Hasn’t Murray suffered enough?

Massachusetts State Police

Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray crashed his state-issued 2007 Ford Crown Victoria along Interstate 190 in Sterling on Nov. 2.

RE “MURRAY, State Police didn’t level with public about crash’’ (Editorial, Jan. 10): Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray walked away from what could have been a fatal crash, but he’s still being pressed, and for what? If any one of us had suffered the shock of slamming into a rock ledge at more than 90 miles an hour, I think it is plausible that we might not recall exactly what happened.

Murray is being excoriated in the press for essentially not being drunk, for having trouble sleeping, for taking a ride in the early hours of the morning, and for falling asleep behind the wheel of his car. What crime am I missing here?


This media hullabaloo has been a waste of paper. A good man survived a terrible accident, and if his so-called transgressions are the worst the Commonwealth sees in its politicians this election cycle, mirabile dictu.

Kathleen Henry

Jamaica Plain

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