McMaster out; John Bolton named new national security adviser

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton.

Posting on Twitter, the president said he was very thankful for McMaster’s service and praised his “outstanding job.”

President Trump detailed tariffs being imposed on Chinese imports, in Washington, D.C., Thursday.

Evan Horowitz | Quick Study

Trump’s China tariffs could actually work

But that doesn’t mean US consumers and businesses won’t pay a price.

Stormy Daniels (left) spoke with Anderson Cooper during an interview set to air Sunday.

How Stormy Daniels is beating Trump at his own game

The adult film star has rolled out a textbook negative media campaign against the master of media manipulation. And the worst for President Trump is yet to come.

// Stormy Daniels’ attorneys ask the Trump Organization, banks to preserve records

Alan Garten, Daniels’ attorney, argued that the company has ‘‘unmistakable links’’ to the lawsuit.

Former vice president Joe Biden.

Tale of the tape: President Trump vs. Joe Biden

Who would win in a match-up between the 45th president and the former vice president? Let’s look at the stats.


// Here’s what Alan Dershowitz said when we asked if he’ll join Trump legal team

The former Harvard Law professor has been an outspoken supporter of some of the president’s legal positions.

Vice President Mike Pence spoke Thursday at the Manchester Downtown Hotel Expo Center.

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Vice President Pence, in N.H., touts America’s economy

“The truth is, under the president’s leadership, growth is back, confidence is back, and I stand before you today to tell you, America is back,” Pence said.

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McMaster out; John Bolton named new national security adviser

Posting on Twitter, the president said he was very thankful for McMaster’s service and praised his “outstanding job.”

Dowd resigns as Trump’s lead lawyer in special counsel inquiry

President Trump’s lead lawyer for the special counsel investigation, John Dowd, resigned Thursday as his strategy for cooperating with the inquiry grew increasingly at odds with Trump’s desire for a more aggressive posture.


Arroyo uses 70th birthday bash to pay bills from suspension

Arroyo is throwing himself a 70th birthday party and asking for $70 to attend — to help pay his legal bills against “my unjust suspension last year.”

Spilka claimed the votes to be Senate president, but Chandler wants to serve out the year. It’s awkward

Senator Karen Spilka trumpeted a “new era” in the Senate, while Chandler said she wants to remain in the post until her term expires Jan. 2.

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