letters | Concerns over N.H. hydropower project

Costs of proposed energy project far outweigh gains

The Globe’s editorial concerning the Northern Pass project (“Gains outweigh the costs for hydropower from Quebec,” Sept. 15) compels me to respond on behalf of the people of New Hampshire.

It is disappointing that the Globe perpetuated the myth that large-scale hydroelectric power and Northern Pass are one and the same. Rather, Northern Pass is one proposed project that would import large-scale hydro to southern New England.

Since entering office, I have focused on working with the people and businesses of New Hampshire to build a stronger economic future through innovation, and in no sector is innovation needed more than our energy industry. Yet the Northern Pass project discounts innovative technologies and new approaches in favor of old transmission methods that could harm our state.


New Hampshire’s natural resources are essential both to our high quality of life, which helps attract talented people and new businesses to our state, and to our travel and tourism economy, our second-largest industry. Travel and tourism generate billions of dollars and create thousands of jobs.

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The latest Northern Pass proposal buries only eight miles of lines and would still put towers, potentially taller than trees, through miles of the White Mountain National Forest, a treasure that draws admirers from around the world.

In New York, the Champlain Hudson Power Express, an energy transmission project that includes Canadian hydropower, is burying more than 300 miles of lines. Why shouldn’t we fully examine these types of alternatives for New England?

Exploring new energy sources such as large-scale hydropower does not mean just accepting what Northern Pass has offered. As it stands, for the people of New Hampshire, the project is all costs and few, if any, savings. All people in New England deserve better, and the people of New Hampshire will continue to demand better.

Maggie Hassan

Governor of New Hampshire

Concord, N.H.

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