Joanna Weiss

Women don’t need Obama’s ‘Julia’ avatar

OK, it’s time for the presidential campaigns to stop talking about women. Seriously: It isn’t helping. Last month, it was Mitt Romney’s fuzzy-math suggestion that women lost more jobs than men in the recession. Now comes the latest bid from the Obama camp, the “Life of Julia” infographic that hit the web late last week.

The graphic shows a theoretical woman at various stages of her life, and compares her lot under Obama’s policies and Romney’s, with predictable results. At 3, Julia is eligible for Head Start funds, unless those theoretical Romney budget cuts take hold! At 27, her health care plan pays for her birth control, unless Romney moves forward with that Obamacare repeal! At 42, she qualifies for a Small Business Administration loan, unless that “Romney/Ryan” budget shrinks the pot!

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