Two takes on film tax credits: One zings, the other doesn’t

I EXPERIENCED a variety of emotions Tuesday while perusing the Globe. Initially, I was outraged upon reading Todd Wallack’s front-page article “Studios’ credits let others cut taxes: Reselling waivers is big business,’’ regarding film production companies selling a total of at least 96 percent of their tax credits, since most film companies do not end up owing enough to use them.

Then I was confused to read Meredith Goldstein’s glowing cover story in the G section, “Supporting role,’’ about Lisa Strout Drew and her new position focusing on bringing film and television projects to Massachusetts. The article includes no fewer than three references to the tax credits’ allure to film companies, and yet there is no mention of the controversy surrounding these credits that was detailed in the front section.

Maybe Wallack and Goldstein should have compared notes before their stories hit the press?


Brenda Scott