Boston’s underground vulnerabilities need fixing

The costs of water main breaks to businesses and residents are all too real.


Keeping the DREAM alive

The impending Trump presidency is exposing the true costs of failing to arrive at an immigration compromise.


Obama should help bring Dakota pipeline protest to peaceful end

President Obama should intervene in the increasingly dangerous standoff at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.


New Mass. pot law needs minor fixes, not big delays

The right to grow marijuana for personal use was a key feature, not an expendable footnote, of the legalization referendum.

Opinion | Barney Frank

Trump’s financial plans promise another Great Recession

Apparently, one aspect of American greatness that Donald Trump seeks to recreate is the Great Recession of 2008.


Congress should lift embargo on post-Castro Cuba

Fidel Castro brought the threat of nuclear war within 90 miles of US shores, a fact that should remind the incoming administration of the interlocking nature of global power.


Helping the police help others

A new state Senate bill to establish a center for a center in “Excellence in Community Policing and Behavioral Health” deserves passage.


No place in Mass. for prisoners of poverty

For the definition of a vicious cycle, look no further than the criminal justice system’s practice of assessing “fine time.”


Boston must spend its 1 percent tax hike wisely

Boston voters decided to hike their own taxes on Election Day — and now the city has to figure out the best way to invest the money.


For Ethel Rosenberg, a presidential pardon

Rosenberg was wrongfully convicted and executed in the 1950s. President Obama should make a historical reparation and grant her a presidential pardon.


Trump must respect dissent

Dissent is as American a tradition as apple pie or Apple computers.

When he ran for president, Donald Trump gave us every reason to believe that if he were to emerge victorious, democracy in America would be severely imperiled. If the first two weeks of Trump’s transition are any indication, those fears are quickly being realized.

Michael A. Cohen

Trapped in the Trump bubble

I immersed myself in writing about Trump and became convinced that America would see that he was unqualified for the presidency.


Highlighting Trump’s bigotry, not Clinton’s credibility

The press told voters what they should think and ignored what they did think.


Donald Trump puts a dangerous spin on Syrian policy

Trump’s position is Trump at his worst, putting a seductively simple spin on a dangerous and immoral approach.


A path forward for Boston’s waterfront

Big architecture and an attractive waterfront can go hand-in-hand.


Walsh opens painful, but needed, dialogue on race

Mayor Walsh’s new dialogue on racism, which kicks off Saturday, is important moment for the city.


Trump’s not-so-blind trust fails ethical standards

President-elect Trump is exempting himself from the corruption standard he applied so viciously to Hillary Clinton.


Get Washington out of the organic food business

It’s hard to expect the government to ensure that “organic” food labels are accurate when there’s no scientific certainty on what the term means.


After a big loss, Democrats need reform

Whether or not Nancy Pelosi wins reelection as minority leader, Congressional Democrats clearly need to take a hard look at reforming their party.


The gun lobby takes aim at Mass. judiciary

The elected members of the Massachusetts governor’s council should defy pressure from the gun lobby and confirm the nomination of Christopher Barry-Smith to the bench.


Trump’s team: The reasonable and the outrageous

All fair-minded Americans should be revolted by Trump’s appointment of Stephen Bannon as senior counselor and chief strategist.


Despite reforms, Mass. still lags on public records

A legislative commission that is due to release its findings next year should address all three major exemptions in the state’s public records law.


Trump must denounce outbreak of hate

Tuesday’s election has enabled a frightening new brand of harassment.


A promise Donald Trump can keep to veterans

Donald Trump can best serve veterans by tempering his chest-thumping rhetoric and working with Democrats.