Jessica Rinaldi/Globe staff/file 2014

A final blow to Boston’s Olympic bid

The bid elicited a citywide conversation about Boston’s future, and the challenge now is to keep that forward-looking energy going. By The Editorial Board

Joan Vennochi

// No Boston Olympics activists are heroes

Boston 2024 never made a convincing case that the Olympic process was the best way to grow the city for everyone.

opinion | Hillary Clinton

Profit sharing is a win-win

The presidential candidate touts the effects of profit sharing on employees’ paychecks as well as the economy as a whole.


// Time to move on from Boston’s fling with the Olympics

Civic progress requires a willingness to entertain big ideas — but also knowing when things aren’t working out.

opinion | Conor Yunits

// The Boston Olympics are dead; the year 2024 is alive and well

Let’s keep the postmortems to a minimum and get to work immediately on the future.

Taylor Swift held concerts over the weekend at Gillette Stadium.


What Taylor Swift says — and what she doesn’t

Swift knows how to capture fans, but she misses an opportunity.

A Boy Scout wore his kerchief embroidered with a rainbow knot during Salt Lake City’s annual gay pride parade in 2014.


Boy Scouts usher in an inclusive era

Racing to catch up with modern America, the Boy Scouts ended their ban on openly gay leaders. This is a welcome outcome.

Frank Scott visited a memorial to Sandra Bland last week in Texas.

What they’re saying: Sandra Bland, raising the gas tax

What opinion writers around the world have to say about key issues.

dan wasserman

Editorial cartoons by Dan Wasserman

A look at the most recent illustrated viewpoints from Globe editorial cartoonist Dan Wasserman.

Editorial: US-Cuba relations

// Lift travel and trade restrictions

The removal of the Draconian embargo is long overdue.

Editorial: The Iran nuclear deal

// This is better than no deal at all

For the time being, this accord resolves one of the most pressing foreign policy challenges facing the world.

President Obama

// Why America needs the Export-Import Bank

Congressional leaders should call a vote to reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

// Norman Rockwell’s big worldview

In celebration of the United Nations’s 70th anniversary, Rockwell’s “We the Peoples” is on display at the UN’s headquarters.