Baker needs to be aggressive opposing GOP health care bill

Gov. Baker is taking a big risk with his low-key opposition to the GOP’s disastrous health care bill.

Derrick Z. Jackson

Women’s teams continue to outshine men in graduation rates

Women’s teams in the NCAA’s March Madness tournament personify the term “student athlete.”


Dems shouldn’t trigger nuclear option on Gorsuch

As hard-edged as Neil Gorsuch’s conservativism may be, Democrats in Congress should refrain from the temptation to filibuster.


Russia probe needs independent overseer

Monday’s congressional testimony served as an embarrassing rebuke of President Trump.


Here’s exactly why Chuck Berry is the inventor of rock ’n’ roll

Chuck Berry didn’t just help invent rock ’n’ roll. He was rock ’n’ roll — and always will be.


License Mass. police officers

Bouncing bad cops from one town to the next has never been a good idea.


Break a leg out of network? Your medical bill shouldn’t make you sicker

A medical bill shouldn’t hold any surprises.

A difference between anti-Semitism and true protest

Readers found a false equivalency in Jeff Jacoby’s column on anti-Semitism from the left and right.

Cutting back on the Ride consigns countless people to isolation

“Isolation and loneliness are among the most terminal and expensive conditions of all.” — Robert Shuman

T is all wrong in way it views commuter rail

“Instead of viewing it as a valuable asset, they look at it as a pariah jeopardizing the T’s solvency.” — Richard S. Prone


Delusion and bluster in the White House alienate allies

With no consequences for the damaging behavior from the White House, why expect it to stop?


Trump NIH cuts threaten Mass.

Trump’s budget amounts to a dangerous shell game that ultimately will shift costs to anyone relying on 21st century medicine — and that’s all of us — unless Congress has the courage to intervene.


Mexico’s not paying for the wall. Are we?

Congress needs to send the message loud and clear that it won’t pay for President Trump’s boondoggle.


Merkel’s task: convince Trump to stand by EU

German Chancellor Angela Merkel carries a heavy burden to her first meeting with Donald Trump.


Partisan politics shouldn’t endanger weather satellites

President Trump’s budget axe should spare weather satellites, which supply data critical to public safety.


Mexican border policy on kids is harsh yet ineffective

The US plan to separate parents and children at the Mexican border is both biblically harsh and wildly ineffective.


Public shouldn’t pay for Trump’s splendor

Donald Trump is perfectly entitled to maintain a billionaire’s lifestyle now that he’s in office. But he shouldn’t send his bills to the American people.


Headless policy on driverless cars

In the emerging field of self-driving cars already revolutionizing the auto industry, some of the country’s largest manufacturers and tech companies actually want regulation.


Stripping EPA protection endangers next generation

Stripping away environmental regulations will have dangerous consequences.


Parading right into the dustbin of history

Like a zombie rising from the dead, the controversy over gay groups marching in South Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade has sprung back to life.


GOP sails into the health care storm

If House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are serious about their efforts to overhaul that law, they had better be prepared for a similar ordeal.


A Muslim ban is a ban is a ban is a ban

Although more limited in scope, the ban on travel from six predominantly Muslim nations still reeks of discriminatory intent.


After a protest turns violent, Middlebury finds a teaching moment for free speech

Middlebury College president Laurie Patton is right that freedom of speech also means the right to be heard.


Lifting a burden on the homeless

Some families in need of emergency shelter must prove it by spending at least one night in a place not safe for human habitation.


A bad deal for Puerto Rico

An austerity plan for Puerto Rico is misguided.