Mental illness not a crime; why treat it that way?

In Massachusetts, many with schizophrenia are locked up in barren cells, bound and alone. If it happened anywhere else, we’d call it torture. By Roderick MacLeish and Stephen Delinsky


A former rep’s Rx for Congress

At a time when many political scientists favor strong parties, Mickey Edwards, former Republican congressman from Oklahoma, has a contrary view.

Derrick Z. Jackson | OP/EXTRA

Supreme Court upholds tyranny of the majority

The decision to uphold Michigan’s affirmative action ban upheld the right of white voters to continue to roll back the clock.

Opinion | MIKE ROSS

Boston weather brings underappreciated gifts

Our weather is the unsung hero that contributes to the region’s adaptiveness, competitiveness, and even its safety.


Hold the search: McDonough is best chief for city’s schools

Interim superintendent John McDonough has what no outside candidate can bring: A deep institutional knowledge of the system and its unique mission.

Mike Luckovich

Editorial cartoon: Obamacare pushes on

Editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich on Obamacare’s condition and the Republican reaction.