration reform.


New England governors are among the most popular (and least popular) in the country

According to a new poll, three governors made the top five as most popular — while the other three ranked in the bottom seven.

Mass. is about to be a battleground over transgender rights

A November ballot question is expected to be the first statewide referendum on transgender rights.


Words you couldn’t say in The Boston Globe — until now

From “pussyhats” to “hir” and “zir,” the Globe’s gender-affairs beat reporter tries to reconcile a fast-moving national conversation with stodgy newspaper style.

John McCain is ‘stable’ after undergoing intestinal surgery

The Arizona Republican has been away from Washington while he battles brain cancer.

Granddaughter says Barbara Bush in good spirits

The family is grateful for “everybody’s prayers and thoughts,” Jenna Bush Hager said.

Three things James Comey compared Donald Trump to in his ‘20/20’ interview

The interview with ABC News was the former FBI director’s first since President Trump fired him last May.

Mainers saddened by news of Barbara Bush’s declining health

Bush and her husband, former President George H.W. Bush, have spent much of their time over the years in Kennebunkport.

Former Republican N.H. governor rails against GOP, spending package in op-ed

Judd Gregg called the recent passage of the omnibus spending bill “inexcusable,” saying it shows that President Trump and Congress are heading down a dangerous path.

Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller recreate ‘Meet the Parents’ scene on ‘Saturday Night Live’

The polygraph scene from the hit movie was brought back, with a twist.

Republicans to spend $250 million to keep hold on House

The White House’s political arm is devoting unprecedented resources to building an army of paid staff and trained volunteers.

In the era of Donald Trump, New England’s biggest GOP donor is funding Democrats

Seth Klarman has given about $222,000 since the 2016 election to 78 Democrats running for Congress.

Read President Trump’s address to the nation on Syria airstrikes

President Trump addressed the nation Friday night regarding strikes on Syria. Here are his full remarks.

Poll suggests majority of Americans back Mueller’s investigation

A clear majority of Americans support the special counsel’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election and alleged collusion with Donald Trump’s campaign.

Read these key excerpts from prosecutors’ filing in Michael Cohen case

Here are some excerpts from federal prosecutors’ court filing Friday that opposes a bid by lawyers for Michael Cohen and President Trump to stop the Justice Department from reviewing records seized Monday.

Deval Patrick plans to ramp up his political activity this year

Even though the former governor declined to say how seriously he is considering a presidential campaign, expect to see more of him in the next year.


New England governors are among the most popular (and least popular) in the country

According to a new poll, three governors made the top five as most popular — while the other three ranked in the bottom seven.