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    Who will protest for Donald Sterling’s less prominent victims?

    It was laudable for the members of the Los Angeles Clippers to take a stand against their owner. It was also a bit comical when you think of it in terms of a group of millionaires staging a silent protest.

    For all the vitriol I’ve heard directed at NBA team owner Donald Sterling, I wonder whether it is a reflection or our entertainer-worshipping society that I have heard little directed at real estate owner Donald Sterling. As a landlord Sterling for years has bullied people who have no access to national television to stage a protest, silent or otherwise.

    Gone are the days when people like Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey can own a professional sports team and flat-out refuse to hire black people. The Clippers will be all right, as will the NBA, but what about all the other people Sterling is still allowed to kick around?

    Rich Howley