Renée Graham

Kim Davis follows the footsteps of George Wallace

Kim Davis (right), the Rowan County, Ky., clerk of court, spoke with David Moore on Tuesday after her office continued to refuse to issue marriage licenses.


This uncivil civil servant isn’t a religious freedom fighter. She’s a homophobe, pure and simple.

Editorial cartoon: Airing out Deflategate

Is this goodbye for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell?


// Voters must demand political realism on Iran

On the campaign trail, it’s often easier to indulge in pipe dreams than to acknowledge reality.


Wanted: a forceful new advocate for children

The Baker administration should prioritize finding a successor to lead the Massachusetts Office of the Child Advocate.

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letters | Judge rules in Brady’s favor

A clear rebuke of Roger Goodell’s leadership

“It boggles the mind to think that Deflategate ever went this far.” — Speros A. Zakas

letters | judge rules in Brady’s favor

Gotta believe in Tom Brady

“It stands to reason that a man who can perform as well as Brady does not need to cheat to win.” — John D. Murphy


Spirit of Harvard Square would suffer under glass enclosure

“Harvard Square is more than just a home for Harvard.” — Doug Holder

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uncommon knowledge

Stopping illegal immigration could mean building up Mexican women

Researchers found that men were less likely to migrate if the woman had more say in household decisions and control over resources.


Call (back) the midwife!

US doctors have monopolized childbirth and made deliveries more complicated than necessary.


Surprise! The earth has trillions more trees than we thought

A new study finds that there are 750 percent more trees than the previous best estimate.

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