Jared Remy’s narcissistic confession

Life prison sentences exist for the sake of criminals like Jared Remy. A man with a lengthy history of violence, and a seemingly pathological temper, Remy pleaded guilty to first-degree murder on Tuesday in the killing of his girlfriend, Jennifer Martel, in Waltham last year. The plea in Middlesex Superior Court automatically means Remy will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

The sentencing gave Remy a chance to show contrition in court. But he didn’t. Though Remy went through the motions of an apology, he showed shockingly little awareness of the gravity of his crimes. Instead of simply expressing remorse, he used his statement to the court to lash out at people he claimed were using his crimes to “make themselves look good.” Unbelievably, he even tried to offer a justification for his attack.

Remy had the right to speak his mind to the judge. Still, what he chose to say revealed the depth of his cruelty and narcissism. With a full, unqualified apology, Remy could have performed his first gracious act on Tuesday. Instead, he made what is hopefully the last thuggish statement the public ever has to hear from him.