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Political Happy Hour: October 21, 2014

Debate day in Mass., N.H., Maine | New ads in Mass. gov race | Elizabeth Warren 2016 watch | The Mass. gov debate, in the Globe 50 years ago today

Scott Brown, Jeanne Shaheen to spar in televised debate

Tonight, in the first live televised debate of the New Hampshire US Senate race general election, Republican challenger Scott Brown and incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen will have a chance to strike and parry, underscore where they stand apart, and work to convince voters that each is best poised to represent the Granite State for the next six years.

Democrats decry late release of investigation of Baker donation

The N.J. review of Charlie Baker’s controversial donation will not be made public until after the election.

campaign notebook

Elizabeth Warren will join Jeanne Shaheen in N.H.

Warren, who unseated Brown two years ago, is set to go after her old nemesis again this weekend.

Nothing like a day at home for president

Throngs of Chicagoans craned their necks and shouted cheers during Obama’s brief trip home.

In William Galvin’s contracts, little public process

The secretary of state’s office has awarded state contracts over 10 years to a firm that worked on his reelection campaigns.

Mental health record may be predictor for Charlie Baker

Baker’s strategy with the state’s mental health system in 1991 may be a window into how he might handle costly issues as governor.

City Council raises also may boost pensions

A pay increase would increase Councilor Charles C. Yancey’s pension by at least $16,000 a year if he remained in office through 2018.

Edward Snowden interviewed at Harvard by Lawrence Lessig

Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig interviewed the American intelligence contractor and NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden via satellite, or, more specifically, via Google Hangout, Monday afternoon inside the Ames Courtroom at Harvard Law School.Snowden, who has been called a traitor by a number of senior government officials, leaked secret NSA documents in 2013 about the agency’s global surveillance program to journalists from The Guardian and The Washington Post. He is now in Russia evading charges of theft of government property and for violating the Espionage Act.The discussion, dubbed “Institutional corruption and the NSA,” covered many topics related to politics and policy, privacy, and the public’s right to knowledge deemed secret by government agencies.

Amid Ebola worry, nomination for surgeon general languishes

Politicians in both parties oppose the appointment of Dr. Vivek Murthy, a physician at Brigham and Women’s hospital.

Political Happy Hour: October 20, 2014

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Martha Coakley, pro-Baker super PAC both release new ads

Coakley’s ad frames her as fighter for everyday people and describes her rival, Charlie Baker, as a typical Republican. Meanwhile, a pro-Baker PAC released a new spot lauding him.

Baker, Coakley meet with Black Ministerial Alliance

Gubernatorial hopefuls Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker are both working to strengthen their support in communities of color.

Warren to campaign for Shaheen in tight N.H. race

Senator Elizabeth Warren is set to go after old nemesis Scott Brown this weekend.

Liberals in Iowa making presidential push for Warren

Mass. Senator Elizabeth Warren campaigned in the state for Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley.

Back on campaign trail, Obama hits at GOP

President Obama rallied voters for Democrat Anthony Brown’s campaign for governor in a heavily black corner of Maryland Sunday.

Midterm immigration ads may hurt GOP in 2016

Some worry the midterm rhetoric could complicate the party’s efforts to remold its image to Hispanic voters.

Edward Markey trying to climb ladder in the Senate

Questions over Markey’s effectiveness have become a central issue as his brief term ends and he seeks reelection in November.

Coakley, Baker rally supporters as election looms

With polls showing a neck-and-neck race, the gubernatorial candidates are marshaling their networks for Nov. 4.

Betting on Fung’s chances in R.I., Chris Christie joins in gubernatorial bid

The New Jersey governor said he wouldn’t aim resources at what he calls landslides or lost causes.

John F. Bok, 84; helped preserve Boston’s history, shape development

Mr. Bok used his background as a lawyer to help shape Boston in a variety of ways.

Economy key in N.H. governor’s race

Both candidates for governor are using facts about the state’s economic health to woo voters who say it is one of their biggest issues.

Teachers union still backs Coakley despite anger over charter school comments

The president of the Massachusetts Teachers Association, Barbara Madeloni, said Sunday Attorney General Martha Coakley still has the full support and gubernatorial endorsement of the powerful educators’ union and the group is “absolutely not” considering pulling or lessening its backing of Coakley.

In humorous new ad, GOP candidate for treasurer has family as commercial’s crew

Mike Heffernan, the Republican candidate for state treasurer, an office the vast majority of Massachusetts voters probably don’t know much about is poised to launch a light-hearted television advertisement Monday, with his family, the ad’s “crew,” extolling the highlights of his resume.

Fidelity fought Washington over money market funds — and won

A furious lobbying campaign diluted SEC rules crafted after the 2008 financial collapse.

Supreme Court OKs Texas voter ID law

It was the fourth time in recent weeks that the Supreme Court has been called on to decide whether such laws could be used in next month’s midterms.

In black vote, Democrats see lifeline for midterms

There’s an urgent imperative for the party: To keep Republicans from taking control of the Senate, Democrats need black voters in at least four key states.

Obama’s under-used credit card declined in NY cafe

When his credit card was declined last month, President Obama wondered if he was a victim of identity theft.

Hillary Clinton to stump for Martha Coakley in Boston

The former Secretary of State will appear at a campaign rally at the Park Plaza Hotel in downtown Boston Oct. 24.

GOP criticizes Washington insider as ‘Ebola czar’ choice

The president’s choice to lead the nation’s response has no medical experience, known instead as a political crisis manager.

Confident in Moulton against Tisei, Democrats pull ad dollars

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee plans to cancel $430,000 in Sixth District advertising.

She’s the iron woman of Massachusetts’ political canvassers

Kate Donaghue canvassed 45 consecutive days for Warren in 2012, 53 for Markey in 2013, and is knocking on doors every day this fall.

Fan delays Florida debate, mocking circulates online

The Vornado Air Circulator delayed Governor Rick Scott from taking the stage for seven minutes, in protest of an apparent rule violation.

GOP’s Gillespie ditches ads in Senate race in Va.

Ed Gillespie’s limited budget was on display this week when his campaign started ditching reservations for TV ads across the state.

Biden’s son ‘embarrassed’ after Navy discharge due to drug use

The vice president’s younger son failed a drug test, testing positive for cocaine, and was discharged from the Navy Reserve.

Bill Clinton visits Worcester, boosts Martha Coakley

Former President Bill Clinton cast the Massachusetts governor’s race as a fight between a populist Martha Coakley and an out-of-touch Charlie Baker at a campaign rally Thursday afternoon.

Patrick’s legacy shows dents

As the candidates running for governor try to match his electoral success, Deval Patrick gets mixed reviews from voters.

GOP candidates outraise Democrats this month

The Republicans raised a combined $787,000, compared to the Democrats’ $648,000.

Bill Clinton gives Martha Coakley a boost in Worcester visit

The former president cast the governor’s race as a fight between a populist Martha Coakley and an out-of-touch Charlie Baker.

Obama authorizes National Guard, reserve call-up for Ebola response

President Obama authorized the call-up of troops if needed to assist in the response to the outbreak in West Africa.

Political Happy Hour: October 16, 2014

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White House will publicly display the ‘Armenian Orphan Rug’

Display of the rug has been an emotionally and politically important issue for many in the Armenian community.

Seth Moulton raises big, but Richard Tisei has more in bank

Moulton, an Iraq War veteran seen as a rising star in the Democratic Party, raised a whopping $602,000 from Aug. 21 - Sept. 30.

Florida governor stalls start of debate over rival’s fan

Rick Scott’s efforts to turn Charlie Crist’s fan into a debate-night advantage disrupted the start of their second TV debate.

Baker hits Coakley for lawsuit that aided key donor

Coakley, in response, ripped Baker for refusing to take a stance on the lawsuit, charging that it amounted to backing “Wall Street banks.”

Struggle and sparkle on the Menino book tour

The newly published author looked out at a room of people eager to hear tales from his 20-year run as a big city mayor.

New Hampshire has become a land of political ads

Largely because of the competitive US Senate race, the state has become the capital of political ads on TV.

Obama halts trip to deal with Ebola

Barack Obama’s plans to go all out for Democrats in the final weeks of the midterms were interrupted by the Ebola crisis.

campaign notebook

Campaign notebook

Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to attend two fund-raisers in Boston later this month.

Obama pledges a ‘more aggressive’ response to Ebola

President Obama warned Ebola could spread around the world because of the ease of travel.

Former AG Tom Reilly, a Coakley supporter, defends Baker on ‘outsourcing’

Reilly said he worked with Charlie Baker when Baker was head of Harvard Pilgrim and the company was in receivership.

Biden to return to Boston for Martha Coakley

Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to attend two fundraisers in Boston later this month.

Political Happy Hour: October 15, 2014

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Romney stumps for Brown in New Hampshire

The former Massachusetts governor said Senator Jeanne Shaheen was a lockstep supporter of President Obama.

Obama says Ebola response must be ‘much more aggressive’

President Obama abruptly canceled a planned campaign trip Wednesday to discuss the response with Cabinet officials.

Super PAC goes after Charlie Baker on gun control

A Democratic-aligned super PAC is opening up a new line of attack against the GOP gubernatorial nominee.

Today is the last day to register to vote in state elections

It’s the last day residents can register to vote in the Nov. 4 state elections, officials said.

Minority law enforcement groups endorse Charlie Baker

Leaders of several minority groups, including organizations that represent black and Latino police and firefighters, backed Baker’s gubernatorial bid.

Gubernatorial candidates debate immigration, without Baker

The candidates said they favor broader access to public colleges, adult English classes, and business opportunities for immigrants.

Baker to propose initiatives aimed at alleviating urban woes

The series of initiatives center on education, economic development, affordable housing, incarceration, and public safety.

Baker knocked by Coakley for winning outsourcing award

Martha Coakley’s campaign circulated a photo of Republican Charlie Baker, in a tuxedo, receiving an “Outsourcing Excellence Award.”

Mass. lieutenant governor hopefuls labor in obscurity

Karyn Polito and Steve Kerrigan are trying to make an impression — any impression — on voters.

Ex-prosecutors say Cianci hasn’t changed

Three former US attorneys in Rhode Island are calling a third Buddy Cianci administration an ‘‘alarming prospect.’

Obama to delay nominating a new AG

Senate Democrats have asked Obama to wait so controversy doesn’t arise over whether they will support a specific nominee.

Democrats’ hopes for gains in House fading fast

Since last week, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has essentially given up efforts to unseat Republicans in several races.

Baker, Coakley urge state to reconsider charter school decision

Attorney General Martha Coakley, who infrequently criticizes fellow Democrat Governor Deval Patrick, and Republican Charlie Baker used the same language in urging the Department of Education to “reconsider” its decision to block proposed charter schools in Brockton and Fitchburg after officials uncovered a procedural error.

POLITICAL HAPPY HOUR: October 14, 2014

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GOP-aligned super PAC TV ad attacks Martha Coakley

The super PAC has already spent millions of dollars on the Mass. gubernatorial race.

Ann Romney backs Mitt’s denial of running for president

Romney has added a new retort to questions about her husband running for president a third time.

N.H. lawmaker calls congresswoman ‘ugly as sin’

Republican Steve Vaillancourt also compared US Rep. Annie Kuster to a drag queen in a blog post last week.

GOP lawmaker in N.H. calls congresswoman ‘ugly’

The state lawmaker called a Democratic congresswoman ‘‘ugly’’ and said the GOP opponent in her reelection race is one of the most attractive women in politics.

Warren criticizes Obama record on helping families, jobless

Senator Elizabeth Warren has made one of her sharper critiques of the Obama administration.

Unions rally to support Conn. Governor Dannel P. Malloy

Organized labor is devoting millions of dollars and countless man-hours to reelect the Democrat.

GOP-aligned group uses spelling bee ad to attack Jeanne Shaheen

The ad features a spelling bee as it associates Jeanne Shaheen with President Obama.

Gloom in West Virginia coal region ominous for Democrats

An economic populism message failing to resonate there could cost Democrats control of the Senate.