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Space station accepts first Virginia delivery in 2 years

The sensational nighttime launch was observed 250 miles up and down the East Coast.

Earth’s 16-month record heat streak ends but warming remains

Earth’s 16-month sizzling streak of record high temperatures is finally over, according to one group of federal meteorologists.

Rocket launch provides a show for sky gazers along the East Coast

One of NASA’s main delivery companies launched its first space station shipment from Virginia in two years.

Joseph Birman, 89; physicist helped dissident scientists

Dr. Birman’s organization helped more than 100 émigrés restart their scientific careers in the US in the 1990s.


Meet the giant Palouse earthworm, a rare American original

A trip to Idaho brings an encounter with one of only 10 captive giant Palouse earthworms — an ordinary-looking creature, but one about which we know shockingly little.

Galaxy count may now top 2 trillion across universe

Thought the universe was crowded with 100 billion to 200 billion galaxies? Try 1 trillion or even 2 trillion galaxies and more.


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A live stream of Instagram posts from The Boston Globe photo department.