Madeleine May Kunin

When Bernie Sanders ran against me in Vermont

Madeleine Kunin took the oath of office in Montpelier on Jan. 10, 1984. An overflowing crowd watched as Kunin became the first female governor of Vermont.

Toby Talbot/AP/File 1984

Sanders focused like a laser beam on class analysis, but women’s issues to him were essentially a distraction.

Ted Cruz greeted supporters on Monday after his win in Iowa.


Saying ‘No’ to ethanol in Iowa

Ted Cruz’s victory in the Iowa caucuses shot down once and for all the myth that no candidate can win Iowa without kowtowing to the ethanol lobby.

Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton debated at the University of New Hampshire on Thursday.

Michael. A. Cohen

Sanders flunks on foreign policy

Bernie is a one-trick pony, railing against the evils of Wall Street.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton shook hands during the Democratic debate in New Hampshire on Thursday night.


Ambition, conviction on the debate stage

Sanders is a candidate of pure conviction; Clinton is a candidate of pure ambition. That is what the primary choice comes down to.

Alex Beam

Trump’s celebrity endorsers

It’s a very nonelite group of people who are punch lines to “Where Are They Now?” jokes made by open-mic comedians.

Donald Trump addressed the crowd during an event at Exeter Town Hall in Exeter, N.H. Thursday.


New Hampshire: Please be kind to Donald Trump

Even narcissistic billionaires have feelings.

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio greeted supporters in New Hampshire on Thursday.

Michael A. Cohen

Don’t call Marco Rubio ‘moderate’

Marco Rubio is not “moderate” by any measure. If anything, Rubio is the most conservative candidate in the GOP field.


// State Senate should toughen public records law

The Senate should stand up for the public’s right to know and strengthen the Commonwealth’s weak open records law.

dan wasserman

// Editorial cartoons by Dan Wasserman

A look at the most recent illustrated viewpoints from Globe editorial cartoonist Dan Wasserman.

Opinion | Renée Graham

Slave movies shine a light on our troubled past

It is essential that we are exposed to anything that seeks to illuminate both our troubled past and the present-day repercussions.


Fixing the Iowa caucus ‘debacle’

The Democratic Iowa caucus results should be audited and raw votes should be released.

opinion | hks policycast

// Former Harvard football player talks the dangers of CTE

Chris Nowinski, who cofounded the Concussion Legacy Foundation, makes the case that chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a public health crisis.

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From Globe Opinion

opinion | Catalina Martínez Coral

Zika is a reproductive rights issue

Putting the burden on women to curb the effects of the virus is not a solution. It’s discriminatory and unsustainable.

MS-13 began not in Salvador, but in US

“MS-13 is now strong in the same communities where the Mafia was powerful.” — Leigh Hardy

Federal agency’s decision won’t keep pipeline’s foes from fighting project

“Local opposition is strong and Boston politicians and other elected officials will feel plenty of encouragement to stick to their promises to fight this project.” — The Rev. Anne Bancroft

Energy agency’s thinking on what constitutes harm is not much of a comfort

“According to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, no evidence of the potential for ‘irreparable harm’ was set forth.” — Christopher L. Chase

From Globe Ideas

Ideas | Jonathan Schlefer

America is too liberal to elect Bernie Sanders

Believe it or not, liberalism is America’s conservative tradition.

Opinion | Matt Gallagher

Back home then, back home now

The reality faced by many veterans is that they sometimes struggle to find an identity beyond their completed service.

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