Papers from MIT cancer biologist’s lab retracted

MIT cancer researcher Robert Weinberg in his office at the Whitehead Institute.


The papers on how breast cancer spreads were retracted because the data were improperly patched together from different experiments.

Dana-Farber study questions benefits of online genetic testing

The study shows that vast majority of websites offering genetic tests over-emphasized potential benefits and failed to disclose significant limitations.

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Astronauts blast off for year-long trip to space station

The trip is NASA’s first stab at a one-year spaceflight, anticipating Mars expeditions that would last two to three years.

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Ancient Mars lake could be prime target in search for life

The lake once measured roughly the area of Lake Champlain and was more than 500 feet deep.

US, Russian ready for year in space

US astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko are eager to begin their yearlong mission about the ISS.

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