Three cheers for cultural appropriation

More than 1,000 people participated in a yoga session at the Michigan Stadium in Ann arbor.

Junfu Han/The Ann Arbor News via AP

We all have the right to draw from each other’s wellsprings of tradition, art, knowledge, and lifestyles.

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‘Outside the Window,’ a film by Sara Tesh

Sometimes, you don’t fully know the people you love.

Hunter Jeff Keddy of Hanover entered the woods along Hillside Street in Milton for the start of the Blue Hills deer hunt on Monday.


Hunters of the state, unite!

Grab your shotguns — excuse me, your long-barreled herd-control devices — and let’s go thin some deer.


Let Medicare negotiate a better deal on drugs

Medicare, and the taxpayers who fund it, are owed a better deal on prescription drugs. It’s time to stop paying sticker price.

opinion | Kathryn Lynch

// Do we still need tenure? Yes, but bring on reform

Changes will be unpopular, but we must not shy away from the challenge.

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// Connecticut is the problem with Massachusetts rail

Eastern Massachusetts and Connecticut need different things from a high-speed rail system, but most of the work involved would happen there, not here.

// America’s freight trains are first class

The system moves everything from coal to corn to cars at incredible speeds, carrying invaluable benefits to commerce and the environment.

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Would not, could not bear to see this latest ‘Seuss’ under the tree

“Naming Geisel as its author is akin to putting a star on the belly of a Sneetch to give it credibility.” — Betty Breuhaus

When they’re not on their game, NFL refs tilt the contest

“Patriots fans’ frustrations arose from the fact that their enjoyment was in the hands of the game’s officiating crew.” — Eric Zaccaro

Increasing felony theft threshold for shoplifting would be step in wrong direction

“If professional criminals or repeat offenders are unwilling to take advantage of the opportunity presented by such leniency, then they should certainly be held accountable.” — Ryan C. Kearney

Inadequate care inflicts trauma on inmates, jeopardizes safety for all

“Are we, the public, safer because inmates die in hospital wards, debilitated by end-stage cancer, shackled to their beds, and in pain?” — Peg Malt

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