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American, Russian cheered as they reach space station

NASA’s Jack Fischer is making his first space flight, and Russia’s Fyodor Yurchikhin has done it four times before.

Another nearby planet found that may be just right for life

Astronomers have found yet another planet that seems to have just the right Goldilocks combination for life: Not so hot and not so cold. It’s not so far away, either.

John Glenn honored with launch of space station supply ship

John Glenn’s trailblazing legacy took flight Tuesday as a cargo ship bearing his name rocketed toward the International Space Station.

Lawmakers want hearing aids to be easier to get, but doctors object

Proposed legislation, with Senator Elizabeth Warren as a co-sponsor, would spur innovation and lower prices for hearing aids, proponents say.

Scientists document melting of glaciers around the world

Over the past decade, scientists and photographers have visited the world’s glaciers, watching them shrink each time.

Spacewalkers lose piece of shielding, use patch instead

Spacewalking astronauts carried out an impromptu patch job outside the International Space Station on Thursday, after losing a vital piece of cloth shielding when it floated away.


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