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In N.H., Democrats fight to get out of Clinton’s shadow

As Hillary Clinton completed her much-publicized second trip to N.H., her likely Democratic rivals are still fighting to be known.

Biden tells Navy graduates of role in Asia

The vice president told Naval Academy graduates that American foreign policy is rebalancing toward the Asia-Pacific region.

Bipartisan Senate passes trade bill sought by Obama

The vote was 62 to 37 to give the president authority to complete trade deals that Congress could approve or reject, but not change.

Clinton received sensitive e-mails on private account

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton received information on her private e-mail account about the deadly attack on US diplomatic facilities in Benghazi that was later classified “secret.”

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Benghazi issue follows Clinton to N.H.

“I’m glad that the e-mails are starting to come out,” Clinton said. “It is something that I’ve asked to be done, as you know, for a long time.”

SJC asked to settle tax tiff

The House asked the state’s top court to weigh in on the Senate’s budget, which could help determine how much residents pay.

Primary Memories

While Jimmy Carter slept

When the Democrat ran for president, he bunked in the homes of his New Hampshire supporters.

US talks with Cuba are extended

The US and Cuban negotiators meeting could not reach an accord on re-establishing long-fractured diplomatic ties.

A whole new world of campaign tech

Digital in 2016 will be faster, more intense, and more mobile than it was in 2008, and that has repercussions for how campaigns will unfold.

Obama Pacific trade plan clears key hurdle in Senate

Republicans and a small band of Democrats rescued President Obama’s trade agenda from the brink of failure Thursday.

Special education advocate scores funding victory — for now

For four decades, Jim Major has been an advocate for Chapter 766 schools that provide private special education.

Political intelligence

Drug abuse could be sleeper issue in 2016

There is a drumbeat growing in both parties that could move the highly personal, painful matter of drug addiction to the national agenda.

Good week, bad week

Brian Herr was elected to the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen, while campaign finance questions caught up to Frank Guinta.

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See how many first-in-the-nation shticks you can recall.

State Senate passes $38.1 billion budget

The Senate embraced Governor Charlie Baker’s view that the state must increase spending at a lower rate to cope with a deficit.


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Obama’s trade bill clears key Senate hurdle

The bill advanced toward passage despite the strong opposition of most Democrats, including Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Mayor Walsh, Boston expand scope of gambling suit

The city says the gaming board violated the law and its own rules to make sure Wynn won the Boston-area casino license.

DeLeo supports Baker on MBTA reform

The Democratic House speaker backed the Republican governor’s proposal for a “fiscal and management control board.”

Nancy Pelosi balances Obama, constituents’ wants on trade deal

It remains to be seen if Pelosi will help get the trade bill passed.

House panel reportedly subpoenas Hillary Clinton confidant

The panel, headed by a Republican, has a number of questions for Sidney Blumenthal.

La. governor gives legal protection to gay marriage opponents

Bobby Jindal’s executive order would protect people and businesses that do not want to participate in same-sex marriage.

N.H. Republicans slow to rally around Jeb Bush

If Bush was counting on his famous family’s legacy in New Hampshire to help him, he has to be disappointed.

DeLeo backs fiscal control board for MBTA

The move gives Governor Charlie Baker a crucial ally in his fight to keep the central element of his T reform plan in play.

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Ted Cruz to campaign in Andover

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz will make his first swing through Massachusetts at the end of the month.

Baker names new state comptroller

Thomas G. Shack III had previously served as deputy comptroller and chief financial and operating officer..

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Time capsule will return to State House in June

On June 17 a group of Masons and elected officials will participate in the placement of the time capsule beneath the cornerstone.

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Presidential hopefuls back away from Frank Guinta

The GOP representative was in demand until last week, when he acknowledged he broke campaign finance laws.

Evan Horowitz | Quick Study

How Charlie Baker took control of Beacon Hill

The governor hasn’t won every political battle with the State House — but so far, he’s fought them on his own terms.

Obama frames climate change as national security threat

The president said climate change threatens to aggravate poverty and political instability around the globe and jeopardize the readiness of US forces.

N.H. voters take lack of access to Clinton personally

Hillary Clinton’s events so far have included forums in which the organizers determined who would attend.

Judge orders rolling release of Clinton’s State Department e-mail

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s State Department e-mails must be released on a rolling basis instead of a mass release in January.

Martha Coakley joins Boston law firm Foley Hoag

She will focus on white collar crime, regulatory and defense work with companies whose industries are scrutinized by governments.

Business groups lobby in favor of Baker’s MBTA plan

A collection of business groups and elected officials billing themselves as the Coalition for World Class Public Transit System will launch an online petition backing Governor Charlie Baker’s plan to overhaul the MBTA.

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Senate votes to increase state’s earned income tax credit

Proponents said the move would effectively shift the benefit of state tax cuts from the wealthy to working families.

Critics fault key findings in Baker panel MBTA report

Worker absenteeism appears to be overstated and a charge that funds went unspent omits important context, an analysis found.

Obama limits military-style equipment for police forces

The ban is part of Obama’s push to ease tensions between law enforcement and minority communities.

War powers push by Obama stalls

A move to write new war powers to authorize the Obama administration’s 9-month-old battle against Islamic State militants has stalled in Congress.

Obama joins Twitter age, sends first message

President Obama is embracing short-form communication. Twitter has a new @POTUS account.

Graham signals run for president

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said Monday that he would be the best choice to serve as commander in chief amid continued unrest in the Middle East.

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Stuffed ‘Bernie Bear’ sells for $80 with hair included

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company has created a teddy bear in US Senator Bernie Sanders’ likeness -- including his hair.

Frank Guinta faces increased pressure to resign

Top GOP leaders in New Hampshire want Guinta to leave Congress after he admitted to breaking campaign finance laws.

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Jane Swift swings by State House

The former acting governor made a brief visit to her old stomping ground last week during her daughter’s field trip.

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Baker urges passage of MBTA overhaul legislation

Governor Baker called on legislators to act after meeting with commuters who complained about the T’s service during the winter.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham to announce 2016 plans

Graham all but confirmed that he will run for the 2016 Republican nomination, saying he believes he’d be the best commander in chief.

Obama bans some military-style gear given to police

The president is also putting stricter controls on other weapons and equipment distributed to law enforcement.

GOP candidates call for more robust global role for US

However, the candidates ran the gamut in tone and on how tough to get with America’s enemies during a Saturday dinner.

To presidential hopefuls, Iraq war a mistake

A dozen years later, American politics has reached a rough consensus about the Iraq war: It was a mistake.

Sanders to introduce bill to make college tuition-free

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders will introduce legislation on Tuesday to make college tuition-free in the US.

Jacksonville mayoral race draws national interest

Tthe state’s largest city will be a key to winning Florida in 2016, and having an ally in the mayor’s office can only help.

Hillary Clinton campaign looks at role of former president

In a presidential race that could include two dozen candidates, none has a spouse like Bill Clinton.

House defies Obama veto threat, passes defense spending bill

Democrats say the bill breaks budget limits and makes it harder to close the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay.

Clintons to report making $25m for speeches since Jan. ’14

Hillary Rodham Clinton and former president Bill Clinton earned more than $25 million in speaking fees since January 2014.

With support ebbing, N.H. rep. Frank Guinta faces unsettled future

Granite State Republicans are staying quiet after it was made clear Guinta violated a federal campaign fundraising law.

Elizabeth Warren’s rise comes at expense of Obama

The Mass. senator has also avoided, so far, being typecast as a fringe liberal, the Ted Cruz of the left.

Elizabeth Warren’s carefully choreographed challenges to White House help her avoid ‘fringe’ label

Elizabeth Warren has garnered enormous influence for a freshman senator in the minority party, and she has proven adept at wielding it to pull Senate Democrats to the left of the White House. All the while she’s avoided, so far, being typecast as a fringe liberal.

Former Va. senator Jim Webb talks record on rare N.H. trip

Webb met Friday with business leaders on a visit designed to gauge backing for his potential presidential bid.

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Baker, Polito continue T overhaul push

The push comes just days after Senate leaders moved to water down the Baker administration’s plan.

House passes defense policy bill opposed by Obama

Democrats worry that the measure opens the door to sharp cuts in domestic spending later this year.

Obama memorializes blues legend B.B. King

The president says there’s “going to be one killer blues session in heaven tonight.”

Meet Mr. Marijuana, Dick Evans

For more than 30 years, Evans has pushed for the legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts. His moment may have arrived.

Apparent violation missed in senator’s home expansion

The apparent height violation was made more visually jarring by a last-minute redesign approved weeks after a public hearing.

Martin O’Malley Said to Schedule May 30 Announcement on Political Plans

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley will make an announcement about his political plans on May 30 in Baltimore. 

Wisconsin’s Feingold to run for US Senate

Russ Feingold announced Thursday he will run to reclaim the Wisconsin U.S. Senate seat he lost five years ago.

N.H. considers limiting same-day voter registration

The legislation under consideration could impact the first-in-the-nation primary, where a large GOP field means every vote is precious.

primary memories

The Kerry campaign’s lonely flight in New Hampshire

One of his top aides was charged with running a small airport when his candidate, John Kerry, was behind schedule.

Secretly, your license plate is photographed. Then what?

Lawmakers are looking to enact the state’s first law to limit how data collected by license plate readers can be used, and how long it can be kept.


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House project chronology

A chronology of events in the dispute over the addition to state Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz’s Jamaica Plain house.