Red Sox fans and police must show post-game restraint

Whether the Red Sox win a World Series championship or not, fans can ensure that Boston remains a winner in the eyes of the nation by exercising a modicum of self-control. The Boston Police Department and any outside units under its command also must show restraint. Many Bostonians remember the euphoria when the Red Sox won the pennant in 2004. But they remember, too, how dreadful they felt when a so-called less-lethal projectile fired by a riot control officer took the life of Emerson student Victoria Snelgrove, who was celebrating innocently near Fenway Park.

Sports fans and police often view each other through hardened lenses. In recent years, Boston Police made a wise and strategic decision to put aside their riot control gear on the day of a big game. Instead, they take to the streets wearing regular uniforms. This act of normalization seems to have had a moderating effect on fans. Still, the police will be in sufficient numbers to ensure that anyone foolish enough to engage in violence or property destruction will face certain arrest.

The Red Sox got to this point through teamwork and selflessness. If Boston fans truly want to share in the excitement of the World Series, they will adopt the same winning attitude.