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Senate voting on Obama’s request to aid Syrian rebels

Senate leaders say Obama’s call for congressional backing to train and arm Syrian rebels is expected to pass handily.

Proud Irish villages prepare grand welcome for Mayor Walsh

Martin Walsh will return to Ireland Friday for his first visit since being elected mayor of Boston.

State, city wary of Boston City Council pay hike

The proposal is running into roadblocks with the State Ethics Commission and the administration of Mayor Walsh.

Leadership changes announced at Sex Offender Registry Board

In an abrupt move, the state shook up the top leadership of the board Wednesday.

Scott Brown receives Christie’s backing in N.H.

Chris Christie offered effusive praise for the US Senate candidate while in New Hampshire on Wednesday.

Kerry vows better treatment for families of hostages

The family of an American hostage killed by Islamic militants said the US government offered little active support.

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Evan Horowitz

Voters can make the Everett casino disappear

Before Steve Wynn can break ground in Everett he’ll have to convince Mass. voters to support him.

Charlie Baker offers plan for job creation in Mass.

The Martha Coakley campaign responded to Baker’s proposals by declaring, “Charlie Baker’s math just doesn’t add up.”

Obama reaffirms opposition to combat in Iraq

The president says the fight against the Islamic State group cannot be America’s alone and will require a coalition.

House panel: Safety agency mishandled GM recall

The committee found that many of the bureaucratic mistakes that plagued GM are also problems at the highway safety agency.

Martha Coakley tries to close cash gap

Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker has a nearly 11-to-1 cash advantage over Democratic rival Martha Coakley.

Kansas judges question why Democrat kept on ballot

Several Kansas Supreme Court justices expressed skepticism about a Republican official’s decision to keep the Democratic nominee for the Senate on the ballot against his wishes.

Obama issues Ebola challenge

President Barack Obama on Tuesday challenged world powers to ramp up the global response to the Ebola outbreak.

Mailings targeting Mass. House Democrats cause a stir

A conservative advocacy group is creating headaches for many incumbent House lawmakers.

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If ISIS strategy fails, Dempsey says US ground troops possible

Army General Martin Dempsey and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel faced multiple questions during a Senate hearing.

Ebola outbreak ‘spiraling out of control,’ Obama says

The Obama administration is ramping up its response to West Africa’s Ebola crisis.

US to assign 3,000 military members to fight Ebola

The service members will go to the afflicted region and supply medical and logistical support.

Soldiers of past lauded by Obama for valor

President Obama praised the soldiers as patriots whose sacrifices had never been fully realized by a nation divided over the legacy of the Vietnam War.

GOP blocks women’s bill, Democrats see campaign fodder

It was a vote Democrats knew they would lose but scheduled in hopes of attracting support from female voters in November’s elections.

Statehood hearing for D.C. unlikely to spur change

Congress is dusting off the notion of statehood for the District of Columbia for the first time in 21 years.

N.J. reported to sell investment

The New Jersey State Investment Council is said to have sold its stake in an investment fund managed by a firm where Charlie Baker was listed as a partner.

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Vietnam soldiers receive Medal of Honor

President Obama bestowed the Medal of Honor on two soldiers nearly half a century after they fought in Vietnam.

Cardinal O’Malley, 3 other bishops back effort to repeal casino law

A statement from the bishops said “expanded gaming in the Commonwealth opens the door to a new form of predatory gaming.”

Martha Coakley launches new TV ad

A new campaign ad from Martha Coakley emphasizes her “plan to build an economy that works for everyone.”

Scott Brown, Jeanne Shaheen tied in new N.H. Senate poll

A challenger who only moved to the state last year. A well-liked incumbent senator. A tied race. What gives?

Linehan proposes 29% raise for City Council

City Council President Bill Linhan filed an order that would increase councilors’ annual salaries to $112,500.

Double Shot

At a White House rich in coffee lore, no word on president’s preference

It turns out that the Obama White House makes it nearly impossible to find the source of its coffee and how it is prepared.

Baker, Coakley steer clear of far-reaching tax talk

Gubernatorial candidates Charlie Baker and Martha Coakley are treading cautiously when it comes to the charged issue.

Cameron Kerry, former top US Commerce official, joins Sidley Austin law firm, will expand Boston office

Cameron F. Kerry is joining Sidley Austin LLP as senior counsel in its privacy, data security, and information law practice.

Many yet to be persuaded in Mass. governor’s race

Voters who passed on Charlie Baker and Martha Coakley in 2010 will now have to make up their minds.

Shea-Porter, Guinta gear up for battle No. 3

Carol Shea-Porter and Frank Guinta are the candidates in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District for the third straight time.

Hillary Clinton in Iowa stirs 2016 speculation

Hillary Rodham Clinton implored Democrats on Sunday to choose shared economic opportunity over ‘‘the guardians of gridlock’’ in a high-profile appearance.

Baker, Coakley ramp up governor’s race

In campaign stops Sunday, the top gubernatorial contenders underscored how they stand apart.

An enduring mystery: What coffee is served at the White House? My mug is empty

A recipe for beer brewed by the White House? The Obama administration happily shares it. A list of wines served at state dinners? No problem. But what about the First Family’s coffee habits? My mug is empty. Security concerns are initially cited. Then emails begin to go unreturned. Caffeine consumption in the West Wing has, apparently, become a state secret. For an administration that loves to talk about the importance of local food – especially when it comes from the celebrated White House vegetable garden – it turns out that the Obama White House makes it nearly impossible to find the source of its coffee and how it is prepared.

Q&A: Gubernatorial candidates outline their tax policies

The five contenders for governor describe how they would treat taxes if they were elected.

Digital classroom tools raise privacy concerns

Many of the nation’s schools lack restrictions on the student data amassed by education technology companies.


Local voters backed Grossman, Baker

Brookline Democratic voters bucked some statewide trends in Tuesday’s election.

Sarah Palin’s family reportedly involved in brawl

What began as a birthday party turned into a fight with Palin’s family in the center of it, according to witnesses.

Hillary Clinton back in Iowa for 1st time since 2008

Clinton is still trailed by criticisms about her last campaign here six years ago.

Charlie Baker, Martha Coakley try to win over disaffected Democrats

The GOP’s Baker is trying to secure backing from Democrats who have shied away from the party’s gubernatorial nominee.

Three Democratic incumbents in R.I. General Assembly lose primaries

Three incumbent Democratic lawmakers lost their primaries in a year that is unlikely to bring much overall change to the makeup of Rhode Island’s General Assembly.

Seth Moulton picks up endorsements, hits the trail in US House race

Gov. Patrick and Salem’s mayor gave their support to the Democrat who ousted longtime Rep. John Tierney in Tuesday’s primary.

Former rivals Coakley, Capuano share public embrace

Martha Coakley’s campaign sought to smooth over the appearance of a rift between her and US Representative Michael Capuano.

Charlie Baker tours Quincy, meets Democratic mayor

The GOP gubernatorial nominee is looking to peel away support from his opponent Martha Coakley.

Ohio’s curbs on campaign speech voided

A federal judge on Friday struck down a law barring people from knowingly or recklessly making false statements about candidates.

House, Senate weigh bills that are going nowhere

In the logic that prevails during the weeks before crucial congressional elections, they want everyone to know about that futility.

Hefty raises could be in line for City Council

A proposal by the council president could boost members’ annual salaries by more than $20,000.

Martha Coakley’s running mate is dialed in

Steve Kerrigan’s political connections reach across Massachusetts and beyond, and they could be useful on Election Day.

Party leaders support call to train, equip Syrian rebels

Congressional Republicans and Democrats coalesced Thursday behind President Obama’s plan to fight ISIS.

Shirley Leung

The good, the bad, the ugly of political ads

Consider this a cry for more creativity as the political season kicks into high gear.

Rand Paul tests N.H. presidential waters

Not that he has decided to run in 2016, but the swirl of speculation boosts the buzz.

Former Big Dig chief pleads guilty to tax crimes

James Kerasiotes could face up to a year in prison on charges of filing false tax returns.

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Republicans, Democrats coalesce behind Obama’s ISIS plan

Congressional leaders from both parties said they expected President Obama to receive the votes he needs.

Seth Moulton win forces Richard Tisei to run as insider

In the Sixth Congressional District race, Moulton is painting the GOP nominee as a creature of Beacon Hill, a twist on the usual script.

Gubernatorial campaigns put strategies in motion

The moves provided the first inkling of what is to come in a tight general election battle.

Security contractor to lose screening work after hack

USIS was targeted last month by a cyberattack, which compromised the personal files of as many as 25,000 government workers.

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Brown, Shaheen general election campaigns get underway early

Scott Brown faced hostile questions at an early morning campaign stop, some from people allied with Democrats.

City Council approves Landsmark for BRA board

Theodore Landsmark’s nomination had been put on hold after its was revealed that he was ousted from his job as president of a local college.

Democrats stand together at ‘Unity Breakfast,’ take aim at Baker

Primary winners and losers stood shoulder to shoulder in a ritual of forced smiles and strained compliments.

ISIS ‘will find no safe haven,’ Obama says

President Obama ordered airstrikes in Syria and nearly 500 more US troops to the region in a widened campaign against the extremist group.

Mayor Walsh, Maura Healey meet at Savin Hill diner

The Democratic AG nominee trounced the mayor’s candidate by more than 10 points in Boston in the primary.

Charlie Baker launches first TV ad of general election

The GOP gubernatorial nominee’s first TV ad in his race against Martha Coakley portrays Baker as a moderate family man.

Marian Ryan retains seat as Middlesex DA

Ryan held on to her seat despite a grueling campaign marked by questions about her management style and her handling of the Jared Remy case.


Coakley, Baker hope to rebound from subpar 2010

The deepest scars both Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker carry into the final election are of 2010 vintage, rather than freshly inflicted.

Moulton upends Tierney, sets sights on GOP’s Tisei

Seth Moulton became the first Massachusetts Democrat in 22 years to oust a sitting congressman from his own party.

Makeover plan at Faneuil Hall Marketplace

The overhaul would create a new boutique hotel and shake up a shopping experience that has changed little since the 1970s.

R.I. Democrats pick Raimondo for governor

General Treasurer Gina Raimondo won the Democratic nomination for governor on Tuesday after a hard-fought and expensive race.

Video gallery

Videos about Mass. primary elections

Several races featured contests that drew attention.

For governor, it’s Coakley vs. Baker

Martha Coakley will face a grinding race against Republican nominee Charlie Baker ahead of November’s election.

Healey defeats Tolman in Democratic AG primary

The victory puts Maura Healey in a strong position to become the first openly gay attorney general in the country.