Sarkozy talks of return to public life

PARIS — Nicolas Sarkozy, the first French president in more than 30 years to fail to win reelection, said he might try to make a comeback.

Sarkozy said it was his duty to help the country facing an economic and social crisis.


“Unfortunately, there will be a moment when it won’t even be a question of ‘do you want to’ but ‘do you have a choice?’ to come back into public life,” he said in an interview. “It won’t be a glorious moment for France.”

Sarkozy, 58, said his return to public life will be in the economic arena, not in politics. He lost to the Socialist Party’s Francois Hollande in the May presidential elections, and has since participated in conferences on economic and global topics in the United States, ­Qatar, Switzerland, and Brazil.

Sarkozy promised to retire from French politics after his reelection defeat last year.

Bloomberg News

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