The 2013 US Senate special election

Globe coverage of the race for the US Senate seat formerly occupied by US Secretary of State John Kerry.

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Campaign behind him, Markey is well-positioned to deliver

Voters knew what they were getting with Edward Markey: A senator who can make sure that Mass. gets its share of federal resources, while also being a force for progressive legislation.


// Edward Markey grinds it out

Edward Markey courted traditional Democratic constituency groups, while Gabriel Gomez never moved beyond his biography and couldn’t escape that Mass. is a heavily blue state.

Markey says he plans to reach across Senate aisle

US Senator-elect Edward J. Markey shrugged at the idea that he would have to stand before voters again in just 17 months.

// Gomez defeat leaves a party searching for answers

Republican Gabriel E. Gomez’s dispiriting loss is leading some state Republicans to suggest that it might be time to rethink their brand.

Democrats campaign for Markey’s seat

Less than 24 hours after Democrat Edward J. Markey was elected to the US Senate, the race to replace him in the House was already in full swing.

Senate special election

// Edward Markey keeps party’s hold on Senate seat

The House veteran cruised to victory over GOP newcomer Gabriel Gomez, despite running a low-key campaign that drew record low voter turnout.

Election Analysis

// Edward Markey unlikely to become a celebrity senator

No one expects Markey to re-create the household-name profile held by his Bay State predecessors in the Senate.

// Turnout even lower than anticipated for Senate election

Whether it was election fatigue or the scorching temperatures, voters in Massachusetts lived up to predictions Tuesday.

Democratic candidate



US Representative Edward J. Markey

Age: 66

Grew up: Malden

Education: Boston College (undergraduate) and Boston College Law School.

Campaign website:

Republican candidate


Gabriel Gomez

Age: 47

Grew up: Los Angeles

Education: United States Naval Academy and Harvard Business School.

Campaign website:


Fundraising and campaign spending

The Republican primary

Daniel P. Winslow: Voters want return to normality.

Marathon tragedy tempers campaigning

As the city embarks on the road to recovery, the US Senate hopefuls all agree campaigning in the final 10 days of the primary will need to be delicate.

“I don’t think there is anyone who would suggest that there is not some risk being a prosecutor,” said US Senate candidate Michael J. Sullivan.

Sullivan accepted pay raise, special pension

Senate candidate Michael J. Sullivan, a strong advocate for curbing fiscal excesses, has been collecting a state pension of $27,492 a year for the past three years.