Opinion | Stephen Kinzer

On Syria: Thank you, Russia!

A Russian Su-34 bomber prepared for a combat mission over Syria on Jan. 20. Russian warplanes have flown over 5,700 combat missions sinceSeptember 2015.

Vladimir Isachenkov/AP

The US would be more secure if it had followed Russia’s foreign policy lead in the past.

Photos of Mary Meuse, who died after anaccident at her nursing home in December.


Nursing home oversight must be stepped up, quickly

Lax – or, in some cases, nonexistent – oversight has led to unsafe and even dangerous conditions in the state’s nursing homes.

Opinion | Kelly Kasulis

Asian Barbie’s evolution wasn’t intelligently designed

Last month, Mattel announced a new collection of Barbie body types, but for all the good intentions, some of the changes miss the mark.

Opinion | Steve Almond

How to talk to your kids about Donald Trump

An easy-to-follow guide for what to do when your young child brings up Trump.

Opinion | Barbara Lee

What if Bernie Sanders were a woman?

If Bernie Sanders were a woman running to be commander in chief, would he be taken seriously?

Dakota Johnson, left, and Rebel Wilson in a scene from

Opinion | Micaela Connery

Why are you still single?

As “How to Be Single’’ hits theaters, women are faced with the more challenging question than how. Why?


John Tyler is a good reminder: Running mates matter

When President William Henry Harrison died in April 1841, Tyler took control by declaring he was more than just a caretaker.


Messing with Mother Nature to stop the Zika virus

The Zika virus is tempting some scientists and public health officials to mess with Mother Nature to save lives. But is it ethical?

Opinion | Eric Fehrnstrom

Why Elizabeth Warren can’t endorse Hillary Clinton

Clinton’s relationship with Wall Street is too cozy, especially as the beneficiary of outsized speaking fees from big banks.


Build a fiber network in Boston

To allow all city residents to drive in the same technological fastlane is to maximize their potential.

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