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Critique of the left riddled with misinformation

EVERYONE TALKS about the power of the big lie, but the little ones are just as bad. In his Jan. 12 letter “It’s extremists on the left he abhors,’’ David Keresey first asserts that politicians on the left are not willing to cut one penny in spending, and implies that only those on the left support borrowing. But the final slap at the president taking a vacation in the place where he was born was jaw-dropping, especially in view of the record of our most recent president of the right.

George W. Bush, while sending the young off to fight and die (off budget) while bankrupting the nation, making the richest richer and throwing millions out of work, spent more time on vacation than any president in modern history.

Keresey spreads misinformation like salt to flavor his arguments. Our problems are too serious to indulge this diet and pass it off as nutritious.


Jim Walsh