Complicit in racism

Unwittingly, yet not altogether innocently, whites are all supporting police brutality. By Joyce Carol Oates

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

opinion | Michael A. Cohen

Democrats should boycott Netanyahu’s speech

To attend would legitimize Boehner and Netanyahu’s actions and give a boost to the Israeli prime minister’s reelection effort.

A Tough Mudder competitor wears a camera at a 2012 race.


Are we really tough enough for extreme sports?

There have always been extreme sensation-seekers. And there have always been people with a different sense of limits.


Foreshadowing the charter school debate

Both sides are said to be mulling statewide ballot questions.

Globe columnist Joanna Weiss and her family have applied Vaseline and aloe to their chickens’ combs and feet to ward off frostbite.


Helping feathered neighbors this winter

Columnists Dante Ramos and Joanna Weiss discuss this season’s effects on New England’s animals.


Boston-only alcohol tax would be an unfair burden

The tax proposed by two city councilors is well-meaning but misguided.

A plastic basket with a pink flag was used as a space saver in January in the South End.


Boston should have clear rules for space savers

The city should stop giving the practice any semi-official sanction.

Editorial cartoon: Benjamin Netanyahu

Cartoonist Mike Luckovich examines the Israeli prime minister’s plans to speak before Congress and its effects on his country’s relationship with the US.

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Illustrated column

derrick z. jackson

// ‘I’m a statistic’

Examine the positive numbers about young black men.

Editorial series: ‘Service Not Included’

// Diners should demand high quality for workers as well as the food

Americans have started asking questions about every aspect of a restaurant’s operations — except for how employees are treated.

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Baker’s MBTA panel needs to provide fresh thinking, concrete steps

It’s tempting to dismiss the creation of yet another committee of experts to figure out what’s ailing the MBTA, given Beacon Hill’s willingness to ignore the findings of past blue ribbon panels. But the latest MBTA advisory panel, assembled by Governor Charlie Baker, deserves a chance to do its job.