Warren adept at playing lucrative insider game

BRIAN MCGRORY’S Jan. 18 Metro column “Brown’s crass warfare’’ is particularly disappointing because McGrory misses or chooses not to discuss an important and central concern over Elizabeth Warren’s income. It’s not the absolute amount of her income that draws my attention and that of many readers and citizens, but the sources of her income.

Trading, it seems, on her unique public position advising President Obama on consumer advocacy matters, she received highly paid private and government consulting contracts and appointments while on the faculty at Harvard Law School. It is worth considering whether Warren’s activities demonstrate an unacceptable level of disingenuousness and cynicism from the national consumer advocate and the Massachusetts senatorial candidate running as a populist.

It reminds me, looking aghast from the outside as friends hang on for dear life to their jobs and businesses, how the insiders use publicly endowed positions and our tax dollars to enrich themselves.


The story of insiders trading on their public position is not new to readers of The Boston Globe and Massachusetts residents, but how quickly Warren learned the rules of the game is cause for grave concern.

Joe Robbat