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    ‘No prying,’ he said, as he posted more pix of the party

    Tom Keane’s Jan. 19 op-ed “None of your business” shines a light on the misunderstood association of privacy and social media. I’m often amused by my students’ declaration that

    “ ‘they’ don’t have a right to pry into my private activities” at the same time that students are posting their latest romantic breakups (or beginnings), photos of dimly remembered parties the night before (or during), and other so-called news that enables even the casual viewer to paint a picture of these students’ lives and lifestyles.

    I regularly caution them to heed the advice that I got very early, pre-Internet, in my public relations career: “If you don’t want your grandmother to read about it in tomorrow’s newspaper, don’t do it or say it tonight.” That advice still holds true today.

    Kirk Hazlett


    The writer is associate professor of communication and coordinator of the public relations concentration at Curry College.