GMO labeling bill lacks a scientific justification

Until there is a solid scientific reason to believe that genetically modified crops are unhealthy, a labeling requirement would only confuse consumers.

Risking everything to help Ebola victims

The outbreak would be worse if not for the efforts of medical workers, and it is especially poignant that they have been among the victims.

Mother reported for child in hot car

Police should apologize to mother reported for child neglect

The mother accidentally locked her child in a car and called Boston police for assistance.


Next prison commissioner must embrace reform, independent oversight

An independent authority’s greatest role would be to assure the public that all reports of prisoner abuse are investigated fairly and thoroughly.


Baker’s good example in releasing tax returns

Charlie Baker, the likely Republican nominee for governor, has bucked a recent trend among some gubernatorial candidates in Mass.


Boorish host, gutless station

Entercom suspended Kirk Minihane not immediately after his recent comments but when it learned it would lose advertising dollars.


Superintendents fail to set an example for students on citing sources

When offering platitudes, at least make sure they’re your own.


Boston schools go too far with audio surveillance of school buses

Recording every word out of a student’s mouth raises serious privacy concerns.


Retroactive justice for non-violent drug offenders

Treatment is a far better option than prison for many of these individuals.


Obama must clear his own path on immigration

President Obama would be wise, in the absence of clearer guidelines from Congress, to pursue a pragmatic middle ground.


A striking monument to Edna St. Vincent Millay

Steepletop, the farm just across the New York border from the Berkshire hills, is where the poet’s life and work came together.


‘Safe Access Bill’ protects women and free speech

Those who bemoaned the Supreme Court’s decision to invalidate the buffer zone should give the new law a chance to work.


Walsh’s new tech chief faces challenges, opportunities

If Jascha Franklin-Hodge chooses initiatives carefully and deploys resources creatively, the city will benefit.


Tony Dungy strikes out in swing at Michael Sam

One would think that a little sensitivity would be in order.


Mass. must rethink how it manages technology

Software projects are getting too large — and too expensive — to be entrusted to one firm alone.

Porous borders lead to poor policy

Joseph Mastriani: Nations have borders for reasons of sovereignty and application of law. Why is ignoring this simple principle so appealing to so many?


New York’s ‘poor door’ conjures some ugly images

The two-door setup defeats the fundamental idea behind inclusionary housing.


Jury cracks down hard on Beacon Hill’s corrupt culture

The overall verdict in the probation case should prompt deeper introspection.


Salary of convention center director shouldn’t automatically go up

The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority should tie any additional salary or bonuses for Jim Rooney to his ability to meet benchmarks.


Senate should keep for-profit debt outfits out of Mass.

For-profit debt counseling companies, which often take huge fees, are looking for a foothold in Mass.


Goats replace weed whackers in Hyde Park

The goats in Hyde Park are a natural way to get rid of pesky plants.


Standing up for a good boss

The controversy around Market Basket is about an idea that’s become almost quaint: a boss that workers love.


Netanyahu should consider future costs of Gaza invasion

Israel’s immediate gains risk exacerbating the long-term problem, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s stance calls into question the viability of a two-state solution.


In looting crash site, Ukrainian separatists show contempt for victims

No justification exists for the disrespectful abuse of passengers’ remains and the delay in giving access to outside inspectors.


A successful Donna Summer roller disco party

The party last Friday at City Hall Plaza attracted a large and far more diverse crowd than most public events in Boston.