Depleted batteries silence comet lander

The picture released by the European Space Agency on Nov. 12 was taken by the Rosetta's Philae lander during descent.


The lander Philae completed its primary mission, exploring the comet’s surface and returning plenty of data, the European Space Agency said.

Tufts University assistant professor Andrew Kemp jotted notes on the board as Tufts junior Taylor McGinnis, 20, looked for microorganisms called foraminifera.

In Tufts microbe count, clues to future sea levels

Tallying up microorganisms to understand past sea level changes can help predict the future on a smaller scale.

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Scientists ‘confident’ comet lander will wake up

The Philae lander, which became the first spacecraft to touch down on a comet Wednesday, has already sent reams of data back to Earth that scientists are eagerly examining.

Study suggests genetic link for male homosexuality

A large study adds to evidence that genes influence men’s chances of being homosexual, but the results aren’t strong enough to prove it.

As bats vanish, biologists race to understand them

An estimated 90 percent of bats in the Northeast have been wiped out in recent years, mainly due to a rapidly spreading fungus.

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