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    letters | consensus clear on climate change

    A moral call to arms: We must end dependence on fossil fuels

    As members of Mothers Out Front, we are writing to express shock and outrage that the Globe would print Jeff Jacoby’s Dec. 4 op-ed questioning whether humans are causing climate change at a rate that threatens life on earth as we know it (“Majority rules on climate science?”). We come together out of shared concern for our children and grandchildren’s future, to demand that our leaders take action to address this great global threat. Ours is nothing less than a moral call to arms: If we do not make the transition away from our dependency on fossil fuels, the future will be characterized not by a sense of possibility and opportunity, but by the need to manage the disastrous consequences of climate change.

    In his column, Jacoby denigrates the overwhelming majority of observers who agree that climate change is happening at an alarming rate and is driven by our burning of fossil fuels by calling them “shrill,” hyperbolic “alarmists,” “ideologues,” and purveyors of a “doomsday narrative.”

    He goes on to question the scientific community’s consensus by citing climate skepticism reflected in a survey of the American Meteorological Society membership. What Jacoby fails to explain is that this group is made up largely of weather forecasters who are not scientists.


    We are disappointed that, given what the science tells us about climate change, a paper with a laudable history would print such a column.

    Kelsey Wirth


    Vanessa Rule


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