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Snowfall confounds Rome

Heavy snowfall confounds Rome

ROME - Romans bewildered by their city’s first big snowfall in 26 years used government-issued shovels to clear sidewalks and kitchen utensils to clear windshields yesterday. The snow - up to 8 inches deep in some neighborhoods - shut down tourist sites including the Colosseum. (AP)

Government’s website hacked

STOCKHOLM - A group linked to the hacker network Anonymous said it attacked the Swedish government’s website and shut it down by overloading it. CyberForce used Twitter to claim responsibility for yesterday’s attack on the website. Government spokesman Jacob Lagercranser confirmed the website had experienced problems, but he declined to give further details. (AP)

Parade marks start of Chávez’s ascent

CARACAS - President Hugo Chávez celebrated the 20th anniversary of the failed coup attempt that launched his political career yesterday, presiding over a military parade while fighter jets and helicopters roared overhead. Chavez was flanked by allies including Cuban president Raul Castro and Bolivian president Evo Morales as the military showed off sophisticated weapons. (AP)