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Governor, Senate leader differ over potential for success of probe into alleged sexual assaults

The governor said he is worried by reports that people who wish to tell their story are skittish to do so because they fear their identities will be revealed.

Public is upbeat on economy and critical of Trump, poll says

Americans are feeling the best about the economy in two decades, according to the ABC-Washington Post poll released Sunday.

What are the lawmakers in D.C. fighting about?

A look at what the parties are fighting over and what some of the effects of the shutdown are likely to be.

One year later, thousands gather for second Boston women’s march

In the Boston area and across the country, demonstrators marched in support of women’s rights and other issues.

With shutdown looming, Baker anticipates minimal Mass. disruption

“If this is a short shutdown, I don’t believe there will be much disruption of any kind,” Baker told reporters.

Trump denies changing his position on border wall

President Trump directly contradicted his chief of staff on Thursday and said his position on building a wall between the United States and Mexico had not “evolved.”

Trump hotel reviews now flooded with a certain expletive on Yelp

Trump hotel reviews now flooded with a certain expletive on Yelp

Trump’s exam shows serious heart concerns, doctors outside the White House say

Cardiologists not associated with the White House said Wednesday that President Trump’s physical exam revealed serious heart concerns.

How a defiant Chelsea Manning could upend the race for US Senate in Maryland

In her first utterances as a US Senate candidate, Chelsea Manning declared war on establishment politicians.

Ex-senator Bob Dole shares stage with Trump as he receives Congressional Gold Medal

Bob Dole knew the art of the deal before Donald Trump published the 1987 book of the same name.

Trump is ending his first year with the lowest average approval rating of any elected president

Donald Trump is wrapping up a year in office with the lowest average first-year approval rating of any elected president.

Romney declines to say whether he’d run for Utah Senate seat

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney declined to say Tuesday whether he would run for the Utah Senate seat being vacated by Republican Orrin Hatch, telling reporters the ‘‘time will come’’ for him to make some kind of announcement.

Shutdown looms as Republicans seek short-term spending deal for government

President Trump’s incendiary words about immigration have dampened the prospects that a broad spending and immigration deal can be reached by the end of the week

Lawmakers may restrict use of Valor Act

The law gives judges the discretion to send veterans accused of criminal charges to rehabilitation or counseling programs, rather than jail.

Democrats aim for midterm election wave

The party has been buoyed by a string of Republican retirements and President Trump’s low approval rating.

Warren: ‘We face the challenge of an openly racist president’

US Sentator Elizabeth Warren spoke during the Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast at the Boston Convention Center.

Chelsea Manning confirms US Senate run

The former Army intelligence analyst released a video saying she will run in the 2018 Maryland Democratic primary.

Racial firestorm surrounds Trump at MLK holiday

In the same week when he made the area around King’s birthplace a national park, the president denigrated Africa.

Under Trump, Americans in a quandary about finding truth

Voters are increasingly confused about who can will give them reliable information about their leaders.

In Maine, is GOP linked to flurry of anonymous attacks?

Hyperpartisan, anonymous conservative websites have alarmed state Democrats and media observers — and some posts may already have influenced one election.

Vulgarity used by president projected onto Trump Hotel in D.C.

The epithet and other slogans were projected Saturday night onto an outer wall of the Trump Hotel in downtown Washington.

Chelsea Manning plans to run for US Senate in Maryland

The former soldier convicted of disclosing classified information later was pardoned by President Obama.

Evangelicals’ support for Trump tested by vulgarity

Some conservative Christians expressed support for the president, while others called him racist.

Yvonne Abraham

President Trump, our racist-in-chief

Imagine how you’d feel if your family’s future lay in the hands of our racist president, and of those who share and enable his bigotry.


Is Trump a racist? The answer for many seems to be yes

With his comments aimed at Africa, Haiti, and El Salvador, President Trump provided strong evidence that his approach to US immigration policy is guided by racist views.

Porn star who claimed sexual encounter with Trump received hush money

The plan has angered activists who said it would violate liberties and endanger the environment.

Trump gets ‘excellent health’ report from White House doctor

Dr. Ronny Jackson, in a statement released by the White House, said the examination ‘‘went exceptionally well.”

Cybersecurity firm says Senate in crosshairs of Russian hackers

Trend Micro said the same group that penetrated the Democratic Party is laying the groundwork for a cyberattack on the Senate.

Missouri governor acknowledges affair, but denies threatening woman

“This was a deeply personal mistake,” said Eric Greitens and his wife in a joint statement.

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In blow to Trump, GOP representative will not run for US Senate in North Dakota

Kevin Cramer has been a staunch supporter of Trump dating back to the 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump’s vulgar immigration remarks alarm lawmakers

The president’s remarks left members of Congress attending the meeting in the Cabinet Room alarmed and mystified.

House votes to renew surveillance law, rejects new privacy limits

The House voted to extend the NSA’s warrantless surveillance program for six years, rejecting a yearslong effort by a bipartisan group of lawmakers to impose significant new privacy limits.

Darrell Issa, Hillary Clinton’s one-time chief antagonist on Capitol Hill, to retire

Issa’s exit potentially eases the way for a Democrat to succeed him.

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Massachusetts still likes Charlie Baker, poll says

President Trump? Not so much, according to the poll.

Mitt Romney’s biggest backer wants him to jump into Senate race

Ann Romney — a confidant for nearly all of Mitt Romney’s adult life and frequent catalyst for his political ambitions — is fully supporting a campaign for Senate.

Joe Arpaio, the fiery former sheriff from Arizona, will run for Senate

The 85-year-old former Phoenix-area sheriff was pardoned earlier this year by President Trump.

Wounded congressman to have new surgery in shooting recovery

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise says he will undergo surgery Wednesday as part of his recovery from last June’s shooting at a baseball practice.

Kansas lawmaker quits posts after remarks about blacks

Stephen Alford suggested at a public forum that blacks were predisposed to abusing drugs.

Trump offers compromise, then confusion, on Dreamers

The president professed a desire to protect Dreamers, but the fate of any deal remains uncertain.

Is this a new path to Oval Office? Start with a celebrity

Oprah Winfrey has vaulted into the conversation as a possible candidate, as have other celebrities. Is this where Democrats will find their next nominee?

Trump calls tax law a win for rural Americans

The president also pitched his vision to expand access to broadband Internet in the nation’s heartland.

Romney had prostate cancer surgery in summer

The treatment was successful, and the issue is not expected to have a bearing on his decision whether to run for US Senate in Utah.

US attorney throws future of legal pot in Mass. into doubt

The Trump appointee’s statement sets the state up as a front line in the war between the Justice Department and legal cannabis.

Elizabeth Warren, bipartisan deal-maker?

A curious political phenomenon is unfolding: Conservatives are touting their ability to work with the liberal senator.


Mitt Romney is getting good at pulling up stakes

It feels like ages ago that he swore up and down he was from Massachusetts.

N.H.’s Sununu opposes Trump administration’s offshore drilling plan

“Of course I oppose drilling off of New Hampshire’s coastline,’’ said Governor Chris Sununu.

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A graphical look at key indicators that show Trump’s performance in his first year

The president made promises and he has made his mark, although not everything has turned out the way he vowed.

So far, no transportation commission

In September, Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito announced that Governor Charlie Baker would sign an executive order “in the coming weeks” creating a new commission to review transportation needs and how the state could fund them.

Trump says Bannon has ‘lost his mind’ after Bannon insults Donald Trump Jr.

President Trump unleashed on his former chief strategist and campaign manager Wednesday, issuing a long and unusual statement questioning Steve Bannon’s mental stability, honesty, and political influence.

In some Mass. districts, GOP has no shot, Baker says

State Senator Dean Tran’s victory was a rare coup for the Massachusetts Republican Party: He flipped a seat long held by Democrats in the Dec. 5 special election to replace Jennifer Flanagan.