Steven Sotloff was one of two American journalists beheaded by ISIS militants.

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Steven Sotloff was one of two American journalists beheaded by ISIS militants.

Why beheading?

There are other ways to terrorize, other gruesome means of mass murder. By Jeff Jacoby

Bigotry doesn’t work in the US marketplace. But boycotts don’t either.

opinion | Jennifer Graham

Chick-fil-A boycott is over

The market forgives, even when individuals do not.

Alex Salmond’s 20-year career as head of the Scottish National Park ended with Thursday’s vote.


Scotland vote is a big win for democracy

The fight between competing ideals — and the passion of an electorate that turned out in droves — caught the world’s attention.


Martha Coakley, Charlie Baker take note: Head-to-head debates help

The gubernatorial campaign has now reached a stage that could be termed “the debate over debates.”

Editorial cartoon: NFL and domestic violence

Cartoonist Mike Luckovich takes a look at how the league deals with cases of domestic abuse.

Alan Dershowitz on fighting terrorism

// War of principles

How should a democracy decide when to compromise its ideals in pursuit of victory over terrorists?

George Mitchell on Mideast peace

// How we got here

The prospect of Israeli and Palestinian peace may seem more distant than ever. But a two-state solution is still the only path forward.

The Work Issue

// Changing the dialogue about work

From freelancing to robots, a variety of writers discuss some of the changes to the labor market.


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Online-only charts, interactives, and quick hits from Globe Opinion writers.