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Rand Paul defends campaign during N.H. swing

The US senator from Kentucky isn’t worried about his current poll numbers. The campaign is playing the long game, aides add.


Trump lawyer, citing emotions, apologizes for rape comment

The attorney apologized for making the incorrect assertion that “by the very definition, you can’t rape your spouse.”

House set to vote on stopgap highway funding extension

The leadership-driven plan would have the House vote on the legislation Wednesday. The Senate would be forced to follow suit or face a lapse in highway programs.

Panel backs City Council raise, but some councilors want more

Said Council President Bill Linehan of the $9,500 boost, the council’s first raise since 2006: “That’s totally inadequate.”

US Senate to vote on Planned Parenthood aid

The Senate will vote on an effort to block federal aid to Planned Parenthood, presidential hopeful Senator Rand Paul said Tuesday.

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Push to scale back tough sentencing laws gains traction

Congress seems poised to revise four decades of federal policy that greatly expanded the number of Americans now incarcerated.

Hillary Clinton answers most questions, but declines to take stand on pipeline

Clinton’s seventh trip to the first-in-the-nation-primary state included a town hall in a sweltering school gymnasium.

Hillary Clinton details plan to combat climate change, save energy

Clinton laid out elements of a plan that would see every US home powered by renewable energy by 2027.

Obama calls GOP criticism of Iran deal ‘ridiculous’ and ‘sad’

President Obama said their attack on his landmark nuclear deal with Iran would be “ridiculous if it weren’t so sad.”

House, Senate clash over highway bill

House Republicans set the two chambers on a collision course days ahead of a crucial deadline in the midst of the summer driving season.

State gaming commission member to resign Sept. 30

James McHugh, a retired state judge who helped bring legalized gambling to the state, is leaving his full-time post.

Elizabeth Warren, Newt Gingrich team up for NIH

The liberal Massachusetts senator invited the former Republican House speaker to appear at her forum on the importance of scientific research.

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Ben Carson’s campaign makes an unfortunate typo

Carson’s campaign first sent out a media advisory saying he planned to deliver remarks at the “Women Betrayed Rally to Defend Planned Parenthood.”

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As vote looms, concern raised over tax holiday

The rise in opposition appears insufficient to kill the tax holiday this year, but its fate in future years is increasingly uncertain.

Biden’s plans for 2016 still a mystery

It’s six months until the Iowa caucuses and the Democratic field still has one big asterisk: the 72-year-old sitting vice president.

Criticism continues as first GOP debate nears

Only the 10 candidates ranking highest in polls will be able to take part.

UMass president lobbies to restore money to budget

Marty Meehan wants the funds to cover collective-bargaining raises to staff and professors that have gone unfunded for a year.

Obama looks to support terror fight in Kenya trip

President Obama arrived in Kenya on Friday, combining a personal journey with a geopolitical mission.

Rick Santorum joins fray in N.H.

The former US senator has made just three trips to the Granite State since his 2012 bid for president.

DCF monitor of abused boy is unlicensed

The social worker who monitored a 7-year-old Hardwick boy who recently fell into a coma is among those without a license.

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Evan Horowitz | Quick study

In state budget, a mismatch between spending, revenue

Despite the good economy, Massachusetts faces ongoing deficits. Here’s why.

Slowly but surely, Worcester County has gone Republican

The county — a collection of rural and suburban communities, three small cities, and the city of Worcester — is now a Republican enclave.

Off the beat

Hashtags are the new bumper stickers. Discuss.

Just about every candidate or campaign has a hashtag, but some are more creative than others.

Primary Memories

In 1998, a N.H. reporter worked his hometown advantage

A former New Hampshire reporter got the first substantial interview with Vice President Al Gore about Monica Lewinsky.

Campaigns seek more from supporters with swag

New Hampshire voters can expect to see an unprecedented array of T-shirts, bumper stickers, and clothing with campaign logos coming their way.

Inquiry sought in Hillary Clinton’s use of e-mail

Two inspectors general asked for an investigation into whether Clinton mishandled sensitive information on a private account.

Kerry, senators spar over Iran nuclear accord

John Kerry fiercely defended the nuclear deal as Republicans insisted it will harm American interests in the Middle East.

Cuba travel ban end advances

A GOP-controlled Senate panel has voted to lift a decades-long ban on travel to Cuba.

Obama bid to aid Africa in jeopardy

As President Obama returns to Africa this week, his initiative to help the continent double access to electricity is being undermined by Congress.

Senator Ed Markey to visit Africa with Obama

The move gives the Mass. senator a front-row seat on a history-making moment for America’s first African-American president.

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AG wants to repeal law suspending licenses for drug offenses

The state law requires the suspension of driver’s licenses for drug offenses unrelated to vehicle operation.

Walsh names new city elections commissioner

Dion Irish, the former executive director of Boston’s Office of Fair Housing and Equity, will take the job.

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Buon Appetito! Legislative leaders spend on fine Italian restaurants

Among the expenditures from campaign accounts of Speaker DeLeo and Senate President Rosenberg were big tabs at Italian restaurants.

At Senate hearing, Kerry challenges critics of Iran deal

The secretary of state called it ‘‘fantasy, plain and simple’’ to think the US failed to hold out for a better nuclear deal.


Cokie Roberts talks ‘Dames’ at Boston Public Library

Journalist Cokie Roberts was at the Boston Public Library on Tuesday night to talk about her new book.

Taking the measure of Donald Trump’s wealth isn’t easy

Trump’s financial disclosure forms put his worth in the billions, although how many billions is a moving target.

Liberal groups propose higher tax for top earners

The groups are pushing a ballot measure that would direct more than $1 billion a year to education and transportation.

Senate GOP adds Dodd-Frank rewrite to $21B funding bill

Senate Republicans are trying to use a must-do spending bill to advance legislation significantly revising the landmark law.

John Kasich joins popular path to GOP nod through N.H.

Kasich mapped his path to the nomination through the first-in-the-nation primary, but so have six other GOP hopefuls.

Who’s running for president? A look at the 2016 field

Here’s a roundup of everyone who has gotten into the 2016 race for the White House so far.

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Baker named to Republican Governors Association post

Governor Charlie Baker has won a spot on the Republican Governors Association’s nine-member executive committee.

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While the mayor is away, Tito Jackson will play

City Councilor Tito Jackson took over the podium on “Boston’s new front lawn” while the mayor was traveling to Italy.

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Jeb Bush dares to take on Mount Washington

Granite Staters don’t love Jeb Bush’s latest talking point. They like their Mount Washington.

State senator settles roof dispute after board ruling

A city panel approved Sonia Chang-Diaz’s plans to lower her newly built home addition to settle a lawsuit filed by a neighbor.

Political Notebook

Trump widens attacks against GOP rivals

Donald Trump pushed back ever harder Tuesday against Republicans fed up with his provocations, disclosing one opponent’s cell number in a fiery speech.

Kerry facing criticism from ex-Senate colleagues on Iran

Some of the strongest attacks on the secretary of state’s strategy have come from Senator John McCain, a personal friend.

Ohio governor John Kasich joins crowded GOP field for president

Gov. John R. Kasich, a voluble and blunt-talking maverick, declared Tuesday that he is running for president.

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Groups press for involvement in regulatory review

Governor Charlie Baker’s effort to streamline regulations prompted groups to ask him to invite interested parties into the process.

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Iran deal a smarter way to protect security, Obama says

The president told a veterans group that critics of the deal are some of the same people who were quick to want to go to war in Iraq.

Jeb Bush vows to cut spending, Washington lobbying

The Republican presidential candidate vowed to combat the ‘‘arrogance,’’ ‘'sheer incompetence’’ and size of government if he’s elected.

Ground Game

McCain backers pounce in N.H., but Trump may stand strong

There is little indication Donald Trump has lost supporters over his comment that John McCain “is not a war hero.”

60 senior US national security leaders support Iran deal

Sixty national security leaders, ambassadors, military leaders, and former Cabinet secretaries signed a letter of support.

Obama nominates economist Kathryn Dominguez to Fed board

President Barack Obama is nominating economist Kathryn Dominguez to serve on the Federal Reserve’s board of governors.

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Trump shrugs off GOP uproar of his McCain comments

After dismissing John McCain’s reputation as a war hero because he was captured, Trump declared ‘‘I will say what I want to say.’’

Report on interrogation tactics roils academics

American Psychological Association leaders helped draft policies that led to harsh interrogation techniques.

Sanders vaults from fringe to the heart of the fray

Even Bernie Sanders is surprised by his success on the campaign trail.

Iran is hostile to US despite deal, ayatollah says

The supreme leader of Iran said the agreement did not signal an end to Iran’s hostility toward the US and its allies.

Major GOP donors slow to choose favorites in a crowded field for 2016

The move magnifies the importance of the coming debates as the presidential hopefuls seek to impress potential backers.

Beacon Hill leaders keep corporate tax deduction intact

House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Senate President Stanley Rosenberg reversed course Friday on their plans to eliminate a corporate tax deduction.

Baker to address Republican Governors Association

Presidential politics will be front of mind, even as Gov. Baker tries to avoid associating himself with the national party.

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An honor for Mayor Lisa Wong of Fitchburg

Lisa Wong of Fitchburg will be honored by a group that launches women into the political spotlight.

Baker names 5 to MBTA fiscal control board

The board was included in the $38.1 billion state budget Governor Baker signed into law Friday afternoon.

Thing tank: From U2 to Nintendo

Oh, U2. You’re either showing up where we don’t want you (i.e., our iTunes libraries) or not showing up where we do (i.e., The Burren).

Baker signs $38.1 billion state budget

The budget works to reform the beleaguered MBTA, rein in spending on health care for the poor, and hold the line on taxes and fees.

Primary Memories

In ’74 Mondale, parried tough question with a joke

When Walter Mondale faced a hostile question, he was able to disarm the reporter with a joke.

Off the beat

A chance presidential encounter, or not, in the Granite State

This is not a joke: Two presidential candidates run into each other on the street in New Hampshire.

Unions sensing budget betrayal by House

Labor unions, stung by maneuvering to ease privatization at the MBTA, are targeting top House Democrats.