Globe file, 1964

Boston Public Library wasn’t the target — what was inside was

Though the target of last year’s attacks was the Marathon, all fanatics, including the bombers, hate knowledge. By Dennis Lehane

Derrick Z. Jackson

GOP’s 2016 goals: Restrict voting, win

The effort to deny full participation in the political process by all Americans remains stunningly obvious.

Soleri inspired four biopics.


Paolo Soleri’s humane, radical urban vision

The architect was a charismatic dreamer best known for Arcosanti, the utopian community he oversaw 70 miles north of Phoenix.


Bloomberg Businessweek lays another egg

“Freeze Your Eggs, Free Your Career” is, as usual, a tale of the elite.


Globe Opinion weekly news quiz: Friday April 18

Were you paying attention this week? Test your knowledge of world events, celebrities, and obscure astronomical occurrences in this week’s Globe Opinion news quiz.

Editorial cartoon: US foreign policy

Cartoonist Tom Toles takes a look at US strategy in global relations.

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He who should be named

If we lock Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s name and image in an airtight safe, we give him a lingering power he doesn’t deserve.