Alex Beam

Please, no more posthumous awards!

brian stauffer for the boston globe

Celebrate the living while we have them. Post-mortem festivities benefit only ourselves.

Vice President Joe Biden.


Joe Biden’s case for Joe Biden

Who is a better antidote to the guarded Hillary Clinton and the safe campaign she is trying to run?

Chando Spuffrant (right), a driver for 21 years and founder of the Boston Taxi Driver Association, led a chant during a strike Monday near Cambridge City Hall.


Taxi drivers have a legitimate beef — but it’s not with Uber

Regulation doesn’t exist to protect one sort of transportation service over another; it’s there to protect consumers.

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letters | push is on in Mass. for a graduated tax

Attack on Fair Share amendment light on context

“Readers deserve a few facts so that they can form their own conclusions.” — Steve Crawford


Celebrating strides being made in electronic health records

“Health care technology is still in its infancy. We shouldn’t be surprised to see complex, highly adapted systems in a closely regulated and evolving industry.” — Jaffer Traish

letters | push is on in Mass. for a graduated tax

Group poised to fight anew against bid for graduated tax

“Citizens for Limited Taxation emerged as the state’s largest taxpayers’ organization after winning the 1976 battle. . . . We will be poised to lead the charge once more.” — Chip Faulkner


Beach memories should be built on natural beauty, not tire tracks

“The proliferation of SUVs has wreaked havoc on our precious and public natural resources.” — J. Perry O’Connor


Anniversary of disabilities act only underscores how far we still have to go

“As a disabled woman who was 8 when the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed, I think that media coverage of the recent anniversary misrepresents the state of the world.” — Meghan Schrader

What they’re saying: The Democratic primary, Planned Parenthood

What opinion writers around the world have to say about key issues.

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