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12 years of watching — and facilitating — history

Dorchester native Andrew Binns is chief innovation officer at the Democratic convention this week.

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Campaign funding legislation left languishing

The bill, backed by Common Cause, would crack down on a fundraising method used by the GOP.

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School-choice advocates target 19th-century governor

The Pioneer Institute has set its sights on Henry Gardner, a Know-Nothing, and his State House portrait.

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Two-year session ends in a weekend crunch

Mass. lawmakers are poised to convene for an extremely rare double-weekend session and are certain burn the midnight oil.

Obama anoints old rival as his successor

President Obama made a forceful case at the Democratic convention for Hillary Clinton, eight years after he beat her to win the party’s nomination.

Joe Biden says Donald Trump ‘has no clue’

Vice President Joe Biden cast Donald Trump as too dangerous to trust with the presidency in an animated speech Wednesday.

Political oratory takes center stage at conventions

Political conventions are delivering a mid-summer feast of speeches in an era of cable TV sound bytes and 140-character attacks.


Local IBEW leader nominates Sanders at DNC

Paul Feeney, legislative director of the Dorchester-based International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2222, offered the seconding speech Tuesday afternoon for Senator Bernie Sanders.

Ground Game

Donald Trump steals the news. Again.

Hillary Clinton made history. Tim Kaine will be introduced to the nation tonight. President Obama will pass the torch. But did you see what Trump just said?

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As Hillary Clinton makes history, Bill reflects on their journey

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday became the first woman to be nominated for president by a major political party.

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Michelle Obama’s next act: Three ideas

What options does Michelle Obama have, politically or otherwise, after she and her family leave the White House?

Baker administration raps Healey’s gun crackdown

Governor Charlie Baker’s administration wants more clarity on AG Maura Healey’s move to limit sales of “copycat” weapons.

Bernie Sanders’ speech at the Democratic National Convention

Sanders spoke Monday at the Democratic National Convention.

Sanders confronts skeptical delegates with Clinton support

Bernie Sanders made a case for his one-time rival in an impassioned speech Monday.

Mass. politicians featured during first day of Democratic convention

The day provided a reality check on the idea that Elizabeth Warren is the only Massachusetts politician of national significance.

Jill Stein sees opportunity with Sanders supporters

The Green Party candidate from Lexington hopes to pick up some disheartened supporters of the US senator.

Boston proposes an ID to make it easier to include all

All city residents, regardless of immigration status, homeless status, or gender identity, would be eligible to apply for the cards.

FBI investigating hacking of Democratic e-mails

The Clinton and Trump campaigns are fighting over whether Russia played a role in the release of thousands of messages.

Thousands rally at DNC to voice disaffection

Many left-wing groups skipped last week’s Republican National Convention and focused instead on the Democrats.

Trump attacking Clinton from the left on support of free-trade pacts

The attacks are an effort to weaken the Democrat’s support among blue-collar voters, particularly in rust belt states.

‘My name is Marty Walsh, and I’m an alcoholic’

The Boston mayor credited organized labor with offering him a second chance to get his life on track.

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Four things to watch during Bernie Sanders’ DNC speech

What Bernie Sanders says on Monday night could set the tone for the entire Democratic National Convention.

Take revolution to ‘next level,’ Rosario Dawson says

The actress told Bernie Sanders supporters “civil disobedience will follow’’ if liberal initiatives are not included in the Democratic Party’s platform.

Warren, Walsh to address convention

The lineup of speakers at the Democratic National Convention on Monday night will feature some of Massachusetts’s political star power.

Liberal dissatisfaction with Hillary Clinton lingers on eve of convention

The vast disagreements within the Democratic coalition have been largely underplayed this year.

Donald Trump says French visitors should face more screening

The candidate said the action is needed to deter attacks by people coming from countries “compromised by terrorism.”

Dismayed by Trump, Bloomberg will endorse Clinton

The former New York mayor will announce his support in a prime-time address at the Democratic convention.

Clinton has trust problem, but convention may be opportunity

Hillary Clinton must strive at her convention to win over middle-of-the-road voters from Ohio to Florida.

Clinton says running mate Kaine is everything GOP ticket isn’t

Hillary Clinton debuted the US senator from Virginia as her ticket partner during a boisterous rally in Miami.

Hillary Clinton’s road to nomination paved with grit

Propelling Clinton was a steely determination that’s been one of her most consistent traits in 25 years of public life.

Cleveland convention bounce uncertain as Trump revisits Cruz feud

Donald Trump, hours after accepting the GOP nomination for president, rehashed old primary race controversies.

For Clinton, Kaine was safe, centrist choice

Hillary Clinton picked Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia to be her running mate.

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Inside the fund-raiser for top VP prospect Tim Kaine

Tim Kaine told both the crowd and individuals privately that he had no idea whether he would be Hillary Clinton’s pick.

House speaker wants NBA All-Star Game in Boston

Just after the NBA announced Thursday that it was pulling its 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, House Speaker Robert DeLeo took to Twitter.

There’s a battle over ownership of Oyster Pond

There’s a strange question on the vineyard: Who owns a beach that has moved?

Trump vows to be a voice for ‘forgotten’ Americans

As he accepted the Republican Party’s nomination, Donald Trump promised a safer nation and declared that he alone holds the solution to middle-class ills.

Baker defends proposing State House lawn easement for developer

Governor Baker said a condo project at 25 Beacon St. would not harm property that was once John Hancock’s.


Sanders to address his delegates ahead of Democratic National Convention

The runner-up for the Democratic presidential nomination is pledging to be a more unifying force at that party’s convention next week than the runner-up for the Republican nomination has been this week.

Tim Kaine’s schedule might provide a clue for Clinton’s VP pick

If the Virginia senator cancels the events, it could mean Hillary Clinton will be picking him to be her running mate.

Ground Game

How Trump could surprise in his RNC speech

After the Republican National Convention’s rough week, Donald Trump has a tough task ahead of him.

Rulings may make voter ID laws in presidential race nonfactors

Federal courts have reined in strict voter ID laws in Texas and Wisconsin, while a legal battle continues to rage over North Carolina’s rules.


Group warns lawmakers not to override Baker budget vetoes

The group says it plans to “highlight every single roll call vote” taken on his spending reductions.

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Forget 2016. At the Republican convention, GOP hopefuls look to 2020.

The gavel had not yet hit the sound block inside the Quicken Loans Arena, but the 2020 Republican race for president was already underway.


Lawmakers pause on anti-boycott bill for Israel

The amendments would have cracked down on companies which participate in boycotts of Israel for its treatment of Palestinians.

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Across from the governor’s home, Pokémon Go

There are several Pokémon Go stops near Governor Charlie Baker’s Swampscott home, and they’ve attracted many players.