Crusading is fine, but Hillary can get the job done

“If Bernie is the true crusader, Hillary Clinton is the true politician.” — Brian Karlsson-Barnes

Why are we divided on marijuana legalization?

“I’m perplexed that recent polls show a divided electorate on the question of legalization in my home state.” — Brian Collins


Make methadone easier to get

Methadone has long been shown to be an effective treatment for heroin addiction. Why do we make it so hard to get?


Tapping Kaine as VP, Clinton chooses the smart, safe path

Tim Kaine is a moderate in an age of extremes, a symbol of continuity and respectful public service in a time of great upheaval.

Complaint against Walpole Chief of Police is without merit

“The complaint is without merit. He did not tell voters how he thought they shouldvote, nor did he misuse public funds.” — William G. Brooks

Christian, conservative, Republican — what about American?

“It would be a mistake to install a person who opposes fundamental American ideals a heartbeat away from the Presidency.” — Keith Backman

Public easement proposal goes too far

“William Galvin and the Massachusetts Historic District Commission are correct to object to allowing Beacon Hill developers the right to build window wells on the State House lawn.” — Frank J. Parker

State House lawn belongs to all, and it shouldn’t be for sale

“What’s next, a yard sale of historic documents?” — Nancy Serventi


Drop the curtain on theater tax credit

The Massachusetts film credit has been a failure. Now another special interest – theatrical productions – is clamoring for a sequel.


Vote early, and even earlier

Governor Charlie Baker was wrong to veto funding that would help smooth the rollout of a statewide early-voting program in time for the November election.


The Cocoanut Grove fire and the importance of preserving history

The dispute over a historical plaque commemorating the Cocoanut Grove fire should serve as a lesson for Boston property owners and developers.


It’s high time to end pregnancy discrimination

Massachusetts legislators should swiftly pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act so women don’t have to choose between a healthy pregnancy or a job.

Editorial cartoon: The GOP’s anti-gay agenda


Legislature should override Baker’s arts veto

The cuts reduce the arts budget by more than half, to its 1994 level.


A swing and a miss on Mike Pence

Indiana governor Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s choice for a running mate, has virtually no foreign policy experience and no serious legislative achievements in Congress.


Let Boeing sell jets to Iran Air

Congress should drop its latest efforts to punish Iran.


China should abide by ruling on rocks and reefs

The hotly anticipated ruling of an international tribunal on Tuesday rejected many of China’s territorial claims.


Put Boston teens to work as summer lifeguards

More student lifeguards could solve both the teen summer unemployment problem and the lifeguard shortage.


State Dept. should demand UN take responsibility in Haiti

The US State Department should take the moral high ground and urge the UN to shoulder responsibility for the cholera epidemic in Haiti.


Legislators’ failure to approve tougher penalties for nursing home violations is inexcusable

An amendment that would have put more scrutiny on the facilities was wrongly stripped from the state budget.


The MBTA’s smart moves

Since the MBTA’s weather-related failures in early 2015, fixing the agency has been a top priority for the Baker administration.

I don’t own a bicycle. My last one was pink with handlebar streamers.


For Dallas and the nation, the only choice

It is possible to support both the police and the protesters – as a nation, we really have no other choice.


Taping police can be a crucial check on power

The Massachusetts legislature must fix the law and explicitly allow all taping of on-duty police in public.


State must deal with the grim aftermath of psychiatric hospital closings

The state’s failure to act on the lack of psychiatric beds has forced thousands of people to seek treatment in emergency rooms.