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    Girls’ hair cut for not wearing headscarves

    LUXOR, Egypt — A teacher in southern Egypt punished two 12-year-old schoolgirls for not wearing the Muslim headscarf by cutting their hair, the father of one girl said Wednesday, in an incident that stokes concerns over personal rights following the rise of Islamist political movements.

    The governor of Luxor Province, where the incident occurred, called the teacher’s actions shameful and said she had been transferred to another school. But rights groups say that some Islamic conservatives have been emboldened by the success of groups like Muslim Brotherhood and the ultraconservative Salafi trend in parliamentary and presidential elections and have been increasingly brazen about forcing their standards on other Egyptians.

    The teacher, Eman Abu Bakar, told the Egyptian semiofficial newspaper al-Ahram that she cut no more than 1 inch of hair from the girls.

    Associated Press