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    Scott Brown should condemn campaign aides’ childish tomahawk chops

    Scott Brown may be the Senate candidate you’d most like to have a beer with, but three of his aides looked like frat brothers after a keg party when they tomahawk-chopped and war-whooped their disapproval of Elizabeth Warren at a campaign rally. The gestures were meant to ridicule her having identified herself as part Native American at various points in her academic career. The issue appeared to have crested last spring, but Brown has eagerly revived it. That’s his right, but the tomahawk chops and war whoops were insulting to all Native Americans, who have fought for years against such stereotypical portrayals by sports fans. Brown was quick to say he didn’t condone the actions of his aides, but then swiftly tried to put the focus back on Warren. A firmer condemnation of such childish behavior would be more appropriate.