At right price, tiny apartments could fuel big hopes in Boston

THEY MAY sound unappealing to the average Boston resident, but small, dorm-like apartments offering occupants little more than a “pod’’ bathroom, galley kitchen, and pull-out couch to sleep on could be the key to jumpstarting life in the burgeoning Innovation District - but only if these “micro-units’’ are offered at a price that’s in reach of their target tenants: young entrepreneurs and start-up employees looking to live downtown.

The developers’ current proposal, to build around 300 of the 375-square-foot micro-units and put them on the market for $1,500 a month, misses that mark. Surveys suggest that a $1,500-per-month rent is simply too expensive for one young person to cover on his or her own, and the units are too small for two to share. The city should work with developers to adjust their plans.

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