Secretary of State John F. Kerry tries to win over press corps with Red Sox caps

WASHINGTON _ As part of his effort to acquaint himself with his new surroundings -- and build some good will -- Secretary of State John Kerry dropped by the press room at the Department of State on Wednesday bearing gifts: Red Sox caps.

The former Massachusetts senator, who assumed the post of top diplomat on Feb. 1, spent some time chatting with television and print reporters and producers who will be covering and traveling with him in the coming months.

His remarks were off the record. But suffice it to say that Kerry expressed his admiration for their work and pledged to be open and forthcoming with them.


A few reporters weren’t buying -- the Red Sox hats, anyway. One remarked she was from the Bronx and asked if she would give hers to a colleague.

The Boston Globe’s reporter who was on hand, a lifelong New York Yankee fan, diplomatically declined the offer.

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