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Cruz desperately trying to wrestle Indiana from Trump

A new poll shows the New York businessman leading the Texas senator by 15 points in Indiana.

Sanders’ fund-raising plunges by more than 40%

Bernie Sanders raised $25.8 million in April.

Baker expands fund-raising operation

Governor Charlie Baker is encouraging more contributions from special-interest political action committees.

Go-it-alone fund-raising might limit Donald Trump in fall

Could the mogul come up with the $1 billion or more that is generally needed to run for the White House?

Trump dominates Mass. GOP caucuses

Trump virtually assured himself support from most state delegates at the GOP convention in July.

Senate candidate paid relative $170K for past campaign work

The Senate candidate who has railed against out-of-control government spending.

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Healey weighs in on N.C. AG race

Attorney General Maura Healey is hosting a fundraiser for the Democratic candidate for attorney general in North Carolina. Here’s why.

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‘West Wing’ press secretary makes real-life White House appearance

Actress Allison Janney reprised her C.J. Cregg role in the Press Briefing Room to deliver a message about opioid abuse.

Controversial transgender bill headed for vote in House, Senate

The state Legislature is expected to pass the measure, but Governor Charlie Baker has not taken a position on the bill.

Many see a misdeal in ‘woman’s card’ remark

Donald Trump’s accusation that Hillary Clinton was playing the “woman’s card” created instant outrage.

Superdelegates facing venom from Sanders supporters

Nancy Schumacher says she just wanted to do her civic duty. But in the year of the angry voter, not even an administrative assistant from Elk River, Minn., can escape the outrage.

Rubio, Bush big donors shun Cruz and Kasich

It seems like a logical pairing: Republican donors who despise Donald Trump, and two GOP presidential rivals sticking it out to keep him from the nomination.

Former Speaker Boehner calls Cruz ‘Lucifer in the flesh’

Boehner unloaded on Cruz, saying, “I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

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For women, a disappointing election season

If Hillary Clinton were playing the woman’s card the way Donald Trump thinks she is, this election would be very different.

Elizabeth Warren slams Trump after ‘woman card’ comment

Is Donald Trump sexist? “That’s like asking if he has bad hair,” the US senator from Mass. quipped in a Globe interview.

Opponents call cage-free egg ballot question rotten

A dispute over a ballot question that would mandate all eggs sold in Mass. be from cage-free hens is headed to the state’s highest court.


Indiana is not the solid red state everyone thinks it is

GOP presidential campaigns will quickly learn that Indiana politics are more complicated than they may appear.

Biden cites ‘serious’ progress toward defeating Islamic State in Iraq

The vice president, arriving in Baghdad after a secret flight, also said the Iraqis were working hard to end a crippling political crisis.

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In state Senate race, a fund-raising complication

Candidates in a special election may run again this fall — with restrictions on their financial donors.

Biden arrives in Iraq to try to help settle political crisis

The vice president will try to help Iraqi leaders resolve a political crisis that has hindered efforts to defeat the Islamic State group.


Why the Carly Fiorina pick makes less sense than Sarah Palin

Ted Cruz, like John McCain with Sarah Palin, was looking for a game-changing moment when he selected Carly Fiorina as his running mate. This wasn’t it.

Ted Cruz found kindred spirits at Harvard’s Federalist Society

The Federalist Society and its network of influential members has been a source of ideological support for Cruz.

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Trump, laying out foreign policy, promises coherence

Trump, fresh from a string of resounding primary victories in Eastern states, promised a foreign policy that would put “America first.”

Mass. may raise tobacco age to 21 from 18

The state Senate is poised to pass the bill, which would catapult Mass. to the forefront of national efforts against underage smoking.

Ted Cruz, seeking survival, names Carly Fiorina as VP pick

The senator’s surprise move signaled a desperation to revive his campaign in Indiana.

Senate Democrats’ unusually active role in primaries seems to be working

Democrats have endorsed candidates in nearly every contested primary so far, and in one case, they spent more than $1 million to push the chosen candidate to victory.

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Sanders to cut hundreds of campaign staffers

Bernie Sanders plans to focus much of his remaining effort on winning California, he said Wednesday.

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Baker, Christie swap meet continues

The Massachusetts GOP just hired an official from Chris Christie’s ill-fated presidential campaign. Governor Charlie Baker hired her husband.

Mass. superintendents oppose marijuana legalization

The educators said they are worried legalizing marijuana for adults will make it easier for kids to gain access to the drug.

Trump’s crushing wins put him in a commanding role

Donald Trump called on his opponents to drop out of the race, saying neither has a pathway to the Republican nomination.

With near shutout, Clinton edges closer to the nomination

Hillary Clinton gained a firm grip on the mantle of presumptive presidential nominee for the Democrats.

Social issues to return to the forefront on GOP trail

It’s the first time such issues as abortion, gay marriage, and transgender rights could take center stage since March.

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Trump sweeps races, Clinton picks up 4 wins

Trump’s and Clinton’s wins propelled them ever closer to a general election showdown.

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Katherine Clark to headline Boston fund-raiser with Nancy Pelosi

The Melrose Democrat has quickly ascended the leadership ranks in Washington.

Judge upholds new voting law in N.C.

The voting law, passed by North Carolina’s legislature in 2013, is among the strictest in the country.

Trump accuses ‘desperate’ rivals of collusion

Ted Cruz and John Kasich defended their alliance as the party’s last, best chance to stop him.

Bernie Sanders is in it until the end, aide says

Sanders’ campaign chief said that the senator will stay in the Democratic race until the convention.

Lawmaker lays out risky strategy for defense budget increases

Representative Mac Thornberry wants to appropriate billions of dollars to halt a combat readiness problem.

Millennials don’t like socialism or capitalism, poll says

Overall, the generation struggling with student debt and an uneven economy had a dire outlook about the country.

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Democratic primary focuses attention on Sandy Hook

The recent focus on gun control has brought with it some raw emotions and sad memories.

Republican activist says Hillary Clinton might be best option

Charles Koch, however, stopped short of saying he would support the former secretary of state.

Bernie Sanders draws 7,000 to Rhode Island rally

Sanders barely mentioned Hillary Clinton during a rally that drew thousands to the grassy fields of Roger Williams Park.

Presidential frenzy drops in on Rhode Island

On Saturday afternoon, Hillary Clinton visited Central Falls, the smallest community in the nation’s smallest state.

GOP elite warms to once-unthinkable Trump nomination

Leaders feel efforts to sabotage Donald Trump’s campaign could be bad for the party.

College students dig deep to donate to candidates

Students spend money on all sorts of things: textbooks, tuition, pizza, beer. Now add campaign donations to that list.