New economy’s winners are few, and workers suffer

“Businesses are increasingly able to replace employees at all levels with technology.” — Robert Foley

letters | ray rice video

Domestic violence just another extracurricular activity?

“Rice’s employer didn’t actually have to investigate the crime, as it was videotaped and posted for all the world to see.” — Elizabeth W. Davis

letters | ray rive video

Gawking, judgmental public should leave Ray and Janay Rice alone

“If Janay and Ray Rice have chosen to move on from this together, who are we to interfere?” — Michael E. White

letters | ray rice video

What was Goodell waiting for?

“What more did the commissioner need to know?” — Megan Brook

letters | ray rice video

Forget the hypocrisy over brutal sports and abuse — let’s deal with the problem

“Heroes do not vanquish enemies and then come home and beat up those who love them.” — James L. Sherley


Not exactly the right time to roast Rivers

“Doesn’t William Kickham have anything better to do than go to the trouble of throwing insults at a dead woman?” — Elaine Feld


From the looks of it, no appetite for Faneuil marketplace makeover

“Having to navigate a crowd and peer past people to see what’s in the next stall is what the Faneuil Hall area is all about.” — Gary Chase


In support of the friendly neighborhood marijuana dealer

“Consider that every time a reliable supplier gets arrested, everyday people may be left with little choice but to turn to perhaps more dangerous sources.” — Richard Feinberg

letters | israel’s west bank move stirs reaction

Israel’s move in West Bank is hardly ‘wrong’

“A two-state solution was never a real possibility, as the Palestinians have been unreasonable.” — L. Glovin

letters | israel’s west bank move stirs reaction

US lacks political will to put stop to Israel’s unilateral actions

“Israel, our client state in the region, can allow right-wing voices to push Prime Minister Netanyahu even further away from any peace settlement. Shame on our government for allowing this to happen.” — The Rev. Donald A. Wells

letters | israel’s west bank move stirs reaction

Israel must be taken to task for land seizure

Michael Felsen agrees with a Globe editorial chastising Israel for its most recent appropriation of a sizeable piece of the West Bank.


Real evidence is needed before we extol alcohol’s benefits

“Alcohol is a leading cause of preventable death. Any recommendation must consider that.” — Dr. Richard Saitz


US strategy vs. ISIS destined to repeat past mistakes

“While ISIS is abhorrent, there needs to be discussion about alternatives to combat actions.” — Robert Rosofsky

letters | controversy over ray rice case

Our outrage should be directed at prosecutors, not NFL

“Do you really want your company investigating your behavior outside of work and deciding penalties against you on the fly? “ — Christopher J. Moner

letters | controversy over ray rice case

He sees need for men to step forth on domestic violence

“Maybe the real question to ask is: What action will men take to prevent domestic violence and violence toward women?” — Wes Enicks


Dim opinion of academia sullies take on textbook costs

Aaron S. Lecklider questions Ben Shreckinger’s Sept. 7 op-ed on textbook costs.


Reliving the turmoil of busing in Boston, 40 years later

“Any government order that leads directly to widespread violent resistance is, by definition, not the best available option for accomplishing any goal.” — Jamy Buchanan Madeja

letters | boston’s castle, of sorts

For mentally ill, civic vision hard to make out in Boston building’s concrete maze

“Paul Rudolph would be distressed to see how his building is serving the mentally ill population of the public now.” — Pat Danielson

letters | boston’s castle, of sorts

Hub’s concrete icon deserves better

“The Government Service Center and adjacent spaces should be respected for their design integrity.” — David Eisen

letters | eyeing the distant prospect of peace

In ’48, a nod from Truman, and then war

“It has been 66 years years since President Truman officially recognized the state of Israel. What has happened since then can only be described as chaotic, to say the least.” — John J. Grimes

letters | eyeing the distant prospect of peace

Too many sticking points stand in way of accord

The Palestinians have no incentive to agree to a two-state solution, and the Israelis don’t really want one, writes A. Eric Rosen.

letters | eyeing the distant prospect of peace

As long as Israel keeps Palestinians behind a wall, there will be conflict

“Rarely are conflicts with unequal parties ever ‘resolved.’ We can only hope the conflict is transformed.” — Sarah Mink

Letters | eyeing the distant prospect of peace

Before a two-state solution, Hamas must be demilitarized

“Hamas has no interest in a two-state solution. It is committed to a Hamas–run state encompassing Gaza, the West Bank, and all of Israel.” — Lynn C. Koss


Missile defense system may be best hedge against nuclear Iran

“Instead of ‘Hail Mary’ efforts to keep Iran from building a bomb, perhaps we should be investing more in the defenses that would protect us if they do.” — Wilbert A. McClay


Those who rely on the Ride often stalled at the outset

“Many patients who would otherwise engage in community activities, including volunteering, remain homebound.” — Jerome Kaplan