Passengers were ‘falling from the sky’

RASSYPNOYE, Ukraine — The air smelled of bleach and the floor bore blood marks, grim remnants of a horrific event: the corpse of a woman who was on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 dropping through the roof into one family’s modest kitchen.

‘‘We never expected people falling from the sky,’’
said Inna Tipunova, whose kitchen was destroyed last week after the body fell into it. ‘‘They were falling like rain.’’

No one took the corpse away for 24 hours, she said in an interview, and she returned to the kitchen over and over again during a sleepless night last Thursday to look at the scene.


‘‘She was someone’s mother, someone’s daughter, someone’s sister,’’ Tipunova said. ‘‘She was innocent.’’

Tipunova blamed the Ukrainian government for the downing of the jet, and for a war that is increasingly claiming lives on both sides, including civilians trapped in the middle.