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Pope Francis leaves at the end of a mass to mark the opening of the synod on the family in Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican Oct. 5.


Pope Francis leaves at the end of a mass to mark the opening of the synod on the family in Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican Oct. 5.

Can Pope Francis heal the deep divisions in Christianity?

The pope is preparing the ground for a historic breakthrough between Catholics and evangelicals. By Austen Ivereigh

opinion | Bina Venkataraman

Why weren’t we better prepared for Ebola?

This is part of a much larger war, where private sector interest is not enough to protect public health.

Recent rape allegations against actor-comedian Bill Cosby have affected his career.


Rape allegations hurt Bill Cosby but sail past Bill Clinton

Maybe we expect more from a sitcom fantasy figure than we do from real-life politicians.

Bank of Japan governor Haruhiko Kuroda answers press questions Wednesday. The bank held on to its view that Japan’s economy is recovering.


Japan doesn’t offer clear tax policy lessons

Taxes are only one factor in explaining economics, even Japan’s recent problems.

On Wednesday, Israeli police officers carried the coffin of their colleague Zidan Saif, who died after being shot during Tuesday’s attack in Jerusalem at a synagogue.


The Jewish state’s newest hero wasn’t Jewish

Terrorists may have killed Zidan Saif, a Druze police officer, but his memory will be a lasting blessing.


On 2024 Olympics, the time for discussion in Boston is now

USOC officials shouldn’t view the airing of concerns as a sign that an Olympics wouldn’t work.


Peace in Syria requires Saudi Arabia and Iran thaw

The United States should do what it can to encourage better relations.

A US Border Patrol agent looks toward Mexico from the bank of the Rio Grande near McAllen, Texas.


Border patrol needs to clean up, not more funding

A surge in funding would exacerbate the issues plaguing border security.

dan wasserman

Editorial cartoons by Dan Wasserman

A look at the most recent illustrated viewpoints from Globe editorial cartoonist Dan Wasserman.

Arts everywhere

special section

// Growing Boston’s arts scene

The creative community weighs in on Massachusetts’ potential.

Alan Dershowitz on fighting terrorism

// War of principles

How should a democracy decide when to compromise its ideals in pursuit of victory over terrorists?

George Mitchell on Mideast peace

// How we got here

The prospect of Israeli and Palestinian peace may seem more distant than ever. But a two-state solution is still the only path forward.