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Defeat the Islamic State

The Obama administration must build international momentum to confront and defeat the militants. By Nussaibah Younis and Robert Caruso


Baker, Fisher debate the way forward

In a discussion Monday, the two Republican gubernatorial candidates laid out starkly different strategies for how to rebuild the party in Mass.

Obama’s foreign policy didn’t lead where he expected it to, and there is no shame in admitting it.


Your strategy was wrong, Mr. President

President Obama’s foreign policy didn’t lead where he expected it to, and there’s no shame in admitting it.

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Give Sofia Vergara a break (and some applause)

One shouldn’t put a woman on a pedestal. Unless that woman is Sofia Vergara.


Teamsters’ alleged slurs raise doubts about film tax credit

If taxpayers conclude that bullying bigots feel entitled to their tax-credit money, the film incentive program’s days will probably be numbered.

Actress Sophia Vergara arrives on the red carpet for the 66th Emmy Awards Monday.


Sofia Vergara’s meta joke unmasks a real issue

Many viewers of the Emmys took a skit that featured Vergara as misogyny and questioned whether she had let herself be used.


Boston’s break-out tech star?

Wayfair, which announced an IPO, is part of a growing hotspot of consumer-facing companies in the Boston area.

Editorial cartoon: Talking about race

The latest from syndicated editorial cartoonist Jack Ohman.

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