Hudak’s fountain of youth

IT WOULD be tempting to write off former GOP congressional candidate Bill Hudak’s latest exploits as just another quirky move by a quirky politician. But by hawking an age-reversal system to his followers, Hudak is abusing the trust that supporters showed in him.

Hudak built his e-mail list by running as the Tea Party champion against incumbent John F. Tierney in their North Shore district in 2010. He recently announced he would not run for the seat in 2012, but said he expected the Republican candidate to lose and that he would run against Tierney again in 2014.

Then came his message on Monday boasting of his new venture: “Alone, this system will lead to more youthful and longer life, increased oxygenation of the tissues and organs, preventing and reducing heart attacks, strokes, memory loss, and diseases of the brain which are caused by hardening and narrowing of the arteries, and more,’’ the Boxford lawyer said in an e-mail to supporters. “This will not be available in stores, but I have access to it, and so can you.’’


Hudak has every right to earn a living. But using a campaign list to push a dubious product showed poor judgment — especially if Hudak is serious about returning to the ring in 2014.