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Camp David just isn’t Obama’s kind of retreat

The role of the cloistered compound has changed under this president, a city dweller who prefers golf courses to hiking trips.

Cruz makes stops in N.H., seeks early primary support

“If you see a candidate embraced by Washington, run and hide,” the Texas senator said while stumping in N.H. on Saturday.

US to fight antibiotic-resistant germs

The White House announced the five-year plan on Friday amid fears that once-treatable germs could become deadly.

Senate stages budget ‘vote-a-rama’

The Senate passed a budget proposal early Friday after a marathon session in which both parties looked to set themselves up for the 2016 election.

Abortion debate stalls 2 popular bipartisan bills before Congress

Measures on helping sex trafficking victims and improving health care for seniors are being threatened by the politics of abortion.

Warren fires back at banks halting donations to Democrats

Two banks reportedly decided to halt contributions to Senate Democrats unless Warren and Sherrod Brown tone down their rhetoric.

Baker attends N.H. GOP fundraiser

The state Republican Party said that about 15 people attended the fundraiser Friday morning held at the Crowne Plaza hotel.

Senator Harry Reid will not seek re-election

Reid endorsed Chuck Schumer of New York to succeed him as the party’s top leader.

The real audience at N.H. town hall meetings

This hallmark of first-in-the-nation presidential campaigns has morphed into political theater for interest groups.

Baker pens letter seeking disaster relief from president

Baker will ask for a disaster declaration in 10 Massachusetts counties pummeled by snow and ice between Jan. 24 and Feb. 25.

Primary memories

In 1992 race, Tom Laughlin was a voice for the voiceless

Unlike much of the political fringe, Laughlin’s campaign served an important purpose: giving voice to the concerns of Vietnam veterans.

Congress can get better marks with nonpartisan forums, study shows

Voters are more inclined to like members of Congress when they present contentious issues like immigration in nonpartisan online town halls.

Vlacich faces next challenge as Clinton’s N.H. campaign manager

Mike Vlacich’s first challenge? A turnout tour de force for the Granite State favorite in an open primary.

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N.H. GOP voters: Romney was ‘too nice’

Why did former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney lose the 2012 presidential contest to President Obama? New Hampshire Republicans say he was too nice and couldn’t connect with voters.

Former Bain Capital executive named revenue commissioner

Mark Nunnelly will also serve as a special technology adviser to Governor Charlie Baker.

House approves Medicare payment measure

The bill would terminate a faulty Medicare payment system and spare doctors and patients the annual threat of severe cuts.


House approves early retirement plan

The Massachusetts House of Representatives unanimously approved legislation Wednesday that would encourage thousands of state employees to retire early.

GOP-controlled House passes budget to erase deficits

The Republicans passed a budget that relies on nearly $5 trillion in cuts to eliminate deficits over the next decade.

Afghan president says his nation won’t be ‘lazy Uncle Joe’

Ashraf Ghani thanked Congress for billions of American tax dollars and vowed his war-wracked country will be self-reliant within this decade.

US seeks testimony from ex-probation chief in new probe

The investigation is likely to focus on politicians who took part in the illegal hiring scheme run by John O’Brien, insiders said.

Jeb Bush prepared to be third Bush to use military in Iraq

The potential presidential candidate has said he will not be haunted by ghosts of his family’s past.

Patrick to lobby for Obama trade deal

The trade deal has drawn strong opposition from progressive leaders, including Patrick’s close political ally, Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Voters should be able to weigh in on Olympics financing, Baker says

The governor also suggested that voters should be able to signal whether they support the Olympics at all.

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Senate Democrats may derail health care deal

Senator Harry Reid, along with other Senate Democrats, objected to abortion restrictions in the bill and limits to an extension of a health insurance program for children.

Cruz says he’ll use insurance exchange

Sen. Ted Cruz said he is signing up his family for coverage through the Affordable Care Act, a law he vowed to repeal should he win the White House.

Republican Sen. Coats won’t run again

The Indiana Senator announced his retirement Tuesday, opening up a Senate seat in a GOP-friendly state that could attract a roster of hopefuls.

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DeLeo says it would be ‘very difficult’ to support marijuana legalization

House Speaker DeLeo’s comments instantly dimmed the prospects of a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana.

Boehner ‘baffled’ by reports Israel spied on Iran nuclear talks

Israel reportedly shared the information it obtained with US lawmakers.

Governor Baker bullish on early retirement plan’s passage

“We’ve gotten very positive vibes from both the House and Senate about their interest in doing something similar,” Baker said.

President Bush often denied Jeb’s bids for disaster aid

The president rejected his younger brother’s requests as Florida governor at a greater rate than the national average.

N.H. lawmaker won’t be disciplined after abortion comments

The legislator will not face discipline for linking abortion to an effort to have the state name an official raptor.

Democrats unveil House budget plan

The $3.7 trillion budget plan for next year mirrors President Obama’s call for $1.8 trillion in tax increases on wealthier people and corporations.

Baker’s early retirement plan could see House vote this week

The early retirement program for state workers is meant to help close a $1.8 billion budget shortfall in the next fiscal year.

Where Ted Cruz stands on key issues

Cruz hopes to energize the evangelical wing of the GOP and supplement his already strong support among tea party and grassroots conservatives.

Ted Cruz kicks off 2016 bid with appeal to the right

A major challenge for Senator Ted Cruz will be translating Tea Party activist fervor into a viable national campaign.

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In state Senate, all 6 Republicans collect leadership pay

Every senator in the small GOP caucus holds a leadership title — and thus gets the added $15,000 that comes with the title.

Cruz launches presidential bid, becoming first candidate

The Texas Republican is kicking off what’s expected to be a rush of more than a dozen hopefuls into the 2016 campaign.

Israeli president urges healing after divisive vote

President Reuven Rivlin said the new Israeli government will have to serve “all the citizens of Israel.”

Obama cheers on niece, undefeated Princeton in NCAA Tournament win

Obama’s niece, Leslie Robinson, and the Tigers defeated Green Bay in the first round Saturday.

Markey battles bipartisan coalition on toxic chemical regulation

Ed Markey, too, wants to reform federal chemical regulation, but thinks the bill might be worse than the current system.

Boston 2024 grassroots campaign makes use of political players

The growing operation includes senior political advisers to Mayor Walsh, Governor Baker, and former Governor Patrick.

Boehner planning trip to Israel, despite leaders’ frayed relations

A congressional aide insisted that John Boehner’s trip was planned before new rifts developed between Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama.

Lawmaker asks Clinton to turn over e-mail server for review

Representative Trey Gowdy sent a letter requesting that Clinton turn the server over to the State Department or a third party.

Seaport hotel could see tax relief, but critics are wary

The 1,200-plus room hotel complex would be built across from the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

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Bipartisan Medicare bill would end yearly fixes

If the bipartisan deal is not sealed by April 1, the pending cuts would cost Massachusetts providers $300 million.

Political Intelligence

Frank talk on Patrick, Reagan, and ‘House of Cards’

The retired congressman’s new memoir includes entertaining Mass. political anecdotes galore.

Obama orders agencies to cut greenhouse gas output by 40%

Agencies over the next decade will have to cut emissions an average of 40 percent compared with their levels in 2008.

William Ewald Jr., 89; Eisenhower speechwriter

Dr. Ewald wrote several revisionist histories to help redeem the former president’s reputation.

House panel approves deficit-cutting budget

Congressional Republicans advanced balanced-budget plans brimming with cuts in Medicaid and other benefit programs.

Democrats reject GOP offer to resolve abortion dispute

The impasse has also stalled confirmation of President Obama’s attorney general nominee.

State makes deal on voter cards in suit

The agreement partially resolves a lawsuit that roiled the high-profile US Senate race between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren.

Primary Memories

Three presidential candidates in a 50-yard radius

In 1984, he saw John Glenn, Harold Stassen and Ernest Hollings, all within a 50-yard radius. None of them came close to becoming president.

Capital Source

Did Baker sound the starting gun on the 2018 governor’s race?

Governor Baker raised a few eyebrows when he playfully poked at Attorney General Maura Healey at the St. Patrick’s Day breakfast.

In East Boston House race, Democrat faces independent

After winning the primary, Adrian Madaro has powerful support lined up behind him, but he still must face independent Joanne Pomodoro.

Governor Baker’s eyes and ears in Washington

Meet Tiffany Watkins Ahern, the new director of Governor Charlie Baker’s Washington, D.C., office.

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Democrats reject GOP offer to resolve abortion dispute

A bill to help the victims of human trafficking has reached an impasse over abortion spending in the proposed victims’ fund.

Obama orders 40% cut in government’s greenhouse gases

The move comes as the US tries to spur other nations to get serious about climate change.

New DCF chief remains stymied by lack of funds

Former child welfare advocate Linda Spears is discovering just how challenging it is to turn lofty goals into reality.

Chicago City Council passes Obama library ordinance

The ordinance would allow park land on the city’s South Side to be used as a site for President Obama’s library.

Senate budget sticks to military spending caps

Senate Republican budget writers released an austere budget that cuts trillions of dollars from federal health care and welfare spending.

Human trafficking bill still stalled over abortion measure

Senate Democrats blocked debate on stalled human trafficking legislation for a second day as a Democratic senator’s office belatedly conceded that an aide knew weeks ago that the measure included a controversial abortion-related provision.

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Hillary Clinton sticks to paid speech circuit

Even as she ramps up a likely 2016 presidential candidacy, there’s another paid speaking stop on the books this week.

Donald Trump forms presidential exploratory committee

It’s a step the New York businessman has never taken before despite flirting with presidential runs since the 1980s.

House GOP’s budget seeks makeover for government

The House proposal leans heavily on policy prescriptions that Rep. Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin outlined when he was budget chairman.

State Dept. has no record of Clinton signing needed document

The State Department said it had no statement that Hillary Clinton turned over all unclassified documents when she left her post in 2013.

Saugus recalls four selectmen from office

About 27 percent of the town’s voters cast ballots in the first special election held in Saugus to recall selectmen since 1975.

Illinois congressman Schock to resign

Representative Aaron Schock has been plagued in recent weeks with questions about his spending of taxpayer and campaign money.

Potential GOP 2016 candidates donate neckties for auction

Fifteen potential Republican presidential candidates have donated neckties to be auctioned off for a party fund-raiser.