Crabby in Boston?

I JUST had to comment on Carlo Rotella’s Feb. 3 op-ed “Getting my Boston crab on.’’ I grew up in the Midwest, like Rotella, and spent years in New York. Boston has been my home since 1977. When I first moved here, I had a hard time settling in and also found the city to be a crabby, unfriendly place.

But today, this is a different city. I interact daily with many people as different from each other as possible, and am continually impressed with how helpful people are. Even the drivers have changed over the years; it is not unusual for people to signal me into a line or let me make a difficult turn. My elderly mother who visits from Connecticut and Florida barely gets onto the train or bus without people jumping up to give her a seat (in fact, I have been insulted on the T when people have offered me their seat).

I think the Globe should spend more time and space promoting the good things that are Boston in 2012, and quit spreading this kind of crabby propaganda that has no social benefit that I can think of, and is old news.


Suzanne Salamon