This runner showed off his tutu as he raced past Wellesley College last year.

Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff/File 2013

This runner showed off his tutu as he raced past Wellesley College last year.

Even tutus have a place in the race

The smug may believe Fortune favors the fast, but she smiles upon everyone bold enough to enter the race. By Jennifer Graham


Looking back, running ahead

The cowardly bombings in our city a year ago were overshadowed by the selfless acts of bystanders and our professional first responders.

The slaying of Jennifer Martel, allegedly by Jared Remy, has prompted calls for harsher punishments in domestic assaults, including lengthened jail sentences.

opinion | Nancy Gertner and Emily Baker-White

More laws, more violence?

Proposals for stronger domestic-violence laws could backfire on victims.


For Northeastern adjuncts, organizing is a no-brainer

Improving the status of adjunct faculty is a cause that benefits the entire university community, and all should embrace it.

Puddy Cat’s owner was allegedly a victim of a scam.


Puddy Cat: Elder abuse is no joke

The case of two Brighton women accused of bilking an elderly woman of $450,000 meant for the care of her cat belies a serious issue.


The ‘Quincy model’: Saving the lives of addicts

The Quincy police set an example for the nation when they began carrying an anti-overdose drug called naloxone in 2010.

Editorial cartoon: Ukraine and Russia

Cartoonist Tom Toles takes a look at Russia’s approach to its neighbor in crisis.