Yemen charges 62 with mutiny

SANA, Yemen — Sixty-two officers and soldiers loyal to the son of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh were charged with resisting authorities and mutiny after trying to storm the Ministry of Defense earlier this week, a senior Yemeni security official said Thursday.

High Security Committee spokesman General Ali al-Ubaidi said that the 62 officers and soldiers will be referred to a military tribunal for joining a force of 200 in the sudden attack on the ministry two days earlier, in which they allegedly fired automatic rifles and rocket-propelled grenades at guards. The ensuing firefight left one attacker, two ministry guards, and two civilians dead.

The committee, headed by Yemen’s President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, was founded as part of a power transfer deal after last year’s uprising that ended the rule of Ali Abdullah Saleh. The committee controls Yemen’s top security issues.


The soldiers charged belong to Republican Guard units led by Ahmed Saleh, the former president’s son, who were protesting a decree that put some units under presidential oversight.