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Boston mayoral hopeful Consalvo proud to stand with students, teachers

Scot Lehigh has it right: I am proud to stand with Boston’s students, teachers, and the Boston Public Schools (“Consalvo earns an A+ in pandering,” Op-ed, Sept. 13).

I disagree with the corporate education reform groups. I oppose their blatant agenda to privatize Boston’s public schools and to siphon resources away from our neighborhood schools and children with special needs.

I’m for longer learning days, more teachers, better school security, more resources for special needs students, a strong superintendent, encouraging business involvement in schools, and stronger science and math curriculums. I have a 10-year plan to make every school in Boston a Level 1 school, not just the charters.


My kids go to the Roosevelt in Hyde Park. I’m not just a candidate, I’m a BPS parent, and I want our schools to be the best they can be. I think we can do that without demonizing teachers or leaving BPS students behind.

Rob Consalvo

Hyde Park

The writer, a Boston city councilor, is a candidate for mayor.