Editorial cartoon: Stowaway

Editorial cartoonist Jack Ohman’s take on air travel safety.


Jacoby Ellsbury was classier than the fans who booed him

Perhaps booing the former Sox player was just a function of the Sox-Yankees rivalry. But it was rude and ungrateful, nonetheless.


Cornrows have Army twisted in knots

The Army has new hairstyle restrictions that black female soldiers say unfairly target them.


Everett’s land-buying scheme should draw official scrutiny

Faced with the distinct possibility of losing out on a casino, Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria has resorted to some creative measures to keep the plan alive.

Editorial cartoon: Obamacare pushes on

Editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich on Obamacare’s condition and the Republican reaction.


Hold the search: McDonough is best chief for city’s schools

Interim superintendent John McDonough has what no outside candidate can bring: A deep institutional knowledge of the system and its unique mission.


Little Joe Cook stirred the melting pot in Central Square

Rhythm-and-blues singer Little Joe Cook built a musical home in Cambridge when racial wariness was at its height.

Editorial cartoon

Annexing the nesting dolls

Editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez on Russia’s strategies.


Four-year degree in three? Follow Wesleyan’s example

Wesleyan announced the plan alongside other decisions designed to keep the cost of a college education under control.


For Bostonians and runners, a joyful day to remember

The vicious act of terrorism that struck last year’s Marathon failed to disrupt this year’s event. This spring really did bring renewal.


FOR THE RECORD: An April 15 editorial incorrectly included New Jersey and Texas among the states that have not adopted the Uniform Trade Secrets Act.


Gabriel Garcia Marquez case shows need to let critics visit US

What did the United States accomplish by banning the author from the country for so long?


Ukraine’s stability depends on neutrality, pressure on Putin

The best way to keep Ukraine whole is to return it to a state of geopolitical neutrality.


The ‘Quincy model’: Saving the lives of addicts

The Quincy police set an example for the nation when they began carrying an anti-overdose drug called naloxone in 2010.


For Northeastern adjuncts, organizing is a no-brainer

Improving the status of adjunct faculty is a cause that benefits the entire university community, and all should embrace it.


Puddy Cat: Elder abuse is no joke

The case of two Brighton women accused of bilking an elderly woman of $450,000 meant for the care of her cat belies a serious issue.


For Ted Kennedy Jr., starting small shows larger spirit

There’s something deeply refreshing about a scion of the famous family who is willing to pay his dues.


English language learners need help, not an inflexible state mandate

Lawmakers need to enact a policy aimed at producing the best academic results for students.


Taking down the red flag at beaches this summer

An overabundance of caution on the part of state health officials leads to scores of unnecessary beach closures each season.


IRS cutbacks: Tax cheating gets easier

The agency will do 100,000 fewer audits this year, which could result in the loss of more than $1 billion in revenue.


Separatists lose Quebec vote: Say oui to globalism

The election suggests that voters in the predominantly French-speaking province are looking past the identity politics of bygone decades.


Why is Mayor Walsh hiding details of proposed fire contract?

There were no legal or ethical reasons to withhold the terms of the tentative deal from the public.


Seeking the right answers

Fire Commissioner John Hassan deserves praise for inviting federal investigators to review the March 26 blaze that killed two firefighters.


Disturbing questions arise at Florida State

A case involving Florida State is a reminder that, especially when athletic figures are implicated, authorities on and off campus may be tempted to cover up.


Harvard’s sex-assault policy should require explicit consent

At schools such as Dartmouth, Yale, and MIT, undergraduate handbooks specify that sex is only deemed consensual if both parties actively agree to it.