Letters | KEVIN WHITE, 1929-2012

Mayor’s kind act offered inspiration

Barry Chin/Globe Staff
After arriving from Michigan Saturday, Maureen White Mercier, sister of the late Kevin White, visited the statue of the former Boston mayor at Faneuil Hall.

AS THE Globe’s obituary noted, Mayor Kevin White led Boston through a turbulent period, but one that reestablished this city as a special place ( “Kevin White, mayor through era of change, dead at 82,’’ Page A1, Jan. 28). I will always remember how much he meant to me personally.

In the early fall of 1970 my father had kidney cancer and was at Massachusetts General Hospital. His room was across the hall from the mayor, who was then running for governor, and was being treated for a severe peptic ulcer.

He took the time to speak inspirationally to a 15-year-old boy about to lose his father. The impact of an act of kindness in a tough time can’t be measured, but that one still seems quite important to me.


Kevin H. White will be justifiably remembered for his public accomplishments, but his humane deeds speak personally through the years as well.

Dr. Richard M. Stone


The writer is director of the adult leukemia program at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.