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Jared Kushner got his start as Somerville landlord

As an undergraduate at Harvard, Jared Kushner bought dozens of rental units in Somerville. But tenant complaints soon followed.

5 GOP senators now oppose health bill — enough to sink it

Nevada Republican Dean Heller became the fifth GOP senator to declare his opposition to the party’s banner legislation.

Political Happy Hour: Friday, June 23, 2017

Political Happy Hour: Pot confab | Scalise out of the ICU | Engaged!


Representative Seth Moulton announces engagement

The congressman shares big personal news via Twitter.

‘I’m worth the trouble, quite frankly’: A defiant Nancy Pelosi dismisses her critics

‘I’m worth the trouble, quite frankly’: A defiant Nancy Pelosi dismisses her critics

Trump publicly doubting that Russia meddled in election

President Donald Trump appeared to cast doubt on the assessment of 17 US intelligence agencies that blame Russia for election meddling, questioning Thursday why the Obama administration didn’t try to stop it.

President Trump says he has no ‘tapes’ of Comey conversations

President Trump says he has no ‘tapes’ of Comey conversations

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Meet the Senate health care bill. Like Obamacare, only flimsier

The Senate bill retains the basic structure of former president Obama’s signature health care law, except that all the parts have been whittled down.

GOP opposition imperils Senate health care bill

Senator Rand Paul says he and three other Republican senators are preparing to announce their opposition to the Senate health care bill as it’s written.


Marty Walsh to learn how to issue Narcan

Walsh will give a presentation and provide training to other mayors and public officials on the importance of the overdose-reversing drug.

Senate GOP unveils draft of health bill

After weeks of closed-door meetings, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell released the proposal Thursday.

Trump’s voter-fraud panel wants to look into Russian hacking, too

The special commission has widely been seen as a political smoke screen to justify the president’s unfounded claims about widespread fraud.

Senate GOP health bill would reshape Obamacare

After weeks of closed-door meetings, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell planned to release the proposal Thursday.

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Elected officials need to remember who they’re really working for

In the federal government and here in Massachusetts, legislators seem to forget they must answer to the public.

Senate health care draft would bring wide changes

The Senate’s bill would repeal Affordable Care Act taxes and provide bigger subsidies for low-income Americans than the House bill.

How the ‘millionaires tax’ would work

Among the multiple proposals to create or raise Massachusetts taxes is one commonly known as the millionaires tax, a plan to increase the income tax on earnings over $1 million.

Congress hears sinister tale of Russia meddling in US election

Officials told Congress Moscow stockpiled stolen information and selectively disseminated it during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Meet the 29-year-old who wants to shake up Everett politics

Politics in this blue-collar city have long been the domain of white men, even as its demographics have changed dramatically.

Senate steers toward showdown vote next week on health bill

Senate Republicans steered toward a potential showdown vote on their long-awaited health care bill next week, despite indications that they’ve yet to solidify the 50 GOP votes they’ll need to avert an embarrassing defeat.

Republican Karen Handel wins Georgia special election

Handel avoided a major upset in the most expensive House race in US history.

Pennsylvania radio host says his criticisms of Trump cost him his job

Bruce Bond, a longtime DJ in the Harrisburg area, says management told him to not speak badly about the president.

Final pitches made in tight, nationally watched Georgia House race

Voters head to the polls Tuesday to choose between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff.

Susan Collins won’t back down on health care

The Maine senator worries the GOP plan would cause millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions to lose insurance.

Milwaukee sheriff not joining DHS, after all

The Department of Homeland Security says Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is no longer a candidate for a position in the agency.

Tax overhaul in trouble as opposition to import tax grows

Lawmakers are scrambling to save one of President Trump’s biggest legislative priorities.

Testing limits, Michael Flynn entered legal morass

“I’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit,” the former Trump aide said in an interview in October 2015.


Mired in scandal, Trump governs like he’s president of the 35 percent

In his time of need, the president is lavishing his time and attention on shoring up support among those who already like him.


On a day Trump could have been celebrating, he took to Twitter in anger

The timing of President Trump’s tweets was odd for several reasons.

Alexandria shooting’s bloody trail leaves capital shaken

The attack on Republicans practicing for a ballgame deeply shook a capital already balancing on what often seems to be a razor’s edge.

Senate panel meets with special counsel in Russia probe

The Senate Intelligence Committee met with Robert Mueller in an effort to ensure their investigations don’t conflict.

Representative Steve King blames shooting on the ‘left’

The Iowa Republican said the political culture driven by the “left” created an environment where violence against elected leaders was possible.

Trump, in a reversal, tells senators the House health bill is ‘mean’

President Trump told GOP senators that their version should be “more generous.”


Sessions’ non-answers did nothing to dispel questions

The attorney general gave largely unsatisfying answers about Donald Trump’s role as a candidate or as president in the sprawling Russia probe.

Trump, in a reversal, tells senators the House health bill is ‘mean’

President Trump told GOP senators that their version should be “more generous.”

Companies won’t sponsor play over Trump killing scene

Delta Air Lines and Bank of America are among those pulling out of a Manhattan-based theater company’s production of “Julius Caesar.”

John Oliver on James Comey’s testimony: ‘Trump’s lies are never plain and simple’

The late-night host reveled in the former FBI director’s appearance last week before a Senate panel.

Melania Trump, son move into the White House

For the first time since January, the first family is together under the same roof.

D.C., Maryland attorneys general to sue Trump

The legal officials say the president has violated anticorruption clauses in the Constitution since taking office.

Maine’s Collins says Trump should turn over Comey tapes

‘‘I don’t understand why the president just doesn’t clear this matter up once and for all,’’ said Susan Collins.

Trump may not make his trip to Britain after all

The move comes amid a billowing backlash over comments President Trump made after the recent terrorist attack in London.

President appears at more private parties at his golf clubs

The first dance. The toasts. The cake-cutting. The . . . surprise appearance by Donald Trump?

Trump’s strategy is to look to his base for support

President Trump is banking on his loyal base of supporters to help him through the tangle of the Russia investigations.

Trump impeachment is wrong 2018 election message, Democrats say

Party leaders contend putting impeachment front and center in House races would be a mistake.

House will remove 1-word impediment to pregnancy rights legislation

The House, facing blowback over a controversial one-word change in a pregnant workers’ rights bill, has backed down.


Trump may have been badly damaged by Comey testimony

Donald Trump is only four months into his presidency, but he’s politically wounded and faces a minefield of Russia-related investigations.

Obstruction, or not? Comey testimony makes plain that Trump wounded his presidency

“The administration chose to defame me and, more importantly, the FBI, by saying the organization was in disarray, that it was poorly led,” Comey said.

Political Happy Hour: June 8, 2017

Political Happy Hour: Jim Comey | Scott Brown | Deval Patrick

How a grandfather clock from Boston landed in the Oval Office — and Comey’s memo

If those mahogany panels could talk. . .

High court dismisses defamation case against Deval Patrick

The court did not address the validity of his main defense — that he could not be sued for remarks he made as the state’s chief executive.

‘Cloud’ over Trump now a thunderstorm

Washington, a staid city known as a place of suits, statues, and steakhouses, is hosting a political spectacle of historic proportions.