The Steve Grossman kidney stone slogan challenge

Steve Grossman passed a kidney stone during a gubernatorial debate last week. You may have heard about this during the ensuing media frenzy, or read about it in a fund-raising letter Grossman’s campaign later sent out to supporters. (“He’s shown he’s got the grit and determination to deliver the results we need.”)

This is campaigning in the modern era — you get your name recognition where you can — and it’s hard to blame Grossman’s staff for capitalizing on the news. It’s also hard to know exactly when to stop. A Grossman spokeswoman says that, three fund-raising letters later, the campaign is moving on. But there’s precedent, in Massachusetts’ recent past, for latching onto an idea and clinging forever. So, just in case, we’ve come up with suggestions for new Grossman campaign slogans. Add yours to the comments, and maybe we’ll make a bumper sticker out of it, too.

With contributions from Joanna Weiss, Noah Guiney, Alex Pearlman, and Heather Hopp-Bruce