endorsement | democratic primary

Seth Moulton for Congress

The Globe’s editorial board believes Moulton offers the best chance for effectiveness and influence in Washington in representing the Sixth District.


Failure to confirm ambassadors has real costs

Republicans have blamed the delay on a handful of poorly prepared political nominees. But that’s not the real cause of the backlog.

endorsement | Democratic primary

Maura Healey for attorney general

The Globe’s editorial board says Healey has a clear focus on the core responsibilities of the office.

endorsement | Democratic primary

Tom Conroy for treasurer

The Globe’s editorial board says Conroy shows the most fluency in the details of the job.

endorsement | Democratic primary

Steve Grossman for governor

The Globe’s editorial board says Grossman has a CEO’s eye for seizing opportunities.


Roger Goodell deserves credit for getting tougher on domestic abuse

The NFL commissioner’s new rules finally make domestic violence more serious in the eyes of the league.

endorsement | Republican primary

Charlie Baker for governor

The Globe’s editorial board says Baker is a creative manager who is committed to rooting out waste and finding new ways to solve problems.


Who should pay for classroom technology?

The ultimate solution may be for foundations, donors, or tech companies to step in.


Arthur T. Demoulas prevails, but with lessons to learn

Keeping Arthur T.’s allies and private equity investors together over time will require, at the least, greater diplomacy.


Russian provocations should prompt EU response

It’s become increasingly clear that European hesitancy and mixed messages gave President Putin license to keep up his interference in Ukraine.


Cease-fire marks start of real work toward peace in Gaza

For this cease-fire to have a real impact, it must open the border to food, medicine, and other civilian goods, while keeping weapons out.


Gaming Commission shouldn’t skimp on background checks

The panel needs to look into reports that Mohegan Sun may have violated the terms of its agreement with a Palmer landowner last year.


Clearing the way for justice

This week, Attorney General Martha Coakley wisely named a special prosecutor to conduct an independent probe into the death of Joshua Messier at Bridgewater State Hospital.

Eye on Market Basket board is clouded by stereotypes

Jason Mahon: Betsy Stengel fairly highlights Shirley Leung’s reference to Market Basket’s all-male board of directors and properly suggests that the body should have a female director or two. Unfortunately, Stengel doesn’t stop there, but continues with a misguided assessment that is based entirely on stereotypes.


Boston’s break-out tech star?

Wayfair, which announced an IPO, is part of a growing hotspot of consumer-facing companies in the Boston area.


Sofia Vergara’s meta joke unmasks a real issue

Many viewers of the Emmys took a skit that featured Vergara as misogyny and questioned whether she had let herself be used.


Teamsters’ alleged slurs raise doubts about film tax credit

If taxpayers conclude that bullying bigots feel entitled to their tax-credit money, the film incentive program’s days will probably be numbered.


New liquor licenses raise hopes of restaurant-driven revival

A law expanding alcohol licenses should give would-be restaurateurs a chance to pursue their dreams in underserved neighborhoods.


Hamersley’s Bistro demonstrated how restaurants can revive neighborhoods

Gordon and Fiona Hamersley bet big on a still-gritty South End when they opened their Hamersley’s Bistro in 1987.


Jaffier murder deprives Boston of vibrant presence

Dawnn Jaffier’s death evokes memories of other innocent Bostonians who were shot and killed under similar circumstances.


NCAA rule changes should prompt UMass to reconsider football

The special treatment for the top conferences raises important questions for state taxpayers and the Minutemen.


Income inequality: Walking the walk

It is a rare soul indeed who gives up a quarter of his paycheck so janitors and groundskeepers can get a raise.


Long-awaited skate park picks up momentum

The unorthodox nature of the park and unnecessary fears over liability have slowed down this creative project.


State uses its high-speed rail funds wisely

Deval Patrick is leaving the next administration a great opportunity to help western Massachusetts.


Is squatting in one’s office a new congressional perk?

Legislators consider it a political advantage to advertise the shabbiness of their Washington lodgings; it shows they haven’t put down roots.