Urban roads aren’t meant for bicycles

Bicycle commuters were spotted near Porter Square in 2011.


Bikes aren’t treated like cars for a very good reason: Bikes aren’t like cars.

Donald Trump spoke at the National Federation of Republican Assemblies on Saturday in Nashville.


Donald Trump, the unrivaled braggart

The Republican front-runner represents the elevation of unabashed egotism in national politics.

opinion | Ronald S. Sullivan Jr.

Black Lives Matter occupies an important space

This country has been silent for decades as citizens of color have been killed by those sworn to protect and serve.

Keith Hall.


A welcome challenge to GOP’s tax-cutting dogma

It’s good to see the new Republican-appointed director of the Congressional Budget Office acknowledge that supply-side economics doesn’t work.

From Globe Opinion

morning opinion digest

Gay marriage showdown in Ky., unleashing Carly Fiorina, and more

Check out five opinions trending online, from the pope’s abortion declaration to those “Yankees Suck” T-shirts.


‘Sesame Street’ and the powers that be

“If it had been up to [the suits], there would have been no ‘Sesame Street.’ ” — Ron Evett

letters | builders miss diversity targets

Where’s the commitment to boost hiring of women?

“Hiring requirements for women, and pay equity for women, will be achieved when these issues become important to society.” — Jane Seiden Adler

From Globe Ideas

Sexism in science leads to willful blindness

The habits of mind that once almost entirely barred women from the lab remain at work.

Uncommon Knowledge  

Obamacare could mean a drop in abortions

An economist analyzed data from states that enacted contraception insurance mandates before the federal law was in place.


When propaganda displaces democracy

Its influence on citizens’ choices can’t be overstated — and is even harder to overcome.

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