NRA has its way in controlling debate

YVONNE ABRAHAM’S Jan. 15 Metro column “Don’t mix guns, colleges’’ justifiably criticizes gun bills recently passed by members of the New Hampshire House, including one that would effectively allow guns on college campuses as well as other state property.

She notes that National Rifle Association advocates believe that if students were allowed to be armed, they could lessen the body count of a Virginia Tech-style massacre by taking out the perp early on. I guess they assume that freaked-out, panicked students would have good aim and naturally not shoot other students during the pandemonium. Not likely.

The NRA controls this debate by emphasizing reduced body counts and the right of self-protection. Another way of looking at this argument is that if gun laws were tightened so that guns were not so easy to obtain, perhaps no one would have been killed.


But this approach would mean reduced profits for the gun industry.

Bruce Zabinsky