opinion | Anthony A. Braga and Edward L. Glaeser

‘Stop-and-frisk’ won’t work for Boston

It’s tempting to compare crime rates with New York’s, but that measure can be deceiving

By targeting individuals and partnering with local residents, law enforcement has been creative about fighting crime on city streets

There were 251 shootings in Boston during 2013, including 33 homicides. Recent studies show only 5 percent of Boston street corners and blocks experienced more than 70 percent of all shootings between 1980 and 2008 – only a few of which happened near police stations. So far, 2014 seems to maintain that trend. Click through this interactive for details on shootings in 2006, 2013, and so far in 2014.

Total shootings
*Through March 22, 2014
Assault and Battery with dangerous weapon
Current Police District Stations

SOURCE: Boston Police Department, FBI

Chiqui Esteban, Patrick Garvin/Globe Staff