Tebow: A moment of respect


After scoring a touchdown, some football players perform celebratory dances. Others leap into the stands. Tim Tebow, the Denver Broncos quarterback, goes down on one knee and prays. To some who follow sports, it is enough to make Tebow the most divisive athlete in years. He’s a devout, clean-living, 24-year-old QB who is either admired for his faith or demeaned for his “holier-than-thou’’ attitude.

In fact, Tebow’s piety is nothing new in pro sports. Prayer circles and Bible studies have long been locker-room staples. But what has really drawn attention to Tebow is that he has managed to win in unique and surprising ways. He has done this despite a chorus of detractors, convinced he could not be a successful NFL quarterback with an arm that produces passes that look like wobbling ducks rather than tight spirals.

Regardless of whether he credits his success to Christ or Krishna or no one at all, Tebow is worthy of admiration. Despite the naysayers, he persevered in his career and hasn’t backed off his prayer rituals. Fans should give him his due, and respect his religious choices.