Tierney has earned support of Wakefield panel

In response to Thomas Farragher’s column “A vulnerable incumbency?” (Metro, Aug. 13): US Representative John Tierney enjoys a deep reservoir of support across the district because he has proved himself to be a highly capable and responsive legislator.

When many in Congress supported George Bush’s 2003 rush to judgement with regard to the war in Iraq, Tierney was among the few who voted against that authorization. How does that vote look today?

On the domestic front, he has been an outspoken leader for expanding access to higher education and health care, while reining in the excesses of big banks and corporations.


The Wakefield Democratic Town Committee has taken the extraordinary step of endorsing a candidate in a primary election. That candidate is Tierney. We believe that his experience and sound judgment trump the glib pronouncements put forth by his opponents. Now is not the time to send an inexperienced representative to Congress.

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This show of support from people who have demonstrated deep commitment to Democratic ideals and policies speaks volumes about Tierney.

Betsy Sheeran


Wakefield Democratic

Town Committee