Horrors of Holocaust destroyed her faith

RE “IN godless we don’t trust’’ (Op-ed, Jan. 29): I became an avowed atheist after my grandmother, who was a believer, was murdered, along with relatives, friends, and 6 million others, by Hitler and his cohorts. Where were all the devout Christians when innocent children were lined up above open graves and shot in the back, to be piled into the graves in layers? Did the murderers go to church afterward, praise God, and “confess’’ their crimes to receive “absolution’’?

Except for some courageous few, who also had to fear for their lives, the clergy was amazingly silent during those years.

I am 90 years old, and the horror of those years has never left me. I resent being judged because I lost my faith. No one should dare to judge me or other atheists unless they have been in my shoes.


Irene Hofstein