Why not a spiritual superhighway?

In response to “Trolling for souls” by Alex Beam (Op-ed, May 29): I think that moving so-called religious recruitment to the Internet is a wonderful idea. Many aspects of life have gone electronic, so this shift can be seen as consistent with how our modern world is changing.

Helping people find God by way of the Internet is much better than going door-to-door because it is less bothersome to those who are uninterested but more convenient and accessible to those who desire the information.

Those who criticize this movement must consider the fact that we live in the age of technology. Though churches and religious groups have not typically sought followers in this manner, it could potentially bring forth a significant improvement.


As the subhead to Beam’s column says: “You can get everything else on the Internet — why not a new faith?” I believe that this change will make a positive impact on many people who feel the need to find God.

Marissa Russell

Londonderry, N.H.