letters | two Boston schools face staff exodus

Disruption at Dever would fly in the face of school community’s wishes

My sense from attending the hearing at the Dever Elementary School on Oct. 9 and from reading the recent Metro article by James Vaznis (“Staff exodus from two schools likely,” Jan. 26) and column by Adrian Walker (“Frustrating, in any language,” Jan. 27) is that the school is improving — student enrollment and early literacy levels have increased — and that none of the Dever’s major stakeholders are in favor of drastic personnel restructuring.

Instead of making faculty and staff reapply for their jobs, which already happened four years ago, perhaps Mitchell Chester, state elementary and secondary education commissioner, should go to the parents, students, teachers, and school administrators and ask them how he could be helpful.

If Chester proceeds with the plan to turn over the educator team at the Dever against the wishes of the school community, it seems he would be making the old mistake of destroying the village in order to save it.

David Barry


The writer is a teacher in the Boston Public Schools.