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Myanmar law tells some mothers to space children three years apart

Myanmar’s president has signed off on a law requiring some mothers to space their children three years apart.

Snakes with legs? Data sheds light on species’ ancestors

The most recent common ancestor of all living snakes was nocturnal and devoured prey whole using its hooked teeth as a hunting tool.

US effort attempting to save bees, butterflies

The plan aims to make make millions of acres of federal land more bee-friendly, and consider the use of fewer pesticides.

Heat waves expected to affect more

People are migrating into areas — especially in the South — where the heat is likely to increase.

Russian rocket carrying Mexican satellite fails after launch

It is the latest mishap to hit Russia’s troubled space industry, in which Soviet-era glory has been tarnished by a series of launch failures.

Bird sightings

Bird sightings from the Massachusetts Audubon Society


// Executive function not a panacea for education ills

Despite the promise and the hype, there isn’t solid evidence that improving executive function leads to better grades.

Health & wellness

Why we’re healthier in the summer, sicker in the winter

Almost a quarter of our genes, including those that regulate the immune system, shift with the seasons, according to a study in Nature Communications.


// Boston Globe Instagram photos

A live stream of Instagram posts from The Boston Globe photo department.